The SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess Is Still A Mess As The Media Made A Mess So Maybe A Community Meeting Still Need To Be Called & All Media Outlets That Played A Role Be Invited

I am still mad as hell because the media has made a mess out of the SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation Mess. All the students of the graduation class of 2017 ought to be mad as hell also along with all of the staff at the school especially those whom have no issue with the principal. I have not talked to a staff member that has a problem with the principal but I have read a couple of parents who have talked negative about him and at least one has communicated to me their concerns. Well the issue at hand was/is about the graduation mess and has nothing to do with their beef with the principal. The graduation mess is and should be in a category by itself. Anyone who feel it is okay that a student can break 2 rules: not reading the approved speech and having an electronic device to read his own speech but it is not okay for the principal to discipline the student, then we got some damn serious issues with parenting and community leaders in all areas.

I was in a meeting on Thursday night June 30 and it is a damn shame that folk have been mislead by the student and parent involved along with a student supporter because the student says he was not allowed to write his own speech. It is so believable because the mess was on local and major new outlets (newspapers, tv & online media sources) all over the USA.

My video is the video that was/is being used and I asked them did they talk to the superintendent John Farrelly. They said yes so therefore I thought they would tell both sides of the story however they did not. When did the media stop giving both sides of the story or were they that naïve to just take the student’s side of the story instead of getting the whole story out?

Because the superintendent said he didn’t see anything wrong with the speech and that the principal was wrong for withholding the diploma it added more mess to the mess. It was not about whether the speech was good or bad, the speech that the student read was not approved. The student was not suppose to have an electronic device. Superintendent made the principal deliver diploma over the weekend putting the principal’s life in danger.

This is why I have said over and over again that the difference in me and other news outlets is that I video events, give my opinion based on the facts as presented and I share the entire video with my readers so that they can form their own opinion.

There are many posts about the graduation mess that I posted on my blog which automatically goes to my facebook, twitter and linkedin social media pages. I am totally shocked by a few folk that follow me on social media that have totally ignored the facts as I have presented them but all they have in their minds is the student was not allowed to read his speech and his diploma was withheld.

I have stated time and time again a community meeting need to be held to dispel rumors so that the correct information could get out instead of having mess floating around the community and right now it is a cloud over SouthWest Edgecombe because the media made a mess and the media need to go back and do a follow up on the mess to get the whole story out.

Read the following links but there are more and you will see why the SouthWest Edgecombe graduation was a mess.

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Superintendent John Farrelly Respond To The DCN News Blog Online TV About Marvin Wright Diploma Being Withheld During SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation On Friday June 9, 2017If the media had shared this we would not be still having this discussion. 

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As I stated there are more posts on my social media pages.

The Older I Get The Less Mess I Am Going To Put Up With

Over the past several years I have endured a lot of mess from all walks of life although you couldn’t see it on my face. Well from this day forward it is over now. I will not put up with any mess that you want to include me in so don’t bring it my way because I am going to send you on your way.

Since March 31, I have been helping my dad since he has been in a car wreck. I stayed with my dad up until May 26 and slept on the couch all of that time so that I could assist him since he had a brace on his leg up until May 21. I have not received a paycheck all of this time because I was on FMLA and so I received no pay. But all is well because I have not missed a meal. It is a job to take care of a sick person and I commend folks that does it for a living.

Life is too short to deal with mess and I am determined that I will not entertain mess as it relates to me and my coming and goings.

Do your thing but as long as it does not have anything to do with me, we good. But when your mess include me in the equation then there will be a problem. You ain’t ready for that!



Some folks love to say stuff to try and justify their mess!

You can’t use what other folks do or what you think other folks do that you think ain’t right to justify your mess because mess is mess, I don’t care how you look at it.

You ain’t fooling nobody but yourself so just keep on thinking that you are happy about your mess but your mess with sink in one day and you will understand that all that you are doing trying to justify your mess will only keep you in your mess.

So just keep on thinking that other folks mess will justify your mess but when and only when you recognize that your mess is your mess and you want to get out of your mess that you are in control of your mess.  

If you are truly happy about your mess, then I love it!

Now Run & Tell That!