Rioting And Looting So What Makes You Think That It Was Not Coming?

Asking for me!

Anybody that didn’t know that the rioting and the looting was not going to come must not have been paying attention. What do hurting and angry folk do?

So what was so different about this moment in time that you thought that the hurting and angry folk were going to deal with the hurt and anger when they have not been given anything to help soothe the hurt and anger? I didn’t say make it go away.

So why did you think that rioting and looting would not be a part of the movement?

While folk are hurting from the COVID-19 directly and indirectly, you have Democrats who want to do something for (all) people knowing the majority of Black Folk ain’t lazy but we are all lumped into the same category. But the mentality by the good ole boys make it appear that only Black folk will benefited and not folk who look like them.

Hell I been working all of my life and been on my current job for the past 33 years and then treat me like someone that has never worked anywhere saying nope they don’t deserve any Stimulus because they will not want to go back to work. Well I have not been out of work. I am considered an Essential Worker.

Well just maybe the package that the Democrats passed around 2 – 3 weeks ago that the Republicans are holding up had been voted on and passed, the hurt and the anger may not be as bad.

Black folk are sick and tired of being treated like we are nobody but it is okay for some folk to live a good life while we have to accept being humiliated but expected to go to work and forget. It takes strong Black Folk to endure what other races can’t.

Don’t Blame Me!


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Ferguson Missouri: SWAT Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson? Unbelievable!

Now this is quite interesting. Unbelievable! They would not do something like this.

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