Tarboro NC – Remember When Princeville Was The Talk Of The Town When LGC Did An Investigation, Can’t Wait To See The Town Of Tarboro Investigative Report

I remember back in 2012 when the Local Government Commission presented a series of investigative reports on the Town of Princeville and everybody thought that was something. Hell the Princeville Ignant 3 former Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, former Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and former Commissioner Calvin Sherrod did some damage to the town. However it was the former Mayor Everette-Oates who the report names as spending money without proper documentation. I feel the worst damage was not particularly the money but how the Princeville 3 voted to keep Princeville right where they were and did not vote to move the town forward. For me that was much worse than the $8,000 I believe is in question now that Mayor Everette-Oates has not accounted for, but it is pending in the courts. She can’t put it off too many more times.

Now I am waiting for the report to come out about the investigation with the Town of Tarboro former Town Manager Sam Nobles. I know what I read on the Daily Southerner website last year when the Town of Tarboro hired a private investigator to investigate Nobles that report looked much worse. I believe the LGC report will probably be more in depth than the private investigator’s report.

I have been told the report was suppose to become public 10 days from a previous meeting so that should be within the next couple of days.

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