Juneteenth Celebration Festivities & Other Events Held This Past Weekend Featured Sandy Roberson For Mayor

On June 1, 2019 I posted the following:

I was going to the Juneteenth Celebration Festivities but I have read and seen too much mess pertaining to politics that I just can’t.

Damn on a weekend we are suppose to be celebrating our cultural, black folk are allowing mess to go on.

Carry on have fun!

I just can’t!

I will hang by myself. You do remember I said I am #TeamCurmilusDancyII or did you forget?

I am good!

Today Monday June 3, 2019 I am still trying to figure out why Sandy Roberson was featured throughout the city during the Juneteenth Celebration. I don’t know the man and had not heard of and/or seen the man before he announced he was running for Mayor. I have no problem with Sandy but I have a problem with him being the speaker at the A/B Scholarship Event held Friday when there are other candidates (2) blacks, pimping Moe Deloach on Saturday whereby the shirts the children wore had Roberson for Mayor on the sleeves, the Bike Rodeo that was held at Metropolitan on Saturday morning and then he was at the Juneteenth Gala sponsored by the Alphas on Saturday night.

I was looking forward to attending Moe’s event but after seeing Sandy Roberson catering to him I refused to attend. I was going to the Juneteenth to hear Senator Toby Fitch speak because I knew it was going to be powerful but I just couldn’t. I heard he did a hell of a job.

The talk of the town from Special Cs and some Safe Black Folk has been Unity. A group has been formed talking about Love Rocky Mount. Really? Moe Deloach sponsored a Bowling outing last month and a Pridgen Man came to the Human Relations Commission meeting to advertise it and said come and there would be no talk about politics. Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson said mention about the Love Rocky Mount Group Carwash Fundraiser to take some children to the beach that has never been before. So who was that all about, yep black children.

Recently a group went into the black community giving out food and furniture and one of the Special Cs invited me to participate the next time they did it but I told him I could not because he made it political when he made it clear that he was supporting certain candidates and none of them were current city council members.

I didn’t attend any of the above because it all had politics written all over it. Anyone that is awake know that since December of 2018 there has been a consistent movement among some Special Cs to lynch the Rocky Mount City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney and some of the staff along with the Rocky Mount City Council. These folk called for an audit and the city council did an independent audit but because the findings were not what they wanted their ass was not satisfied.

Some of the Special Cs took it upon themselves to go to Raleigh to Beth Woods office with their mess trying to sho nuff lynch Councilmen Reuben Blackwell and Andre Knight along with other council members. They are waiting on that report and I can’t wait to see those findings to see what will be the next steps.

Folk you better be mindful of what is going on in the city which will impact outside of the city as well. In other words everyone Edgecombe/Nash Counties folk better be concerned about the Special C movement that didn’t just start in December but has been actually going on every since the council became a black majority.

Folk you better look at how this council has worked together. It is not the council that has been divided, it is the haters. It is documented what the council has been doing and how they have voted. Mayor David Combs has not been able to vote simply because there has never been a tie.

Folk the focus on the upcoming election need to be to keep the council members who are already on the council. The focus should only be on the Mayor’s seat because he is not seeking another term and the focus need to be on Tom Rogers Ward 5 seat because he too is not seeking another term.

This past weekend should have been about Unity but instead it was about lies, deceit and pimping. But I can’t put all the blame on Sandy because someone has to been the go to persons.

I asked the question a couple of days ago, I wonder what would be the conversation in Rocky Mount if this was not an election year? 

Let’s move forward in Unity and let’s stop the hating. It is one thing to challenge folk but let’s be truthful and do it in such a way that we can be mad at the moment but as we walk away we will digest it and come back on work together.

I need you, you need me we are all God’s children.

Note: I forgot it began on Memorial Day when I posted about Mae Parker was campaigning for Sandy Roberson with her shirt on at the Memorial Day Ceremony.

Juneteenth Community Empowerment Festival Schedule of Events

Go to website: https://downtownrockymount.com/events/juneteenth/

Join us May 31-June 1 at the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Science.


Main Stage: Friday

  • 5:00-7:00PM: AB Honor Roll (Edgecombe Room at the Event Center)
  • 7:00PM: Darryl Murrill Group
  • 8:45PM: We Are One Tribute Band

Main Stage: Saturday

  • 12:30-1:30PM: Mark Greene Friends & Family
  • 2:15-3:30PM: SoulJam
  • 4:30-5:00PM: Keynote Senator Toby Fitch
  • 5:00-6:15PM: Marcus Anderson
  • 6:45-7:00PM: Awards
  • 7:00-8:00PM: Vivian Green

Second Stage: Saturday

  • 11:45AM-12:00PM: Bike Rodeo/Opening Ceremony
  • 1:30-2:15PM: African Horizon Drumming & Dance
  • 3:30-3:45PM: Mr. Mime
  • 4:30-4:40PM: Truth Tabernacle Church Heritage Choir


All of our event participants may book rooms at Country Inn & Suites at a discounted rate. Please see hotel information below.

Country Inn & Suites
672 English Rd., Rocky Mount, NC, 27804, US
Phone: (252) 442-0500
For discounted rates call 252-442-0500 and ask for the Juneteenth Festival Rate.

For additional information about area accommodations and dining, please visit the Nash County Travel & Tourism website.

Rocky Mount NC – Evans’ speech hurts educators, court employees

Again Jeff Herrin editor tickles the hell out of me with his opinion. It is funny as hell to think that someone like him do not feel that the new D.A. Evans is qualified to make such a statement per the newspaper. This man has been on both sides serving as an attorney, judge, school baord member and now district attorney.

Thank you Mr. D.A. for speaking truth to power. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

In one of his first public appearances since being appointed district attorney, Robert Evans unfairly undermined the efforts of hundreds of teachers and employees in the very judicial system he has faithfully served as judge and now serves as lead prosecutor. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Rocky Mount NC – District Attorney delivers strong message to Juneteenth audience

It appears our recently appointed D.A. Robert A. Evans gets it. Now that’s what I am talking about speaking truth to power. I have witnessed first hand incidents within the Edgecombe County Public Schools where our children have been under attack. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

“Our babies are still under attack from this system,” he said. “They are under attack by the school system. They are under attack by the court system. And whether somebody wants to acknowledge it or not, they are under attack and almost to the point where we are eliminating entire generations, particularly of young black men.”

Evans urged parents to challenge “discriminatory practices in our schools.” He said children are ending up having criminal records for foolish acts that used to be punished by spankings. (Rocky Mount Telegram)