George Floyd: Mother of Ex-Officer Charged Speaks Out, Says His Family Wants Him In Prison

imageThe mother of ex-Minneapolis police officer J Alexander Kueng is speaking out for the first time since her son was charged for George Floyd’s murder.

Joni Kueng spoke to The New York Times for a wide-ranging interview about her son, his decision to become a police officer and how his siblings want him thrown in prison.

During the chat, Joni says 26-year-old J Alexander (who is black) thought joining the force would bring about diversity that could change the police department. Prior to deciding to become an officer, he had seen one of his siblings arrested and not treated well by the police.

On the day of George Floyd’s murder, J Alexander was the “youngest and least experienced officer at the scene” and was only on his third shift.

Joni said the family has been a wreck since J Alexander was arrested and charged for his role. J Alexander’s mom revealed that two of his siblings, Taylor and Radiance, have joined the protests and believed their brother should be arrested along with the three other officers. (Read more)

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