Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University for Racial Discrimination in 2002 – GAWKER

Former Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University in 2002 for allegedly discriminating against her because she’s white, according to court documents obtained by the Smoking Gun. Dolezal, who has claimed to be black for several years, said the school refused to hire her for teaching posts and denied her scholarships because of her race.

Dolezal, who went by Rachel Moore then, reportedly filed the suit against Howard and Professor Alfred Smith, the chairman of the university’s art department, in Washington DC’s Superior Court. From the Smoking Gun: (Source: Read more)

Spokane officials investigating Rachel Dolezal’s behavior on ombudsman panel – The Spokesman Review

The Political Agitator’s response: NAACP members and others whom have said they support this confused woman this is all I have been saying. It has been about INTEGRITY for me all the time and not about her RACE. As a life fully paid member of the NAACP I have an issue with not only this confused woman but my confused NAACP brothers and sisters whom have supported her up until now. When she acknowledge that she is confused and has issue and her supporters also, then we can move forward but until then ya’ll got issues. I have a problem with walking with folks who are confused because they are dangerous so I am cautious of folks whom are confused.

Spokane’s embattled NAACP president faces a challenge on a new front.

A source close to Spokane City Hall said city officials have opened an investigation regarding Rachel Dolezal’s behavior as an Office of Police Ombudsman commissioner. The source declined to be named because the case still is open, but said the inquiry is not related to her claims about her race.

Police ombudsman commissioner Kevin Berkompas said he became aware of an investigation into Dolezal about a month ago but cannot discuss it.

“There is an open investigation,” he said. “I have not seen the investigation or the complaint. They have not told us who it was from.” (Source: Read more)

Spokane NAACP leader cancels meeting amid furor – Yahoo News

The Political Agitator response: This is the right thing to do. Okay facts: Rachel has issues with her parents, fine personal I ain’t got nothing to do with that. She had some adopted black siblings and was married to a black man and engaged to another black man, well I ain’t got nothing to do with that. She has stated she has 2 white biological parents but she considers herself black, well I ain’t got nothing to do with that however that makes me think she is confused. She is the President of the local NAACP in Spokane and although I am not a member of that chapter I am a life fully paid member of the NAACP and I have a problem with the integrity of this woman. I don’t care about her being white and being the President of the chapter, I have a problem with her integrity. Now the members can call a meeting because with the amount of signatures required they can legally do that.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The leader of the Spokane NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, has canceled a chapter meeting Monday where she was expected to speak about the furor sparked over her racial identity.

Her parents have said the 37-year-old activist has falsely portrayed herself as black for years.

Dolezal sent out an email Sunday canceling the monthly membership meeting “due to the need to continue discussion with regional and national NAACP leaders.” (Source: Read more)

Making Wrong Right And Lie The Truth! Nope I Ain’t The One!

I have learned over the years that folks that attempt to not deal with the fact of the matter and try to justify their point out of ignance are just as or more dangerous than the person in question. You see for me it ain’t even about the woman who are confused about being black and acknowledged she has 2 white parents anymore, it is about the ignant comments that folks post that do not deal with the facts. SMDH!

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!” My interest is dealing with the facts and the truth.

I get so sick and tired of GAFWI that want to justify and want me to accept their mess. I will not!

If you have an issue with me come correct and we can deal with the fact of the matter but don’t come with no mess.

I will not accept the mess in the news as it relates Police Brutality, Folks whom want to change their Sexual Preference other than what God made them and folks whom want to be of another Race because they want to be but their birth certificate and their parents have none of the genes to make them a part of a race.

Continue on with your mess but I will not accept your mess as fact and truth. I know better so don’t think I am going to support ya’ll.

Oh I will love you as person but I will not make wrong right and lie a truth.

I ain’t the one.