This Ignant Ass Special C Ann Boddie Got The Audacity To Send Me A Message In My Inbox

Ann Boddie

Ann Boddie

Ann Boddie

7 mutual friends including Ricky Parks and Jessica Jones

9:39 PM

Ann Boddie

Could you be any more racist ?? Keep your Comments to yourself. You are fueling the black & white card.


Ignant you don’t tell me what to do Racist!

You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.

Ann Boddie

I’m ignorant ?? Really?

You are a fkng racist. I’ve seen your post. Don’t try & deny it. I’ll call you like i see you.

Don’t start a war you won’t win. I promise you that

Ann Boddie

you & Andre take your asses away from here. You won’t win. The ENTIRE county HATES Andre. It’s just a matter of time. Crooked is as crooked is

Seen by Ann Boddie at 9:54 PM


Got anymore to say to me get the hell out of my inbox and say it Publicly, I don’t play behind the scenes bullshit. Who in the hell do you think you are that you can send me an inbox telling me what to do? You can kiss my and Andre black asses! Now stay out of my inbox! 1st and final warning!

Ann Boddie

You messaged me dumb ass. Stay out of mine

Fk you & your racist ass. No one cares wtf you think & never will

Warning?? Oh I’m scared. Please. Don’t threaten me. You’ve met your match MF

Ann Boddie

I love how you are such a coward – you have it so no outsiders can respond to your post. 2 can play this game


Seen by Ann Boddie at Friday 11:26pm

5:42 AM

Ignant Ass Racist Special C follow the instructions to post on my page but your Ignant ass don’t want to do that because of White Privilege. I welcome comments so follow the instructions and I will be ready for your Ignant conversation. Start a post about me on your page and I will respond there. I will show you what a coward is. But you ain’t gonna keep responding in my inbox.

While Ignant Racist White Folk Are Trying To Disrespect Me And Threatening Me

While I am speaking up and speaking out some Ignant Racist White folk be trying to discredit and threatened me some black folk sit back and say nothing. But that is okay. I can handle my own.

My point is that while I am being disrespected and most important threatened by these Ignant Ass Racist White Folk there is silence.

I am good ya’ll just saying! I been doing this since the late 80’s.

I ain’t scared in my Bernie Mac voice!

Had To Block More Folk Tonight, Ignant Racist White Folk and Ignant Safe Black Folk Will Not Disrespect Me On My Page

Had to block more folk tonight. I will make them a believer that they will not disrespect me on my page. All I ask is for you to abide by my rules and that is to stay on topic. We can agree to disagree as long as you stay on topic.

Ignant Racist White Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page because you want to talk about the Democratic Party and anything black folk may be affiliated with.

Ignant Safe Black Folk you ain’t going to Troll my page to see what is going on because I know I post some damn good stuff and in real time. But the main thang is you will be blocked because you think you are going to use my page to promote you or your agenda because hell yeah I have a huge following.

So folk stay on topic, don’t disrespect my page and don’t try to use my page to promote your agenda unless I have given you permission. And if you should have any questions about promoting you or your agenda then you need to talk to me.

I have given of myself for years promoting others when many ungrateful black folk have not donated to the cause.

Today I went to work in Rocky Mount and took 3 hours vacation time to go to Wilson to witness and to support the swearing in of Attorney Lamont Wiggins as Resident Superior Court Judge. I drove my vehicle which take gas, used my equipment to video and to take photos which is an expense. And then went and ate because I didn’t eat lunch, left work went and got vehicle cleaned up another expense.

Folk I sacrifice my time and resources to capture history and do it at my expense. So folk you will not disrespect me on my page.

A Business In Tarboro Had A Grand Opening On Saturday April 22, 2018 And A Canon And Confederate Flag Was Used But The CommentsThough

I got a notification from Tarboro 27886 about a loud boom in Tarboro yesterday.

After reading the post on Tarboro 27886 I found the conversation to be quite interesting especially after the owners participated in the conversation and didn’t try to seize the moment but shared their ignant comments but want all folk to patronize them. But then I question are they trying to reach a certain group of white folk.

The boom was connected to a grand opening about selling guns so they seen the need to use a canon and a Confederate Flag. A white female said she felt it was not appropriate to use the Confederate Flag for a business that would be catering to all folk.

A person responded to the white female saying the flag was not about hate and about heritage. I posted that the flag is about hate and some white folk want black folk to get over it but some white folk can’t get over they lost. The owner had the audacity to come on the page and post my name and nothing else. The owner also posted a person’s name and nothing else. This person is always coming after me. So I asked the owner did he have something he wanted to say to me and he said go ahead and fuss because it would help his business with the drama. I said I only posted about the flag and nothing about the business.

The post about the boom went damn crazy and the ignant racist attitudes came alive. The original post was deleted.

The owner started another post and said, “So did anyone hear that Big Bang this morning… ??asking for a friend. …. Coming to town with a bang.” The owner said he was asking for a friend. Really! I made a comment on the page about the flag issue and nothing about the business until I asked the question were they really trying to get all folk to patronize them or just a certain group of white folk. The owner invited me to the business and I asked what did he sell and I never got a response.   

The owner said to me when I asked what was the business, what do they sell and his response was, “Curmilus Butch Dancy II main st. .. . As long as your money is green I don’t care”

I started another post and I said what do that suppose to mean? That should be a topic all by itself. I forgot to add I am asking for me and not for a friend!

I could go on but I am going to end here because you ought to get enough of what is going on.

I have an issue with the comment coming from a business owner especially when they are selling guns and posting photos of themselves in comments as if they are trying to intimidate someone.

I found the conversation to be interesting and questionable coming from the owner who are selling guns and bragging about selling AR-15s specifically since they have been much discussion in recent shootings.

Folk ya’ll better remember names because these folk may act as if they like you but they have hidden agendas.

I just got this notification and I just had to add it to my post.

Sarah Peveler a cannon fusillade to open a new business is very creative. Displaying a Confederate flag on town property is not. I realize that this action was carried out by the re-enactors and not the business but have to wonder how much “permission” was involved. I am grateful for this business and have had a conversation with ….. about the possibility of starting an Edgecombe County Women’s Shooting Club for those of us who like sports shooting. This is not about me as some of you have chosen to make it. I had the same issue last year when a for-profit vendor was selling Confederate flags and souvenirs at Happening on the Common under the the pretext that he was representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Again, it’s not OK from my perspective to use town property and a town event to display Confederate flags. This is the only response I choose to make on this topic. (And, yes Jay, thank you for delivering some firewood to me after you took care of others whose needs were greater than mine. I’m also not sure what that has to do with the issue at hand.)

Note: I know one thing I am embarrassed that a photo of the business owner and the Tarboro Police Chief and The Edgecombe County Sheriff took with him and then he is up here carrying on like this. Wow!

Ignant Ass Racist White Folk and Ignant Ass Safe Black Folk

Ignant Ass Racist White Folk and Ignant Ass Safe Black Folk

I went to a funeral in Wilson this morning at 11 AM and like other days no matter what I am doing other while on my job, only during my lunch and break times I have to respond to some Speical Super Ignant Attention Seeking Racist White Folk and Safe Black Folk.

So damn sick of ignant ass folk who talk about how folk spell words and how these smart folk spell words, change your words and even sentences as if spelling count or how we say things as long as you get the damn point.

They get off topic because they can’t respond to the topic at hand so then they have to try to discredit folk by all that I mention above. But your ignant asses only make yourself look ignant because it happens to you from time to time.

But I got a solution for ignant ass folk and I sent out the memo last week. Just in case you didn’t get it or you ignored it and/or in denial, you gonna learn the day.

I am gonna make a believer out of you.

For The Record!

For white folk I don’t put all white folk in a group. When I say Ignant Racist White Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

For black folk I don’t put all black folk in a group. When I say Ignant Safe Black Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

I call out all races and do not have a problem with talking about race, racial issues and/or race anything. Don’t get mad with me because you are scared.

But everyone need to keep in mind that I can put you in a category but you don’t have to accept it.

Now let that sink in.

Tarboro 27886 Has Some Ignant Racist Damn White Folks That Keep B.S. Going On Even In Times Of Tragedy

On yesterday Sarah Peveler posted my link on Tarboro 27886 about the shooting in Tarboro. A chris joyner someone whom I don’t know went in the attack mode because he had a problem with me reporting the news. He said because I reported before the crime tape was removed and that Taro Knight and Mondre Bynum must have told me what was going on. Damn I didn’t even mention Knight nor Bynum in my post so I don’t know what this ignant a… was talking about. I had to get this ignant a… straight up until the post on the page was removed.

What the ignant a… ignored was that I had made several comments and that I said I would not post anymore until I got concrete information and that is what I did. But the ignant a… ignored that my main thang is to report the facts.

Folks I don’t need anyone to validate my stuff after I post it because it is going to be validated by me when I post it. Now if you want to add to it that is fine but I don’t post stuff and rely on it getting validated by others after I have posted it.

Folks especially them IRAWF’s on Tarboro 27886 and others that have a problem with me and some Ignant Safe Negroes you need to recognize and understand that I ain’t the one. Obviously IRAWF’s ain’t used to black folks whom are not afraid to respond to them. You see I am like Bernie Mac, “I ain’t scare of you …..!” So you gonna learn the day! I don’t make the news, I just report it and I try to report the facts as presented to me from reliable sources in which it is none of your damn business who my sources are. If I should error on the facts then I will make the necessary corrections.

If anyone have a problem with what I post on my social media sites you have options and I don’t think I have to tell you what they are. But just in case you can’t figure it out, then all you have to do is ask and I will help you.

I am a grown damn 52 year old man so if you don’t like me, don’t read my stuff because I am gonna keep doing what I do because I know many folks whom appreciate what I do and I am going to continue to cater to them.

Now back to reporting the news.

I Totally Agree With The Following!

I am so sick & tired of people of color having to always take second of everything! It’s always vice chair, assistant to something…never Chair or President of a corporation…always vice president..or as in the NC Democratic Party, vice chair. They have had two Caucasians at the top of the helm the past 2 years. Yet, if we mention having 2 blacks or even a black and Hispanic, no one wants to hear of it!!! It’s time we band together and flex our mental strength & demand not 2 take it any more or we hold our own votes hostage at the polls! I’ve had it!

Why We Vehemently Defend President Obama!

Hell yeah I agree! Hell even some others and myself have experienced some things because we are not afraid to speak truth to power. Some folks are not and never will accept intelligent black men knowing their place in this society. They can relate to the black man who shows himself ignant and other negatives but they better wake the hell up because all black men ain’t the same and some of us will not allow others to paint a picture of who they want us to be. We will not be a slave to no man because we know who we are and whose we are! And while they disrespect us and all the below, "STILL WE RISE!"


What do you think? Agree, Disagree?

The General Assembly needs to get back on track – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator response: Hell no the Republicans in the NC General Assembly needs to get their ignant asses on track simple as that.

We’ve all heard or read the horror stories about nightmare legislation — bills in the N.C. General Assembly or Congress that are thousands of pages long, containing more earmarks than anyone could ever imagine. The scariest prospect of such bills is they often pass, despite the fact that hardly any of the lawmakers have actually read the legislation they’re voting on.

So let’s talk about a refreshing exception — a simple, two-page bill that would require dog breeders to properly feed and water their animals. They also would have to provide decent-sized cages for dogs. The measure has the support of Gov. Pat McCrory and North Carolina’s first lady. It has been passed by the N.C. House of Representatives. (Source: Read more)

Ignant Column: White Guy Blames Gunshot Wound on Nonexistent Black Man – KultureKritic

Response: Black folks you better wake the hell up because things are getting more crazy as the days go by. Since we have a black President, lots of things are being revealed than ever before. But it is some strange things going on right where you are if you leave home so you better keep your eyes and ears open. You better watch what the local media is saying because they may be part of the problem as well. The problem is just damn too ignant.

A manhunt in Redding, California for a black man who’d allegedly shot a white man took an all too familiar turn when investigators learned that the supposed victim had made the whole story up.

Earlier this week, police in the Redding area were searching for an armed and dangerous black man after Brent Posada said he’d been shot by a man fitting that description during a struggle over a handgun.

After police began asking Posada questions about his wound and what led to the alleged fight, they discovered that Posada was lying. There was no dangerous black man to be on the lookout for, only one lying white guy, Posada, who’d shot himself with a high powered rifle. (Source: Read more)

Rocky Mount NC – Don’t Be Fooled By Them Ignant Ass Racist At WHIG-TV

WHIG-TV Tuesday Morning Show February 4, 2014

Since I work a real job during the day I have to look at the show at 11:30 at night.

Sandra and Andrew ignant asses were on their TV station today February 4, 2014 saying that Rev. Andre Knight and Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II get paid for being the Presidents of the NAACP. That is a damn lie because only the Executive Director receive pay and if the E.D. has a staff person or 2 that helps them they can be paid.

It is a damn shame that WHIG-TV tell a bunch of lies on their show but the sad part is they is the outlet for other racist to call in and say what they want to say but when someone who do not think like them, they say let me talk or I am going to hang up on you. They hang up on folks all the time without giving the the time to finish venting or should I say wearing their asses out. They don’t want to hear it so they hang up.

But damn ain’t that what they accused Rocky Mount Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight when Lige Daughtridge addressed the city council a couple of weeks ago. It was not Knight who shut Lige down it was Mayor David Combs.

Folks need to wake the hell up and see who is on the damn TV every day and has been since the late 90’s when Rev. Andre Knight purchased that house on Falls Road, when he got elected to the city council, when he became President of the NAACP and etc. These folks just want to silence Mayor Pro-tem Knight.

Sandra & Andrew at WHIG-TV hung up on a black man because he was talking about Rev. Gailliard and they said let them talk. But then Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called in and they let him talk and talk.

Roosevelt Higgs talked about he had a problem with the NAACP when it comes to stuff like black on black crime. He said that the NAACP don’t come out when a white person commits a crime but that is too ignant. He said if they did it would give more credibility to the NAACP. Well this goes to show you that his ignant ass don’t know the mission of the NAACP and evidently he do not watch TV because there are numerous whites that are a part of the NAACP. The Moral Monday consist of numerous white folks and Rev. Dr. Barber has traveled across the state to majority white counties to meet with white folks who have an issue that affects white folks, black folks and other such as unemployment, affordable health care and more.

And the black lady that called in and said the black man that they hung up on must had an axe to grind. Well won’t that nothing. The man was speaking how he felt but since they didn’t agree with him, they hung up on him. But didn’t Mayor David Combs tell Lige Daughtridge that he could not speak again because he had had his time at the podium.
You guys at WHIG-TV are always contradicting yourselves blamed the city council for not allowing Lige to speak again but ya’ll hang up on folks.

Damn they have Please Limit Calls to 3 Minutes but they allow folks that are saying what they want to hear to go way pass the 3 minutes.

See related:

Andre Knight 

Rocky Mount City Council

To Racist White Folks And Safe Negroes Don’t Get It Twisted

Just because lots of black folks do not respond to your ignance publicly don’t attempt to put me in a box because ya’ll ain’t used to a strong black man challenging your ignance. Just because we are not afraid to speak out publicly don’t get it twisted. I refuse to allow Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes to think they can say and do whatever the hell they want to but then when Rev. Andre Knight, Rev. William J. Barber II, myself and some others speak out don’t think that your criticism will make us go away. Oh hell no! It makes us stronger! Yep we feed off of your ignance!

Now Run and Tell That!

This Ignant Ass Whole Has A Problem With Me Because I Am A Strong Black Man And I Have Some Black Friends, You Gonna Learn The Day!

The following is a comment posted on my blog. I am going to educate this ass whole who is trying to post half ass information on my blog. Thank you because now I am going to tell my story because you can’t tell it like I can yours is full of lies. I am going to educate you and those you may have told your lies to.

See my response in red.

The Mr. Rev. Smith; Butch is very defensive of Knight and Blackwell and we know why, don’t we\ now? Butch got a life-time membership from the local NAACP.

Defensive of Rev. Andre Knight? Mayor Pro-tem Knight is one of Rocky Mount finest City Councilman and President of the Rocky Mount NAACP? Nope! I am defensive of the ignant mess that Racist Ass White Folks and other White Folks whom say they are not racist who continues to criticize whatever the hell Knight does just like they do your President and mines The Honorable Most Effective And Most Talked About President Barack Obama.

I joined the NAACP in 1993 long before Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell Rocky Mount City Councilman joined. I didn’t know them at the time. Over the years I traveled the state of NC and I learned lots of members of the NAACP on the state and also on the National Level. I introduced my brothers to some of these folks especially Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II after he became the NAACP State President because I because I served on the NAACP NC State Executive Committee. I never paid my branch dues in Rocky Mount but paid my dues online until I received my Fully Paid Life Membership.

He is their boy, he dicked his way for it all, sipping ass and allowing his ass to be sipped.

No I am their brother and we don’t roll like that obviously you have us confused with you and your friends.

Rev., wake up. Them three been an item for a while now. It doesn’t matter whose who: when one is wrong; one is wrong, be it Barack Obama! We are not surprise he came to bias defense. ”

I don’t have to defend Knight because he can defend himself. He has proven it time and time again over the years to Racist Ass White Folks, those whom say they are not Racist and Safe Negroes.

when the cat away, the rat will play. Knight/Blackwell know he want to be in the spot light, so they gave him a plaque.( apiece of wood) lol.

In the spotlight? I put myself in the spotlight almost daily because I will speak truth to power because I ain’t afraid to talk about RACE no matter how Racist Ass White Folks, Safe Negroes and others feel about me. Does not matter because I do my thang and don’t need any recognition nor pats on the back. I do what I do because of those who continue to tell me they appreciate what I do and to keep doing it. I have wanted to stop so many times but when I run into someone who keep me encouraged to fight for them because they are afraid to say things publicly or forever the reason. I am my brothers keeper and I strongly feel I was put here to do what I do. I will continue to do just that.

Butch couldn’t get along with Rev.Lee and Rev Horne. He cause such a stir there, the ministers got rid of him, then he ran to Rev. Walker, he too didn’t care for him.

Nope Rev. Elbert Lee and Rev. J.O. Horne couldn’t get along with me because I challenged them. They used to succeed themselves during every election by not having an official election and didn’t follow the NAACP By-laws and the Constitution. I made them start having real elections however soon after I joined the NAACP during an election they made me 1st Vice President. I told them I would accept the office but I wanted the record to show that I didn’t like how the elections was done. The next year we had a real election and Fred Yates one of the State Vice Presidents came down to oversee the election. I ran against Rev. Lee for President just to get access to the membership. I did it because I supported Lorraine Harris who was the secretary for years and she ran the NAACP while Lee and Horne gave her hell. Well my wife and some other members seen some ballots already in the ballot box before the election started that day and when we told Yates about it, he destroyed the evidence. Why? To day Lee to keep him as President. Hell they didn’t have to cheat he was going to get more votes than I anyway hell I knew that but I ran for a purpose to bring our branch into compliance and to make them abide by the by-laws and the constitution.

Ran to Rev. Thomas L. Walker? For what? I did some research on why no ministers came to the NAACP Meetings and it was because they had had a big fight back in the day years before I joined. When I did my research and came back to a meeting and told them my findings Lee and Horne was mad as hell.

But back to Rev. Walker. What did I need to go to him for? I could always handle my own.

He’s a trouble maker. Always have been. But he think he’s a political activist. He’s mentally unbalance. He needs to repent the the Holy Father and do some soul searching! He’s pitiful! Uneducated and have no substance. Need I say more!!!

Troublemaker? Hell I’ll accept that if speaking Truth to Power makes me a troublemaker then thank you. I am a damn good Political Activist and don’t need anyone to justify that because I know that I know that I am damn good. You see ignant if I was not, then you would not have posted a comment along with others who respond to me trying to discredit me. You can’t a Safe Negro obviously, ignant Racist Ass White Folks and others can’t either.

Mentally unbalance? Well one damn thing for sure I am not ignant to what is going on around me because I call out Ignant Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes.

Not even going to address religion because I ain’t there yet. I will curse your ignant ass out.

Uneducated and have no substance? Well I have a high school degree and I think that is all that one is required so damn what is your point?

No substance? So why did your ignant ass post a comment? Well you ought to have spent your time doing something else while responding because you ought to have known I was going to curse your ignant ass out you damn ignant fool!

If I didn’t know any better I would think this was that ignant ass NAACP member that sent me a Christmas Card one year and I signed return to send and put it in the mail. Damn fool and her mom was mad with me because they fell out with Knight because they couldn’t have their damn way.

Need you say more? Depends! You can say whatever you like but remember I have to approve your ignant comments.

Last warning! Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you. When I say me I mean my black leaders and others that I will stand behind when they represent my interest and black folks interest but not limited to as a whole.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Note: This Ass Whole was responding to the following post: Pinetops NC – In Response To “Will There Ever Be Justice For . . . By Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. (The Weekly Defender)

Message To Racist White Folks And Safe Negroes

Glad to be on my laptop hate trying to respond to ignance on my Galaxy Note II. Can’t type as fast as I want to and then have to keep pulling over so I can type some more. So now at this destination for about an hour before moving on to another destination.

Anybody wants to talk about RACE cause I ain’t scared. Don’t try to mislead folks that I am a RACIST because I call out BLACK, BROWN, WHITE AND OTHER FOLKS so don’t go there.

For that Ignant Ass Woman on Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount that Posted that all I talk about on my blog is BLACK AND WHITE. I talk about whatever the "HELL" I want to talk about because I am in control of my blog and not RACIST ASS WHITE FOLKS nor SAFE NEGROES!

On my blog The Political Agitator this is what I am about