Donald Trump Called A Black Man In Rocky Mount A Thug And Put Him Out At The Rally In Kinston

The Watch Dog response: I love it! All of the black folk whom are supporting Trump should see that he don’t care about them. Don’t you know “Your Black A… Don’t Matter!” This ignant called the black man a thug and put him out for calling his name. Damn! I could see if he was protesting. Click on Photo to Watch Video On Youtube.


Ejected Trump supporter stands by his man

By Lindell John Kay
Staff Writer

imageSaturday, October 29, 2016

A local black man said he still supports Donald Trump after the Republican presidential nominee called him a “thug” and mistakenly tossed him out of a rally in Eastern North Carolina last week.

C.J. Cary, a Rocky Mount resident who has supported Trump for years, stood near the front row, about 20 feet from the stage, waved a note and shouted “Donald” during a Wednesday night event at the Kinston Jet Center.

“Were you paid $1,500 to be a thug?” was Trump’s response before ordering his security team to remove Cary from the venue. Trump then accused Cary of being hired by Democrats to disrupt the event, all according to video of the incident that has gone viral.

The flub has made national news, but Cary was already making local headlines this summer in relation to his exuberant support for Trump.

The Peachtree Street resident paid several hundred dollars to replace at least 40 Trump signs in his front yard that had been torn down. The vandalism stopped when Cary placed surveillance cameras around his home and wired the perimeter of his yard.

Cary didn’t return messages and no one answered the door at his home Saturday where dozens of Trump signs still stand. However, Cary did explain how he felt about the incident Friday on Twitter – Trump’s preferred method of social media mass communication.

“Embarrassed? That was not what I felt, being escorted out. I felt joy. God asked if I would I did. Mission accomplished. And please do not think the hardship that came out of this mission was not anticipated or described beforehand; please do not think I cowered at the chance to get Donald’s attention. U can see I did not. In fact, take a look. I still support Donald J Trump 4 president,” Cary tweeted in 144-character bursts.

Cary, a former Marine and civilian contractor with the Army, told The News & Observer he wanted to offer advice to Trump to treat certain groups with more respect. He said blacks, women, college students and people with disabilities deserve better treatment from Trump.

Trump’s use of the word thug is becoming a socially acceptable alternative to another racial epithet, according to many observers, including Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Musician Questlove of the Roots likened thug to a racial slur, as did Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes during protests in his city last year.

Trump was involved in a public campaign to execute a group of young black men accused of rape in Central Park in 1989. He settled lawsuits with plaintiffs who claimed housing discrimination, and he took a leading role in the birther movement questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship. The Central Park 5 were exonerated by DNA evidence and given multi-million-dollar settlements from New York City, but Trump has insisted on their guilt.

The Cary incident comes after Trump accused his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton of paying activists to disrupt his rallies in the third presidential debate earlier this month. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Maybe Republicans are Right and The Negro is Too Dumb to Vote by Pollitikat A Comment

The Political Agitator response: Hell yeah! They are just ignant as hell! And they are proud about it! That is what I don’t get! The Republicans sole mission was before “Our” President took office and still is today is to vote against anything and everything that he wants to do.

I always say Vote IDEAS and not People.  So let me get this straight, black folks are mad at Obama and are not going to vote or vote republican because they think the Republicans will be better for them. Let’s put things in perspective.  President Obama has tried to deliver on almost everything he said he would.  So he gives you seventy-five percent and the other twenty-five he couldn’t deliver because he can’t get anything done with Congress because they already made their pact inauguration night where they laid out their objective to defeat him and say “no” to everything…making everything twice as difficult for him. He is given a verbal flogging every day every step of the way and I say verbally because they can’t physically beat him but he is getting a beating nonetheless, Republicans are making sure of it. He is told he is not American, asked to produce his birth certificate, called a Nigger, called a liar during the State of the Union by the Supreme Court,none of his appointments are approved, and everything he proposes is filibustered and rejected by the Republicans and you think not voting or voting republican will help in which way.   Unlike when Bush was president and

Democrats voted with the Republicans for every bullshit Georgie Boy put in front of Congress – in Obama’s case the Republicans are voting against everything.  The Democrats supported the President and voted for mostly everything Bush proposed – you know 9/11, patriotism … That’s how Bush was able to destabilize the country and world so quickly.    Cause Democrats played along and supported the President and we know that Republicans opposed President Obama from DAY ONE. 

So now you think these same Republicans are going to do what’s best for the economy and America?  I think they have been clearly saying they don’t want you in their America unless they can exploit you and you are working for slave wages and if you are a woman you will be handing over your reproductive rights to them. They have vilified The President to the point where political allies cannot mention his name for fear of reprisal. They trash Obama simply because of the color of his skin they are always trying to incite people to do him harm and you think these Republicans are going to help you? If they don’t respect him – a Columbia and Harvard Graduate, President of the Harvard Law Review, Community Organizer, Husband, Father, Professor, former State and US Senator, and now PRESIDENT – IF THEY DON’T RESPECT HIM – what have you accomplished in your puny fucking lives that is going to make them respect and give a damn about you or CARE what you think? 

Whether it’s Education, Immigration, Employment, the Budget, Republicans are blocking everything – actions speak louder than words. If they cared about the country they wouldn’t do things to harm the country and they are very forceful, bullies.  But Obama, he keeps going and he is doing it without your help because all ya’ll do is walk around and trash him yet he still manages to get things done.  Yes, I know not everything, not perfectly, but your asses will defend Joel Olsten and trash the President …what the fuck has Joel Olsten done for you.    People think going with Republicans are going to improve the Student Loan situation, when they are the reason the loan situation is so bad because republicans never met some government money or a sucker they didn’t want to take advantage of. Think it will improve immigration or education – you see what Republicans do with education – common Core, creationism, they turn everything private, privately owned colleges start popping up, sucking up all the government funding and making sure they dig deep enough into your pockets that you are indebted to them the rest of your lives.  But wait I am getting away from myself. 

We are talking about voting, so you think because Obama hasn’t delivered on everything and responded to your every request of him the second you make it – is a reason to not vote or vote against his agenda.  Voting for Republicans will forward your Agenda?  Well I would love to hear exactly what your agenda is.  Because I don’t think there is an issue in the black community that President Obama has NOT addressed…whether through SPEECH or POLICY.  And let’s not forget the First Lady and her “let’s move” campaign – isn’t she the main reason ya’ll are working out and trying to eat healthier and get fit – isn’t she really the main inspiration for it all, seeing her on those magazine covers in all her bare armed beauty and fitness … lol, yeah … right!   Either ya’ll are just plain dumb or ya’ll are some real selfish bastards. 

This reminds of when the house negroes would watch as the slave master tied the rebellious slave to a tree and proceed to beat the shit out him…remember they used to even let the house (good) slave do the beating sometimes…and when they wear out one belt they would tell the (good/house)slave – “nigger, go get me another” and the house Negro would happily run to get another belt/switch.  They would use the house Negro to put the rebellious Negro (THE NEGRO THAT DARED TO TAKE A STAND) back in their place, doing the bidding of the white masters and thus maintaining the status quo.  Ya’ll are too happy to put these negroes, The Obamas, back in their places….are you not even realizing that you can only be part of their club as long as you trash President Obama …Yeah … that’s exactly what it reminds me off…some slave shit.  Lol …Talk about one step forward and two steps back.

But … I like to think ya’ll are smarter than how you are portrayed on tv – REALLY, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out…but then again I am just an Obamabot.  Lol 

From the Facebook desk of Pollitikat A Comment

Damn George Fisher Look At What Happened To Our Friendship With Wilson County Finest Zette McArn Because We Support Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

This is one of the many examples of how folks turn on me after I have worked with them on personal issues. Once I help them and when we can’t agree to disagree on an issue, this is what happens. All of a sudden I am such a bad guy but while I was working on their issues on my time, sometimes traveling across the state videoing and taking photos for free, this is how they show me how much they love me. Well I still love them but not the same kind of love.

Folks I can be your best friend, loyal to the bone and accept folks disagreeing with me until they try to discredit me and make me out of something that I am not.

It is a damn shame how folks get mad with me because I know what I know and speak truth to power. Well I am not going to change for you and will continue to do such all the days of my life.

This election has shown me just how ignant some black folks can be. Hell even after I try to educate their ignant asses they just don’t want to accept it. Well they gonna learn the day. Oh that was yesterday.

George my brother from another mother. A white man, a true friend because I know what you have done for me and I will forever owe you. My blog, my videos on The DCN TV and did much at a time when your mother was sick and went on to glory. She was my friend also and shared things with me about you that you had not even told me because she felt I was one of the best things that could have happened when you reached out to me over the internet and wanted to connect with me about politics. I will never forget the night I met with you and Ray from WNCR-TV as we talked about the political things I was doing in Edgecombe County and Rocky Mount. Hell you lived on the Nash County side and Ray live about 50 miles away but own WNCR-TV in Rocky Mount. I eventually getting a 2 hour talk show on WNCR-TV every Wednesday night. Was doing some damn good education, had guest to call in from across the state and nation.

I had to shut my show down one night because Bronson Williams was working the board so I could be on TV and George was my co-host. Bronson got mad because I would not allow one of his friends to call in and dominate my damn talk show. Oh hell no I made everybody aware that was my talk show and I was in control over how they acted when they called in.

Well Bronson had a radio show on FM 107.5 (no longer in existence) and he came on from 7 PM– 8 PM and then did my show from 9 PM – 11 PM. During that time he, Nehemiah Smith Jr. founder and publisher of The Weekly Defender Newspaper and some of their friends were on the radio talking junk about Andre Knight Rocky Mount City Council and President of the NAACP. The topic of the high utilities was their agenda so that is why I reminded Bronson about how he was going after WHIG-TV about Knight and the council as the are working an Event Center when he did the same thing a couple of years ago.

George later started another show after the owner tried to get us to come back. I told George I would do it from home I was not going back to Rocky Mount and had to deal with ignant ass folks at that station. However Ray’s brother was alright with me and when he worked the boards for us, all was well.

Folks if you don’t like what I have to say, then tune me out because I am going to say what I mean and mean what I say. I will not only say it, but put it in print. So if you didn’t know, you better ask somebody because “I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

The following was sent to me so I could see what Zette had posted on her Facebook page The Wilsonian Voices.
















This Ignant Ass Whole Has A Problem With Me Because I Am A Strong Black Man And I Have Some Black Friends, You Gonna Learn The Day!

The following is a comment posted on my blog. I am going to educate this ass whole who is trying to post half ass information on my blog. Thank you because now I am going to tell my story because you can’t tell it like I can yours is full of lies. I am going to educate you and those you may have told your lies to.

See my response in red.

The Mr. Rev. Smith; Butch is very defensive of Knight and Blackwell and we know why, don’t we\ now? Butch got a life-time membership from the local NAACP.

Defensive of Rev. Andre Knight? Mayor Pro-tem Knight is one of Rocky Mount finest City Councilman and President of the Rocky Mount NAACP? Nope! I am defensive of the ignant mess that Racist Ass White Folks and other White Folks whom say they are not racist who continues to criticize whatever the hell Knight does just like they do your President and mines The Honorable Most Effective And Most Talked About President Barack Obama.

I joined the NAACP in 1993 long before Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell Rocky Mount City Councilman joined. I didn’t know them at the time. Over the years I traveled the state of NC and I learned lots of members of the NAACP on the state and also on the National Level. I introduced my brothers to some of these folks especially Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II after he became the NAACP State President because I because I served on the NAACP NC State Executive Committee. I never paid my branch dues in Rocky Mount but paid my dues online until I received my Fully Paid Life Membership.

He is their boy, he dicked his way for it all, sipping ass and allowing his ass to be sipped.

No I am their brother and we don’t roll like that obviously you have us confused with you and your friends.

Rev., wake up. Them three been an item for a while now. It doesn’t matter whose who: when one is wrong; one is wrong, be it Barack Obama! We are not surprise he came to bias defense. ”

I don’t have to defend Knight because he can defend himself. He has proven it time and time again over the years to Racist Ass White Folks, those whom say they are not Racist and Safe Negroes.

when the cat away, the rat will play. Knight/Blackwell know he want to be in the spot light, so they gave him a plaque.( apiece of wood) lol.

In the spotlight? I put myself in the spotlight almost daily because I will speak truth to power because I ain’t afraid to talk about RACE no matter how Racist Ass White Folks, Safe Negroes and others feel about me. Does not matter because I do my thang and don’t need any recognition nor pats on the back. I do what I do because of those who continue to tell me they appreciate what I do and to keep doing it. I have wanted to stop so many times but when I run into someone who keep me encouraged to fight for them because they are afraid to say things publicly or forever the reason. I am my brothers keeper and I strongly feel I was put here to do what I do. I will continue to do just that.

Butch couldn’t get along with Rev.Lee and Rev Horne. He cause such a stir there, the ministers got rid of him, then he ran to Rev. Walker, he too didn’t care for him.

Nope Rev. Elbert Lee and Rev. J.O. Horne couldn’t get along with me because I challenged them. They used to succeed themselves during every election by not having an official election and didn’t follow the NAACP By-laws and the Constitution. I made them start having real elections however soon after I joined the NAACP during an election they made me 1st Vice President. I told them I would accept the office but I wanted the record to show that I didn’t like how the elections was done. The next year we had a real election and Fred Yates one of the State Vice Presidents came down to oversee the election. I ran against Rev. Lee for President just to get access to the membership. I did it because I supported Lorraine Harris who was the secretary for years and she ran the NAACP while Lee and Horne gave her hell. Well my wife and some other members seen some ballots already in the ballot box before the election started that day and when we told Yates about it, he destroyed the evidence. Why? To day Lee to keep him as President. Hell they didn’t have to cheat he was going to get more votes than I anyway hell I knew that but I ran for a purpose to bring our branch into compliance and to make them abide by the by-laws and the constitution.

Ran to Rev. Thomas L. Walker? For what? I did some research on why no ministers came to the NAACP Meetings and it was because they had had a big fight back in the day years before I joined. When I did my research and came back to a meeting and told them my findings Lee and Horne was mad as hell.

But back to Rev. Walker. What did I need to go to him for? I could always handle my own.

He’s a trouble maker. Always have been. But he think he’s a political activist. He’s mentally unbalance. He needs to repent the the Holy Father and do some soul searching! He’s pitiful! Uneducated and have no substance. Need I say more!!!

Troublemaker? Hell I’ll accept that if speaking Truth to Power makes me a troublemaker then thank you. I am a damn good Political Activist and don’t need anyone to justify that because I know that I know that I am damn good. You see ignant if I was not, then you would not have posted a comment along with others who respond to me trying to discredit me. You can’t a Safe Negro obviously, ignant Racist Ass White Folks and others can’t either.

Mentally unbalance? Well one damn thing for sure I am not ignant to what is going on around me because I call out Ignant Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes.

Not even going to address religion because I ain’t there yet. I will curse your ignant ass out.

Uneducated and have no substance? Well I have a high school degree and I think that is all that one is required so damn what is your point?

No substance? So why did your ignant ass post a comment? Well you ought to have spent your time doing something else while responding because you ought to have known I was going to curse your ignant ass out you damn ignant fool!

If I didn’t know any better I would think this was that ignant ass NAACP member that sent me a Christmas Card one year and I signed return to send and put it in the mail. Damn fool and her mom was mad with me because they fell out with Knight because they couldn’t have their damn way.

Need you say more? Depends! You can say whatever you like but remember I have to approve your ignant comments.

Last warning! Ignant Racist Ass White Folks and Ignant Safe Negroes don’t mess with me and I won’t mess with you. When I say me I mean my black leaders and others that I will stand behind when they represent my interest and black folks interest but not limited to as a whole.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Note: This Ass Whole was responding to the following post: Pinetops NC – In Response To “Will There Ever Be Justice For . . . By Rev. Nehemiah Smith Jr. (The Weekly Defender)