Remember The Names

I posted last week on atleast 2 Social Media pages that ya’ll better remember the names. Well when you see the names coming soon you better remember them.

I am done thinking I am working with some folk who say they are about what is right. Don’t call me because I know your ass ain’t right.

You see folk like you are dangerous as hell and I got to know that we are on the same page. I know who are about what is right.

I have been called a racist by white folk when I tell them I call out all folk. But the sad part I call out more black folk than I do white folk so if I could be a racist which ain’t possible, that is just a lie.

I am going to piss some black folk even more after I finish working on these videos and photos.

Stay tuned!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of ignant ass black folk mess. But the sad part they got good education, good religion so they say but damn they just about promoting mess. Hell yeah you are about promoting mess and it is documented.

I know I can’t move forward doing what I do because I have done so up until now. So when you get mad, hell I won’t be lost a damn thing damn sure ain’t no friends of mines.


For The Record!

For white folk I don’t put all white folk in a group. When I say Ignant Racist White Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

For black folk I don’t put all black folk in a group. When I say Ignant Safe Black Folk so if you don’t fit that description I ain’t talking about you.

I call out all races and do not have a problem with talking about race, racial issues and/or race anything. Don’t get mad with me because you are scared.

But everyone need to keep in mind that I can put you in a category but you don’t have to accept it.

Now let that sink in.

WATCH: Black American Has a Message for the Race Rioters… It’s Going Viral [VIDEO]

The Political Agitator response: Damn this brother here talking about embarrassing this due is pathetic. Damn dude talking about the role of the NAACP in which obviously he is ignant to the mission statement. He talked about the role of Civil Rights leaders and his ignant ass says he is driving a BMW. Now I can’t relate to those who are looting because I am on the side of those who are protesting which is not the damn same. Damn I hate it when a brother wants to be so damn smart but in his speech he makes it appear as if protesting and looting is the same. I hate it when folks attempt to mislead folks. I agree with some black folks need to change and that can be directed to those who are looting and not protesting. Damn fool talking about he is waiting on the Obama change and all of that but why his ignant ass didn’t educate us on what actually happened as it relates to the white cop killing the black teen? Hell I don’t want to hear a damn thing about all of that other bullshit he is talking about and I like the protestors want to hear about what really happened why the cop had to shoot this teen. When that become the topic of discussion and the only discussion at the moment, then just maybe the looting will cease and the protesting as well. I am proud card carrying Life Fully Paid Member of the NAACP because I know what they have done and continue to do. So damn glad I can think for myself and don’t have to live by ignant ass folks who have benefitted from the works they are so quick to try to appease the white man. Well this ignant ass brother don’t speak for me because I know what time it is and what is going on in Ferguson Missouri is not a direct reflection of Black Folks and if anyone who think otherwise is just as ignant as this ignant ass . . . What in the hell is this dude doing and what have he done? If he had just talked about the rioters then I would have been with him but damn if he didn’t get too ignant for me including black folks who mean well.

According to Top Right News, another young black man posted a video to YouTube containing a message for the black community and rioters, challenging them to stop blaming police and white people and start taking responsibility for their own actions. This is epic. (Source: Read more)

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Ignant Column – In Response to “It’s time for the black community to start helping one another” by Robert Cordell

I am a black male. I am probably one of the most diehard Democrats ever to walk the grounds of Edgecombe and Nash counties.

(Response: From one black male to another black male, I will challenge you when it comes to being a diehard Democrat as I have stated over the years about challenging Democrats in Edgecombe and some in Nash Counties but not limited to. I have been challenging Democrats since the late 80’s when I became actively engaged in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. However I was also engaged in the Nash County Democratic Party because I was closely connected to former Chairs Mary Wells, William Hobbs and Marvin Arrington along with some other Nash County Democrats.

Born and reared in Rocky Mount, I could even teach the Rev. William Barber and the Rev. Andre Knight how to be radical.

(Response: Sir I met Rev. Andre Knight in the late 80’s and we have been close since that time. I know his struggles and how he was drawn into politics. He became active in the NAACP and then on the Rocky Mount City Council. I was there with him through his struggles. I have known Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II since the early 2000’s when he was the NC State Human Relations Director but I have been close to him since I played a major role in helping him getting elected President of the NC NAACP State Conferences of Branches in 2005. I have much respect for both of these men. I am a couple of years older than Rev. Knight and I am from December to January older than Dr. Barber. I said all of that to say this, what in the heck can you teach them because I have been with them, where were you? I know where you were when you came to Rev. Knight and myself for help with some issues that you had.

My question is, did we, the black community, need a second March on Washington?

(Response: Sir are you saying that Rev. Knight and Dr. Barber is the reason why there was a 2nd March on Washington? Actually I believe it is the 3rd but anyway just because they attended do you have a problem with that? I didn’t attend because I had other obligations.)

My answer is – absolutely not. In my opinion, the march was a total waste of time, resources, energy and comes just short of a slap in the face to the man we were honoring.

(Response: Sir can you explain why you feel there was no need for the march? Why do you feel it was a waste of time, resources, energy and surely want you to explain in detail how it comes short of a slap in the face to the man we were honoring? I think anytime black folks come together for a moment of celebration and education without violence that damn sure ain’t a waste of time. Do you actually think that all of the folks that attended who didn’t make it to the previous marches found it to be a waste of time? I believe they probably learned some things.)

It changed absolutely nothing as far our economic and social conditions are concerned. If you remember, back in 1963, the first March on Washington, we achieved everything we asked for.

(Response: Sir damn maybe I am a little slow but your opinion of how you feel is ignant as hell about the march that just took place around a month ago. I was born in 1962 so as I stated above there were many like myself who were not at the march in 1963. So how do you equate what happened in 1963 with today? I don’t think anyone in their right mind would think that the march in 1963 and the march in 2013 would be the exact same with the exact outcome. I would think that the recent march was more of a celebration for some, a reminder and an educational moment for some.)

We gained civil rights, we no longer had to sit at the back of the bus, and two years later, we were granted the constitutional right to vote. We integrated schools, lunch counters, we could purchase any house in any neighborhood, and we could grace “our rumps” on any toilet behind our white brethren at any time.

(Response: Sir are you saying that what was done in 1963 was enough and there is no more work to be done? What damn state are you living in if you don’t think “they” want to take us back? Damn they have said it. So you have not heard civil rights and the constitution in the news atleast for the past 6 years or however long we have had a black president? So as an educator you are not familiar with the state of the schools with the uprising of Charter Schools and the Schools to Prison Pipeline? Do you think all places want to serve black folks today? Hell no! Some are doing it just because of the laws. You don’t think it is any neighborhoods today that they don’t want us in? Damn come on now. I don’t even care to discuss sitting on any toilet behind our white brethren.)

And as an added extra, we could now marry any white woman without reprisals from individuals or groups – which we did not even ask for. We now have a black president who appointed a black attorney general after the appointments of two black U.S. Supreme Court justices.

(Response: Sir you think that a black man marrying a white woman has been totally accepted? Again what damn state are you living in? I know damn well you are ignant when it comes to having a black president that that has been totally accepted because I don’t think a day has gone by since he was first elected that his name has not been in the news because some still haven’t gotten over a black man being 1st in command. I ain’t even going there with you about how this black president has been disrespected when even you and I as black men have been able to feel the affect of his treatment.)

Now, when are we going to be responsible ourselves to all of these gains and many more accomplishment over the past 50 years that our government has given to us?

(Response: Sir I am a 50 year old black man and I have been working since I was 5 years old. My dad and mom worked a public job plus they rented out a farm. I went the work on a public job the next week after graduation and still farmed up until 2 years ago. In 1987 the Good Master blessed me with one of the highest paid jobs in this area and I worked part-time and farmed. I didn’t have to but I did it because I love to work. I can’t relate to when are we going to be responsible so you need to talk to those who meet the criteria you speak of.)

As Bill Cosby has said, our women need to put down the cellphone and start raising the kids.

(Response: Sir okay I get Bill’s point however damn obviously he don’t know what is going on around him or he just don’t care and want to make some feel good comments. Well over the years as I continue to hear about our women should raise their kids, well in the world I am living in kids are having kids so that is a major issue. So what can be done about that? It is bigger than a damn cell phone! Do you remember when grandparents took care of their children and their grandchildren? Well damn today the grandmother, mother and the children ages are so close together so how can kids raise kids? I strongly agree there is an issue with parents, woman and man when it comes to raising kids but putting down the cell phone and then do what? Did Bill give some more instructions? I don’t know if you have any children or not but if you do did the hospital or anyone teach you about how to raise a kid before the mother and the baby were released. I have 3 one born in Nash County, one born in Craven County and one born in Edgecombe County and I don’t remember my babies mother and myself getting educated before my baby mothers were released. I was there with both my oldest child mother and I was there with the mother of my other 2 and we are still together today. I get sensitive as hell when folks throw out bullmanure but don’t go further into the discussion.)

Women also need to stop having babies out of wedlock at an alarming 70 percent rate.

(Response: Sir I don’t even know how to respond to this one because I assume you are talking about black women as if white women do not have children out of wedlock.)

Men need to start financially supporting the child they produce and start making an imprint in their child’s life.

(Response: Sir I was not married when my 1st and 2nd child were born but I took damn good care of my babies. But sir it ain’t all the man’s fault because some women know that they and the man are too young to have a child, know that the man don’t have a job or don’t want to work, know that the man have a couple of babies and he don’t take care of them so why do they think he is going to take care of theirs, oh because they are the one. And then in my case with my oldest baby moma I had to take her to court to get visitation rights and she moved to Maryland to try to keep me from seeing her, but I went to Maryland regularly to pick up my baby and bring her back to NC to spend time with her.)

We all need to stop the “black on black” crimes and completely stop the criminal activities that get us arrested daily.

(Response: Sir I don’t commit black on black crime nor black on white crime nor do I do criminal activities. I have no control over what others do but I do encourage others to not commit crimes. But to help curve the crime the people in the areas where the crime takes place have a role to play. When they get involved and report the crimes with relevant information law enforcement can make some arrest. I have no control of what goes on in other communities only my community can I play a role. So have you gone in the areas to speak to those who fits the criteria you speak of?

Our people need to marry, stay together, and build up our communities.

(Response: Sir they need to marry if that is what they want but if they feel they can live a unmarried and take care of their children then so be it. I am only in control of my marriage. Are you married?)

Every able body needs to get out and find work. There are plenty of jobs out here and we should keep on applying until we land one of these multiple job opportunities available to us.

(Response: Sir I agree every able body needs to get out and find work. I don’t know how plentiful jobs are but I do agree they should keep applying until they land one. However some folks are better off not going to work if the job they get do not equal up to the assistance they may be receiving.)

We need to stop hating each other and start uplifting each other.

(Response: Sir I ain’t hating on no one but I will call folks out whom I feel is ignant to what is going on around them. I try to uplift folks but they may not think so when I shoot from the hip because I say what I mean and mean what I say. But back to hating on others what were point of singling out Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Rev. Andre Knight and some other black folks because I have read you letter and I don’t understand where you are coming from and where you were going with this letter? Was it a message to discredit them or what? What in the hell is the point you were trying to make or should I say who in the hell are you trying to convince? Actually you have pissed me off as a black man because I don’t get it. Maybe you can help me better understand your purpose of this letter.)

The bogus Negroes and Negresses who think that they have made it, why not take the time to help, guide, and recommend hiring your brothers and sisters? In other words, pull them by the bootstraps.

(Response: Sir are you trying to say that Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Rev. Andre Knight have made it? But if you are not then okay but you mean to tell me you have not seen them in action speaking truth to power? Damn they both have gotten arrested in Raleigh at the NC General Assembly as they are fighting for the least of these and even folks like you an educator you know (teachers). That bootstrap bullmanure ain’t real  so I ain’t even going there.)

Let us get out of the syndrome of pulling each other back in the pot just as they’re trying to make it out. Let us get off of food stamps and Medicaid and start working. Governmental programs are for the truly needy, not the truly greedy.

(Response: Sir damn you really got ignant when it comes to food stamps, Medicaid and start working. What state are you living in whereby abuse does run rapid? Damn I have said it time and time again they don’t want to get the folks off welfare because all they have to do is hire enough folks to monitor those who welfare and then deal with those who are abusing the system. But nope never! Why? Because if they cut out the program where are these folks that administer the government programs going to work? How many folks have you turned in that don’t truly needed that are just greedy. Again another bullmanure comment but what role have you played in turning in folks when it comes to this abuse, crime, and drugs as it relates to people you know?)

If we would do these things suggested, then we would be proud black people. As of now, some of us are in worse shape now than when we were slaves.

(Response: Sir I am a proud 50 year old black man because I try to live a productive life by not getting involved in criminal activities and working a real job which allows me to take care of my children. I have never been a slave and if I had if I had the mindset I have today I would not have made it because I am not a scared Negro who talk a bunch of bullmanure and not being actively engaged in community and political activism. I got involved back in the late 80’s to be a voice for the least of these, those who are afraid to speak for themselves for whatever reason. Some are afraid due to the fear of retaliation against them or their family and I understand that. So sir for you to single out Dr. Barber and Rev. Knight I am having a hard time accepting this letter. I know what these guys stand for. Do we always agree on everything? Oh hell no but overall these are some damn bad brothers who don’t need you nor anyone to teach them a damn thing. However I bet if you talk to them about me they will tell you they have learned some things from me. I find this letter to be a damn insult to black folks when the points you raised are nothing new that we hear all the time and you are just like those who continue to raise the points bring nothing to the table to bring about a change.)

See original article in The Rocky Mount Telegram.