President Trump plans to visit Florence-impacted areas next week – News & Observer

The Gate Keeper – Here at home Mayor Bobbie Jones (Princeville, NC) was contacted.


President Donald Trump is planning to visit areas affected by Hurricane Florence next week, though his exact plans are not yet finalized.

“The president is expected to travel to areas affected by the storm early to middle of next week, once it is determined his travel will not disrupt any rescue or recovery efforts. We will keep you posted when we have details,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Friday.

Hurricane Florence is bringing widespread flooding, heavy rains and strong winds to many coastal areas of North and South Carolina. The storm, which made landfall Friday morning as a Category 1, is expected to continue to soak the area throughout the weekend.

In a note provided by the White House Friday night, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Trump called North Carolina officials to offer support.

The statement said: “Earlier today the President called Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (NC), Mayor Vi Lyles (Charlotte, NC), and Mayor Bobbie Jones (Princeville, NC). President Trump assured each elected official that the federal government stood ready and prepared to assist with anything their state and respective communities would need during this natural disaster. The President has been monitoring Hurricane Florence throughout the day and has received updates regarding the impact of this devastating storm.” (Read more)

Church Services For Sunday September 16, 2018

Anderson Chapel MBC Sunday Morning Service 11:00 AM

Anderson Chapel MBC Sunday Evening Ushers Anniversary has been cancelled

Eastern Star All Sunday services at Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church, 718 E. Church St, Tarboro, NC are being cancelled for Sunday, September 16, 2018. Be blessed and please be safe!

Hart’s Chapel MBC Homecoming Services for Sunday September 16,2018 at 11 am has been canceled.

Rouse’s Abundant Life Ministries, Inc. Due to the unsafe conditions caused by Hurricane Florence, we will not have Sunday morning service! 9/16 Please find a way to help someone and spread love in this time of need. Blessings!

St. Paul baptist church Tarboro is only having 11am service no Sunday school

Pines Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Pinetops NC will have service tomorrow 945 Sunday School 11am worship service. All are welcome to join us.

Send your church services for tomorrow

Edgecombe County Closing of Edgecombe County Shelters

Notice re. Closing of Edgecombe County Shelters

The major threats to us here in Edgecombe County from Hurricane Florence have decreased significantly. All indications from forecasts is that they will continue to do so. We would like to free up resources to other areas in the State that need them more. Therefore, we plan to close all Edgecombe County Emergency Shelters tomorrow, Saturday September 15th, at 12 PM.

This notice only pertains to Edgecombe County government opened shelters, which are: Carver Elementary, DS Johnson Elementary, Tarboro High School, Martin Millennial, and North Edgecombe. This does not include the shelters that were opened by local churches. They will decide when to close their shelters.

We will continue to monitor the storm throughout the night and into tomorrow. We will also have people out in the field tomorrow to give us updates on conditions. If for some reason the storm’s path or intensity changes, and the related threats intensify, we will keep some shelters open.

The National Weather Service projects the Tar River to reach its peak around Wednesday of next week at around 19 feet. At that, there would likely not be any flooding related to the river. We will continue to monitor the river levels. If the need arises, we will reopen shelters.

Again, all Edgecombe Shelters will close tomorrow, September 15th at 12 PM.

Don’t Condemn People Who Don’t Evacuate for Hurricane Florence

If you got notice of an impending disaster heading for your home, would you leave? Could you? Evacuating even under mandatory orders is not something everyone can do.

Hurricane Florence is about to smash into the mid-Atlantic coast, where it’s projected to drop epic rainfall on already saturated ground. Even if the winds slow, the storm surge and floods are going to cause enormous damage and devastate basic infrastructure. If you’re in a mandatory evacuation area, please, please leave while you can. Make this the Great Carolina Exodus fleeing the coasts.

No emergency manager issues an evacuation order lightly. Telling people to leave is a tough call, between the logistics of mass displacement, the increased vulnerability of stabilizing support systems, and loss of public trust if forecasts flop. (Read more)