Who Has Gained From North Carolina’s HB2 Losses? NBC News

Just days after the Associated Press provided an in-depth look at the massive economic impact of North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2 — the so-called “bathroom bill” Republicans passed a year ago — lawmakers in the state struck a deal to repeal and replace the bill.

The original legislation, commonly known as HB2, limited LGBTQ rights in the state and restricted which public restrooms transgender people can use. Following the bill’s passage in March of last year, the Tar Heel state faced a major political and financial backlash. On Monday, an AP analysis found the bill would end up costing North Carolinians $3.76 billion in lost business over a dozen years.

So, now that HB2 has been repealed and replaced, will it be business as usual in North Carolina? Not quite. (Read more)

HB2 – That Commercial Though The Young Lady Says She Feel Safe, See What One Of The Primary Sponsors Of The Bill Had To Say On The DCN Online TV


A DCN Exclusive!

Click on photo to watch video go to 40:28, you will be glad that you did.

HB2 – The bathroom ignant mess!

That commercial though the young lady says she feel safe. So tell me anybody, anywhere, where and when was the last time you went to the bathroom and someone was checking to see who had balls and who didn’t?

Oh I guess the symbol on the doors is the protection that one need.

Go to 40:28 and see what one of the primary sponsors of HB2 has to say and see how this lady and the others respond.

Reignited HB2 controversy looms over election – Charlotte Observer

The Watch Dog response: These guys just don’t get it. One of the ignants talking about Democrats need to compromise. Compromise what? Can’t compromise ignance and this is what has been displayed since the Republican takeover. The time is winding down that folk of good conscious from both sides are beginning to wake up but after North Carolina has shown them that the Republicans has lost their minds. But one of the ignants want to blame all of this on the Charlotte City Council. Wow! So the Republican Legislature had nothing to do with any of this? So The DCN Super Ignant Awards goes to . . . 

RALEIGH – The NCAA’s decision to pull seven championship events out of North Carolina over the state’s stand on anti-discrimination protections reignited a controversy that has divided the state with less than two months to go before the November elections.

For the governor running for re-election after signing House Bill 2 into law in March, it makes for uncertain terrain.

“I think it will hurt the Republican ticket,” said Rep. Leo Daughtry, a longtime Republican legislator from Smithfield who is not running for re-election. “That includes the governor. I think, unfortunately, it will hurt him.” (Charlotte Observer)

Butterfield Statement on 2017 NBA All-Star Game


For Release:  Immediate

Date:  July 21, 2016

                                Contact: Meaghan Lynch            

                                  Office: (202) 225.3101               

Butterfield Statement on 2017 NBA All-Star Game

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) today released the following statement regarding the NBA’s decision to move the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, NC:

“I understand the NBA’s decision to relocate the 2017 All-Star Game in light of the passage of H.B. 2. For months, North Carolinians, corporate leaders, and communities across America have expressed in the strongest possible terms their dissatisfaction with H.B. 2. The NBA’s decision demonstrates the serious price our great state has paid over this discriminatory law.  I call on Governor Pat McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly to immediately repeal H.B. 2 before more economic damage and embarrassment occurs.”



Justice Department Response to North Carolina Lawsuit

imageAttorney General Lynch spoke to reporters about North Carolina’s decision to sue the federal government in response to the Department of Justice’s ruling on the state’s House Bill 2. The department ruled that the state’s law requiring transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX. (C-SPAN)

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McCrory, lawmakers want courts to declare HB2 doesn’t discriminate – NC Capitol

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory and state lawmakers have asked federal courts to declare that House Bill 2 does not discriminate against LBGT people, a reaction to the Obama administration’s demand the state roll back the law.

Lawyers for the governor filed the declaratory judgment action Monday morning, and Republican legislative leaders filed their own action hours later.

“We believe a court, rather than a federal agency, should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what law requires,” McCrory said during an afternoon press conference. “Right now, the Obama administration is bypassing Congress by attempting to rewrite the law.” (NC Capitol)

See Response: Justice Department sues to block HB2 – NC Capitol

Justice Department sues to block HB2 – NC Capitol

The Watch Dog response: This is just getting crazy. Sad the NC GOP are taking this to the extreme. What? Did they think folk would be silent on the issue?

Washington — The U.S. Justice Department on Monday sued to block North Carolina from enforcing the provisions of House Bill 2 that dictate what bathrooms transgender individuals can use.

“None of us can stand by when a state enters the business of legislating identity and insist that a person pretend to be something or someone that they are not or invents a problem that does not exist as a pretext for discrimination and harassment,” U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said during a Monday afternoon news conference, calling House Bill 2 “state-sponsored discrimination.” (NC Capitol)