In Response to Letter to the Editor: City event appears meant for candidate by Gwen Wilkins – Rocky Mount Telegram

I have worked hard since the end of April to run a good campaign … one with respect and integrity, and will continue to do so.

Looks like you are working hard to please the Special Cs you have teamed up with. Funny as hell to me because since you have felt this way about the Ward why in the hell have you not ran before now? Hell even if you didn’t think you could win, why you didn’t run and bring some awareness to the area on which you have now found your claim to fake? I mean fame!

However, I must bring something to the attention of Ward 3 voters and other residents in our city. The city, through the city manager, Parks & Recreation and Councilman Joyner and a few others on the council are, in my opinion, resorting to unscrupulous ways to win the election on Oct. 8 at taxpayer expense. It appears Joyner cannot raise his own funds to have a community event; therefore, those named have decided on a “Ward 3 Community Fun Day.” They are, essentially, using taxpayer monies to hold a political event for a candidate for office and selling it as a community event.

I hate it when Special Cs use the scare tactics of the damn taxpayer expense mess. Damn if Joyner don’t raise any money the votes is what counts. Oh so you can raise money I guess. Or money may not be an issue for you because you are the Special Cs team. SMDH!

The city this summer had “Summer Night Lights” in the parks in Wards 3, 4 and 1. Branch Street Park, which is located in Ward 3, was held in July. Richard Joyner was a no-show. They have scheduled this “fun day” in Daughtridge Park on Sept. 14, the Saturday before early voting begins. See my point?

Damn why he had to be there? He can’t be everywhere all the time. Hell he will not be at every council meeting after October 8 because sometimes one can’t be at every meeting. So if he had been there you would have complained that he was there.

The Ward 3 seat is looked at as a “swing” seat. Factions in this city know this. Candidates for council, last year, did not get a “community fun day” in their ward. Why is Joyner? Why now? There is no justification for the city to go through this expense. This is the kind of deception and underhandedness going on at City Hall that has given our city a bad name.

Yep factions in the city know that and that is why they have teamed up with you because the Special Cs don’t have one of them to run so you are the chosen one since Johnny Cunningham is not longer the chosen one. Oh you like to be 2nd.

They “assume” no one will call them on this for fear of being labeled. I am sure they will spin it as such. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Damn where in the hell have you been since 2003 because they have been calling them out since the council became a Black Majority? Hell they sho nuff been on them since December 2018 and my Timeline on my Blog on the series of events don’t lie. Hell don’t nobody care about you calling them out because hell you ain’t saying anything of substance.

I want the best for Ward 3 and our city and I know you do, too; however, these tactics cannot be tolerated. Candidates should run a campaign on their own merits and not resort to deceptive means. They are also bringing churches into the mix (no man can serve two masters) and having “voter registration.” Since when did a government do “voter registration” … unless you are the Board of Elections?

What in the hell can be more deceptive than you pushing the Special Cs agenda? You have teamed up with the Special Cs to attempt to remove Richard Joyner when he has been doing a great job helping the current council with the agenda of making sure the all of Rocky Mount get a piece of the pie. But Nash County side the side you live on verses Richard living on the Edgecombe County side, it is obvious you have the NASH Special Cs agenda at heart.

President Kennedy said, “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” I had to speak up. I had to speak out. Take it to the polls on Oct. 8.

I hope you re-read what President Kennedy sad because by you teaming up with the deceptive Special Cs your names is on the reserved list because I be damn if you ain’t done lost it. Keep on speaking up and out because the little respect I used to have for you have gone.

Gwen Wilkins, Ward 3 City Council candidate

Rocky Mount

Curmilus Dancy II
The Political Agitator
Pinetops NC


Gwen Wilkins On WHIG-TV Talking About Being A Candidate For Upcoming Election

Damn Gwen Wilkins on WHIG-TV @ talking about Rocky Mount need more transportation. I have seen Rocky Mount Transit coming to Pinetops for years.

Wow! She is talking negative about Rev. Richard Joyner. Really!

Rev. Joyner has been doing a great job.

I had an issue with how Rev. Joyner was appointed.

Damn fool said she would stop Committee of the Whole Meetings because folk need to be able to be there. Really they can now.

What have the council got to do with daycare prices?

Talking about what the audit said, there were no one terminated. But they said there we some folk who said some were fired and the report said they were not.

This woman is says she have an issue with the way the Chief was appointed really? Do you know the whole story?

She has an issue with the security. Really? I bet they have security where she works and folk can’t walk off the street into her office. How well some folk forget.

Damn she said it was not a threat to Andre Knight because she know him. Really? The person that feel threatened is the only person to be able to say if they feel threatened.

Vote for her she can get a point across, she is articulate, she will research. Really?

I know Gwen and she is not the one.

I approve of this message because I know her because she was my 1st Congressional District Chair and worked with her. I also seen her in action on the state level and was not impressed.

I don’t need any Likes or is Dis Likes to validate anything I say.

Prove me wrong.

City critic weighs run for council – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This dude right here is hilarious. Cunning says “Lots of friends and acquaintances ask him to run.” Really! He has teamed up with some Special Cs  who have a problem with Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell so Cunning is their goofer along with Tarrick Pittman. Cunning, Pittman and Kevin Jones are using kids to attempt to get on the council. The white candidate Sandy Roberson is using kids to push his agenda as well. These folk can’t even vote for them. They can give them a few dollars but unless those dollars can buy black folk votes, then they will come out looking as ignant as they sound. Rev. Richard Joyner has done a good job since he has been on the council. The car wash last week I bet if the truth be made known the $3000 raised probably came from the Special Cs donations because the car wash was free and was not a fee set like most car wash fundraisers are done. The mess about taking children to the beach is as hilarious as it get. Take the children to the beach, come back and do what? They will come back to a city where some Special Cs are trying to hold them right where they are. Want to impress somebody do something that will make a damn difference such as asking why the damn Pizza Inn closed? Some of these kids can’t past the wall to Hunter Hill to get to that Pizza Inn talking about going to the beach. These kids have limited places to go to on the Edgecombe County side so tell them to advocate for a grocery store at the Crossing at 64 and other things on the Edgecombe County side. When these Special Cs show me they can influence good white folk to put some businesses on there other side of the wall from where they live, then black folk will be able to see what they call unity and Love Rocky Mount as they have began a campaign. I refuse to be silent by allowing these Special Cs and the Ignant Safe Black Folk who are helping them push their agenda against what I have been advocating for for my family and friends that live in Rocky Mount where I have worked for the past 32 years. Gwen Wilkins announced she was running and not one comment on the Telegram but they are talking s…. about her on the Special Cs geared social media sites. She thought when she went after Andre Knight that they were going to love her. Nope they compared her to him. She Unfriended me on Facebook so I guess she has blocked my phone number so we can talk anymore as well. Cunning, Pittman, Jones and Gwen I ain’t your enemy but you gonna find out who the real enemies are.

An often outspoken opponent of some council members says he is strongly considering a run for a seat on the Rocky Mount City Council.

Johnny Cunningham, a well-known advocate for impoverished communities, rehabilitated housing and a frequent speaker at City Council meetings, has his eyes set on the council’s Ward 3 seat.

The seat is held by Richard Joyner, who was appointed to the position last year after Lamont Wiggins stepped down when he was appointed to be a Superior Court judge.

The City Council chose Joyner over four other candidates: Bronson Williams, Gwen Wilkins, Nellene Richardson and Tamisha Patterson.

Williams is running for mayor. Wilkins has announced a campaign for the Ward 3 seat. Richardson has expressed interest in running in Ward 3 as well. Patterson’s political plans aren’t immediately clear.

Cunningham said in a crowded field, he’s the best choice.

“Lots of friends and acquaintances come up to me and ask me to run, so I’m giving it a lot of thought and prayer,” he said. (Read more)

Wilkins to seek Ward 3 seat – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I just read yesterday when Gwen was supporting the car wash being sponsored by Love Rocky Mount because obviously she thought they were going to accept her. After reading this article this morning I was waiting to see what kind of responses she will receive in the comments. Well I just received a screenshot of what they are saying about her on a page that I have been blocked. I wonder will she send that check now after seeing how her shouting out acting like them at the Rocky Mount City Council meetings supporting them don’t mean a damn thing because she is not the Johnny Cunningham kind a black. I figured when she unfriended me recently that she was up to something and didn’t want folk to see what I have to say about her because I tag her when I make a comment about her and it shows up on her page. Folk are ignant to that fact that folk follow my page even those who unfriend me because they can follow me until I block them from being able to see my page because my page is Public.

Gwen Wilkins has done just about everything in local politics except run for office.

That’s about to change as she plans to file for Ward 3 on the Rocky Mount City Council.

Wilkins has held several leadership positions in the Democratic Party at the national, state and local levels, including chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District, 1st vice chairwoman of the state party and chairwoman of the Nash County party. She served on the state MLK commissions for the city and state as well as the city’s Utility Review Board.

Wilkins committed to not taking a leadership position in her party at this year’s county and district conventions and said she will not hold a leadership position during her tenure if elected to the Ward 3 seat in October. (Read more)




See Gwen comments at the end of this article about the Car Wash LMBAO!

Car wash to fund beach trip See Gwen Comments

Tarboro NC – Rev. Roosevelt Higgs nominates himself for 1st Congressional District Chair


Democrats in the 1st Congressional District elected new officers. Each candidate was given 1 minute to address the audience.

The floor was opened for nominations. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs as usual nominated himself again. He nominated himself for the Edgecombe County  Chair office in April. Mr. Cotton Rawls (white) male nominated former Nash County Democratic Party chair Ms. Gwen Wilkins (black) female. The nomination was closed on said names.

Higgs said he has worked with the district for the past 30 some years and he offered himself because he wanted to see the party continue to move forward. He wanted to see the party grow. He said the district make up is 48 percent white, 50 percent black and 2 percent other. He said he passed out a map showing the district runs from the coast to the Virginia line. He said he felt the officers should reflect the racial, gender and geographic make-up of our district. He said he do not think all of the officers should not be in elbow reach of each other. He said he lives in Edgecombe County and Ms. Gwen Wilkins lives in Nash County which makes them next door neighbors. He said he asked Ms. Wilkins a couple of weeks ago to be his running partner and she in return asked him to be her running mate. He said he asked her was she repeating the question back to him? Higgs said with that in mind he was going to yield to Ms. Wilkins because she is his next door neighbor and he would support her.

It is a damn shame that Higgs can not be banned from speaking during Democratic Party events because all he does is keep a lot of confusion going and prolong the process.

Wilkins thanked everyone for their support. She said she have a great repore with the state party. She said she wants to keep the party connected. She stressed she do not bite her tongue.

Cotton Rawls was nominated for 1st vice chair and was elected by acclimation.

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Allen Mitchell nominated former Edgecombe County chair Genoetre Penny-Boone for 2nd vice chair. Higgs stood up and said that again he want to speak to the issue of the officers being within elbow reach.

Bennett Taylor was also nominated for 2nd vice.

Penny-Boone read her information that she had passed out during the convention stating her qualifications.

Bennett Taylor has served as the 3rd vice chair and he said he would like to continue to move the district forward.

Penny-Boone received 341 votes and Taylor 105 votes.

Rawls was given the opportunity to come up and he thanked the Dems for electing him as 1st vice.

Ann Huggins said she wanted to nominate the youngest person in the audience today, Dennis Mitchell as the 3rd Vice Chair. Mitchell was elected by acclimation.

Mitchell thanked everyone. He said we do not know who will be our next Senator but it will not be Richard Burr.

Mayor Fred Yates said he nominate another young person, Makyla Morris for secretary. She was elected by acclimation.

Morris thanked everyone and said she was already taking notes. She said she wanted to bring the district closer together and she was ready to kick some butt.

Higgs said that being the other officers were mostly black he nominated Pauline Webster. Yates nominated Bennett Taylor.

Webster said she retired after 25 years as a bookkeeper for the state of NC. She worked as a congressional aide for 7 years.

Taylor said he has been knowing Webster for years and he felt she would do a good job so he was resigning.

This concluded the election.

Higgs had food prepared. Wonder who donated that?

There were only about 9 delegates from Edgecombe County and the only elected official present was my Sheriff James L. Knight. It is funny how when other folks were in charge of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party they always attended the convention.

Folks I say that to say this, race matters and always will.