In Response To Gwen Wilkins “Racism not to blame for state auditor’s report”

From this piece of work to a piece of ….. First of all I have not defended Councilman Andre Knight so I guess you ain’t talking about me but just in case you are, yes the audit was pushed by some Rocky Mount Special Cs and their lovers some Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk. However Councilmembers Chris Miller and Tj Walker said they received calls from around 200 folk. TJ said he received calls from someone as far as Florida and he felt threatened for him and his family because of Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson telling lies that they refused to attend his Special Called Meeting. They told him to call all the media outlets and get it corrected.

Damn you want to bring up the election last October because he was a candidate but damn you fail to forget that Beth Wood NC State Auditor had an election coming up in March of this year so could it not have been said the same thing that she wanted to wait until after the primary this year? Some of us felt that was what she was waiting on.

Detailed audit? Hell with all them hours it should be detailed but as detailed as you say it was, well we will see how the agencies respond.

Oh so Rep. Shell Willingham and former Rep. Angela Bryant can’t have an opinion about the audit but you can? Damn ain’t your ass special!

Anyone that do not think there is no conversation between Beth and some of these Rocky Mount Special Cs are unconscious. Hell J. Keith Harris posted him taking a photo on Jones Street saying he is at Beth’s office.

Ignant ass save Rocky Mount from what humiliation? What has been proven is how Councilmembers Chris Miller and TJ Walker showed how Mayor Sandy Claus Roberson lied on the council and especially them saying they refused to attend a meeting. Sandy Claus even did a photo with a Police Sgt. trying to intimidate councilmembers to attend his special called meeting. They showed that ass that he has no power.

They showed that ass they won’t signing that b.s. that Councilman Lige Daughtridge Community Council because they recognize and understand they took and oath of office when they were sworn in.

Just had a flashback. I remember when you were mad with Lige and when we were calling each other I recall you telling me that you looked up Lige and his real name was Elijah Lige Daughtridge. Then I started calling him by that name for a short time.

Andre showed Mayor Sandy Claus and Lige he was not going to resign. Who in the hell does that especially before the agencies respond? Damn the last time I checked a person has their rights until they are taking away from them for a cause so why would someone give up their rights until proven guilty and reprimanded. You are really pa the hell thetic!

How damn ignant to say businesses ain’t coming to Rocky Mount. We shall see!

I am tickled to death because you know how politics work after serving in the local Democratic Party, after serving as the 1st Congressional District Democratic Party Chair and serving as 1st Vice Chair on the NC State Democratic Party until they kicked your ass out. You have been mad as hell every since I witnessed and videoed it. You even asked me to write a letter to editor about how they treated you at the last meeting you served. I did not because you had played games within the party however I didn’t like they way they mistreated you on that day by not allowing you to carry out the meeting as your position called you to do.

Gwen tell us about the $47,704 that was written off. matter of fact show it to us.

As far as having double utility bills soon, if folk didn’t use their $1200 and some even got more to pay their bills and/or saved to pay future bills, then that is a “they” problem.

Damn you don’t get to choose if the City Manager has to pay the money back you wanted to be appointed to the council and because Andre and Reuben didn’t support your ass you are still mad. You ran during election time and your ass lost so get the hell over it. Richard Joyner was the winner!

Someone even mentioned that Andre Knight was “voted in” by the voters of Ward 1 and to “get over it.” Well, truth be told, they voted him in not knowing he had not paid over $47,000 in utility bills in years. This was hidden from the good people of Ward 1, hidden from his supporters who stood at the polls for him, hidden from those who contributed money to his campaign … and it was hidden from the citizens of Rocky Mount.

Damn you say,Someone even mentioned that Andre Knight was “voted in” by the voters of Ward 1 and to “get over it.” Well, truth be told, they voted him in not knowing he had not paid over $47,000 in utility bills in years. This was hidden from the good people of Ward 1, hidden from his supporters who stood at the polls for him, hidden from those who contributed money to his campaign … and it was hidden from the citizens of Rocky Mount.” SMDH!

He does need to resign and spare Ward 1 and the city further embarrassment and humiliation. Council members who sit by and do not stand up to this flagrant disregard of misuse of public funds for fear of losing a political seat or their job should seriously rethink their purpose. “No man can serve two masters”… Matthew 6:24.

Wow! You say,He does need to resign and spare Ward 1 and the city further embarrassment and humiliation. Council members who sit by and do not stand up to this flagrant disregard of misuse of public funds for fear of losing a political seat or their job should seriously rethink their purpose. “No man can serve two masters”… Matthew 6:24.”

Damn you are big mad!

You need to keep that scripture on your forehead because you use your nationality to be Caucasian, Black and other depending on who you are around.

You say, “Your silence is acceptance. Fix it!”

You are LOUD but you started out saying it was about racism before you got mad with “us” because we didn’t support you for the seat that Councilman Richard Joyner was appointed to and recently was voted in.

So you are the PERFECT one but obviously you got a wake up call.

Ignorance is bliss!

Now Run & Tell That! Gwen Wilkins


Curmilus Butch Dancy II 2020

Gwen Wilkins Letter To Editor Calling Out Acn Insignificant Blogger Makes No Sense

Read Gwen Wilkins “Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision response to me The Insignificant Blogger and see did she come up with all of that mess. We talked when she was working the appointment of Bobbie Richardson asking me about who to contact in Edgecombe County. We talked when Richard Joyner was up for and during the appointment last year. We used to be Facebook friends until she blocked me. We have talked about much politics over the years. But a letter to the editor though! Really!

I know more about Gwen than she thinks I know.

I don’t know what she is talking about because I am talking about what happened in 2014 when she was the State Democratic Party 1st Vice Chair. She knew what I was talking about because she asked me to write a letter to the editor about what happened in Greensboro in 2014.

The Special C Want a Be said I didn’t know her. What a lie been knowing her for years. I have her contact numbers. I would have some text messages but I got a new phone.

It is really sad that this Special C Want a Be has come to this.

I am The Insignificant Blogger and I stand behind this message.

Letter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: This crazy woman is talking out of her mind because I was have no clue of what she is talking about. I was not talking about being voted off the State Executive Committee recently and was talking about several years ago when we were up in Greensboro when she was the 1st Vice Chair and the Chair had resigned his post. I videoed the meeting and when we came back to Rocky Mount she wanted me to write a letter to the editor on her behalf. I have no clue of what this crazy ass woman is talking about her endorsing Sandy Claus Roberson after her ignant ass lost against Richard Joyner. Hell we already knew she had endorsed Sandy Claus but she did it publicly after she lost. It is obvious he has some of these damn Safe Black Folk out of their minds. It is sad she is mad and a confused want a be Special C has made a damn fool of herself over this election. Since she has been bought I wonder what is she selling? What Sandy Claus need to understand that the Safe Black Folk like Gwen Wilkins is INSIGNIFANCT when it comes to the Black Community. Now Run & Tell That The Political Agitator Said That!

Gwen you know what the hell I was talking about and I could have posted the following but I didn’t. Now this is what I am referring to since you have a serious case of CRMS! This was 2014 Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

On Oct. 23, I made the decision to endorse and support Sandy Roberson for mayor of Rocky Mount. This decision was a no-brainer. I could not think of any reason not to.

As we all know, this is a non-partisan election. With that in mind and the thought of having our city fall into the hands of the other candidate, let me know I was making the right decision.

Now let me set the record straight. An insignificant blogger made the untruthful statement that I was voted off the State Executive Committee, presumably because of my endorsement. Shaking my head, indeed. I was not voted off, nor was I asked to resign from the State Executive Committee, and there was nothing requiring me to do so in the Democratic Party Plan of Organization as, again, this is a non-partisan race.

However, I decided of my own volition, to resign and submitted that resignation to the county party on Oct. 22. at a county executive committee meeting. It is called “integrity.”

It is so sad when some people have to resort to lies to feel important and make others think they are “in the know.” He has posted in the past that he “knows Gwen Wilkins.” He knows nothing about Gwen Wilkins. Those who believe any and everything this blogger posts should really rethink their sources of information.

Nope. I had no reservations whatsoever when endorsing Sandy Roberson. I weighed what I thought was best for Rocky Mount as to whether or not to do what I could to not let the face of our city be that of someone, in my opinion, that fosters racial division and will not be a good representative for our city.

You see, I rode over to 1611 Hargrove St. back in May of this year when I first announced my run to represent Ward 3 on the City Council, as Hargrove Street is in Ward 3. It was obvious to me 1611 was vacant, even back in May. When I asked candidate Bronson Williams about it, he gave me the same story, “I am having work done on it.” There was no work permit posted, the windows were raised, lights not on and it was apparent it was empty, abandoned and uninhabitable.

We need a mayor that has the tenacity and insight to move our city forward and represent all of Rocky Mount. Party does not matter in this election. Race should not matter in any election. Integrity does.

Gwen Wilkins

Rocky Mount

See original articleLetter to the Editor: Social media rumors distort facts behind decision

Rocky Mount NC – Ballots Floating Around & Gwen Wilkins A Former State Democratic Party Chair Said That Anyone Can Make Ballot

Gwen Wilkins a Democrat said anyone can create a ballot. The ballot was created by the Board of Elections. It is illegal to manipulate a ballot without stating who are responsible for marking up the ballot. Gwen to have been former 1st Congressional District Chair and State 1st Vice Chair, this let me know she is willing to go against Voter Integrity just because she is a candidate trying to unseat Richard Joyner and because she is mad with Bronson Williams, Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell and Richard Joyner.

This ballot was created by The Street Team. It is featuring 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans. Who in the hell is The Street Team? What campaign committee or political pac is responsible for this?


The following is a ballot that has not been manipulated at the top where it tell you how to fill it out. The above ballot removed that part and inserted their own information. The ballot below states who are responsible for the slate of names chosen.


Wilkins to seek Ward 3 seat – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Political Agitator’s response: I just read yesterday when Gwen was supporting the car wash being sponsored by Love Rocky Mount because obviously she thought they were going to accept her. After reading this article this morning I was waiting to see what kind of responses she will receive in the comments. Well I just received a screenshot of what they are saying about her on a page that I have been blocked. I wonder will she send that check now after seeing how her shouting out acting like them at the Rocky Mount City Council meetings supporting them don’t mean a damn thing because she is not the Johnny Cunningham kind a black. I figured when she unfriended me recently that she was up to something and didn’t want folk to see what I have to say about her because I tag her when I make a comment about her and it shows up on her page. Folk are ignant to that fact that folk follow my page even those who unfriend me because they can follow me until I block them from being able to see my page because my page is Public.

Gwen Wilkins has done just about everything in local politics except run for office.

That’s about to change as she plans to file for Ward 3 on the Rocky Mount City Council.

Wilkins has held several leadership positions in the Democratic Party at the national, state and local levels, including chairwoman of the 1st Congressional District, 1st vice chairwoman of the state party and chairwoman of the Nash County party. She served on the state MLK commissions for the city and state as well as the city’s Utility Review Board.

Wilkins committed to not taking a leadership position in her party at this year’s county and district conventions and said she will not hold a leadership position during her tenure if elected to the Ward 3 seat in October. (Read more)




See Gwen comments at the end of this article about the Car Wash LMBAO!

Car wash to fund beach trip See Gwen Comments

Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

A couple of days ago I received a call asking me had I read your comment in the Rocky Mount Telegram as it relates to the “Chavis choice worried some Democrats.” I had not.

After reading the following I had a flashback to the last State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting that I attended as a proxy member with voting privileges when I witnessed Nina Szlosberg and her well organized crew (on the SEC) defeated you as you were the 1st Vice Chair. They (within the party elites) didn’t even want you to carry out the meeting because the chair had resigned his post. I felt they had no respect for you and I voiced my opinion about that situation. Damn Szlosberg resigned last year shortly after defeating you because she had an issue with the newly elected Chairman Randy Voller that was elected during the meeting that you were defeated. Remember I said along with some others that her campaign platform seemed as if she should had been seeking the seat that Voller was seeking. Well in my opinion it was all about removing you.

So now I am having a hard time trying to comprehend how you would state your opinion about how you felt about Dr. Chavis when you in my opinion were lynched. During that SEC meeting, some of the SEC members were very rude to you and you had to fight them while continuing to carry out the meeting. Another one of those meetings I videoed and post on my blog.

But back to your comments about Dr. Chavis, “Hiring Chavis “just wasn’t a good fit for the Democratic Party,” said Gwen Wilkins of Rocky Mount, a council member and Voller supporter. Wilkins said that while “Chavis may know politics and civil rights … he did not know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party.” I would like to know how did you come to that opinion?

Hell you were the 1st Vice Chair and they felt you wasn’t a good fit for whatever reason, however I feel the reason was they didn’t want to see a black woman in the position in which you would be the acting chair whenever the chair was not present or if he/she should step down and/or was removed for whatever reason.

I received a call on yesterday from someone from another county who wanted to know did I have your phone number. They went on to tell me what they wanted. They said they wondered would you be interested in the position of the State Executive Director. I said but are you familiar with how you lost your post as the 1st Vice Chair because of the SEC members? After I shared what happened, they said they remembered. I said so if they didn’t want you as the 1st Vice Chair, why would I waste my time worrying about them hiring you as the E.D. I said it would never happen. I said and some folks are probably mad as hell about your comment about Dr. Chavis. Hell some things are better kept yourself until you get in a position to be able to respond. I asked the person did they want to the number if I got it for them and they said no, I trust in what you just shared because it makes sense.

After sharing my conversation with some others at different times they said maybe your response is because you may be interested in the E.D. position. I said I had not thought about that and that they may be on to something.

I hope you don’t forget who make up the SEC and what is really going on with the State NCDP because I know you know. But maybe you have forgotten, don’t care or in denial. But whatever, you better recognize that when it comes to certain folks, it will not matter how much experience one may have, certain folks will never be good enough.

As it relates to Dr. Chavis my opinion of him serving as my E.D. I don’t need to waste my time on that matter since Chairman Voller didn’t submit his name. What I will say is that I do believe that since he has served as the National Director of the NAACP that he is qualified to hold an E.D. position in just about any organization. But that is just my ignant ass opinion. I do agree that he damn sure don’t know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party but I bet you he would find out shortly if he was given the opportunity to serve at any capacity on the state level. Hell he may have resigned himself after seeing what he would had to deal with.

I have been challenging folks on Social Media who have been attempting to discredit Dr. Chavis by publicly lynching him dating back to 1994 over something that they are basing their opinion on because they are not acting on facts.

I know Dr. Chavis on a personal note when II  first met him when he served as the National Executive Director of the NAACP when he came to Greenville NC for our NC NAACP State Convention in 1993. I remember so well because it was he and the NAACP that got Allen Iverson was locked and was to spend years in prison because of a fight in a bowling alley but the white boys didn’t get any time. Iverson was about to finish high school and was getting ready to go to the NBA so they were determined to keep him out.

My friend please don’t get caught up in the SEC issues by helping those folks to discredit folks even yourself because they don’t want to see certain folks in high positions.

Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Chavis choice worried some Democrats

RALEIGH — The planned hiring of a long-term executive director for the North Carolina Democratic Party has been delayed as both allies and critics of Chairman Randy Voller expressed concern about his early choice of former national NAACP leader Benjamin Chavis.

Voller canceled a Wednesday news conference in Raleigh to announce his pick to run the party’s day-to-day operations. Voller said in an interview the event at state party headquarters was delayed partly by weather. But Voller also appears to have pulled back on naming Chavis to the post that became vacant last weekend with Voller’s firing of executive director Robert Dempsey.

Voller didn’t seek the approval of Chavis as executive director from the party’s 51-member executive board during an unwieldy conference call Tuesday night. Instead, a divided board agreed to hire Voller ally Casey Mann as interim director and meet within 30 days on a permanent replacement. (Source: Read more)