Bush Calls for Unity. Trump Attacks Bush. And Then a Host of Others.

The Political Agitator’s response: Now if those Die Hard Ignant Racist Republican Special Cs would call Trump on his mess the world could move forward and fight the pandemic along with other mess. But nope they will die and go to hell before they have a change of heart and admit that he is not the guy however he is their guy.

President Trump did not welcome a video by former President George W. Bush appealing for national solidarity in the face of a pandemic, and he made clear that such unity was not on his agenda.

WASHINGTON — President Trump had a quick reaction on Sunday after former President George W. Bush called for national unity. He attacked Mr. Bush.

National unity, Mr. Trump made clear, was not on his agenda for the day, even as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the country passed 67,000 and tens of millions of out-of-work Americans struggled to get by.

Amid the death and devastation, the president was busy not only assailing Mr. Bush but another predecessor as well, embracing a fringe conspiracy theory to accuse former President Barack Obama of masterminding a “hoax” to take him down. Mr. Trump also attacked a prominent Democratic congressman, denigrated the news media and threatened to withhold aid to states hard hit by the virus unless they bowed to his demands on immigration policy.

Then he planned to end his day with . . . (Read more)