Videoing And Taking Photos During Funerals Is Something I Do On A Regular And Don’t Get Paid

I have been videoing visitations/funerals since the late 90’s and I have cried right along with the families.

Folk ask why do I video funerals and they wouldn’t want a video of a funeral. But what folk don’t understand the videos/photos are good for the reasons are as follows.

On the day of the funeral you are grieving so therefore you more than likely will not remember what goes on such as the songs, the remarks and the eulogy. When you go back and look at the videos/photos it helps bring some closure because you see folk that you do not remember seeing, you get to listen to the good singing, the remarks and the message from the Reverend that bring forth the message.

The past 3 weeks I have videoed visitations/funerals and I have a visitation/funeral today and tomorrow. I have received calls about doing funerals but I have to turn them down and YouTube pages whereby folk who may not been able to attend can see it.

The best thing about capturing visitations/funerals on video/photos is not only does it help bring closure to losing that love one, family or friend but the family can pass the documents on from generation to generation. So many times folk do not come to a family reunion but the majority of the time the majority of the family come to a family.

If you are one who have have not considered documenting a funeral I highly suggest that you rethink doing so because you will be glad that you did.

If I have ever videoed a visitation/funeral for you please share with other how the videos/photos have helped you. I have had several folk to tell me if they should die before me that they want me to video their services.

My time, services and the use of my equipment, gas and sometimes food expense comes with a price so that is why I ask for donations on my Social Media Pages.

I am seeking donations to continue to do what I do because I do have personal expenses as equipment, software upgrades, internet service, light bill, car insurance and other that is correlated to what I do.

I try to deliver the video/photos to the family on the same day or by the next day.

How to donate can be found in the following link: Send All Donations To The DCN News Blog Online TV Through PayPal Or Other

Funerals I Don’t Look At Obituaries And Just Go Video Funerals

Funny somebody asked me today did I record “Fireball” funeral. I said I didn’t know him like that, seen him from time to time and didn’t know his family. They said I thought you video funerals like that. I said I don’t go around videoing folk funeral that is a personal thing. I said I video folk funeral that I know after we have talked about it unless I get a call and we work out something.

Moral of this story, I don’t just read obituaries and go to funerals like some folk do go just to be nosey and to eat. Even when I video funerals I don’t eat.

Now forward this!