Family, Friends, Associates And Other

If you see me and I am acting differently around you know that after the graduation mess that has tore up this county and seeing how you have ignored the facts that have been presented before you, I am going to act some kind of way around you. Don’t get it twisted I am not saying I want you to agree with me on anything but to only agree on the facts as presented. Not my facts.

I am fitting ready to take my social media pages to a new level.

But don’t forget that I didn’t just start doing what I do yesterday!



This Is What I Do, For Folks Who Ask What I Do

Left home for Rocky Mount 6:30 AM this morning, worked til 11:00 AM. Got car cleaned up in Rocky Mount. Back to Pinetops to video a funeral by 1:00 PM. Back to Rocky Mount to grave yard. Back to Pinetops to pick up son and 2 of his friends to take them back to Rocky Mount to the movies. Wife and I ate at Western Sizzlin.

Two points.

Point one:

Worked 4 hours missed out on 4 hours at time an a half. Video funerals for free so got to love what I do because I could have been making money.

Point two:

And folks who have an issue when I speak out about Rocky Mount. Hell this is where I have worked for the past 27 Years. I spend much money in Rocky Mount so I will continue to voice my opinion about Rocky Mount the places, the government, the people and etc.

I have family, friends and enemies in Rocky Mount and I love all of them and it ain’t nothing they can do about it. Yep I said it I fight for my enemies too because either they don’t know, don’t care or in denial when it comes to what I do that they also benefit.

So get the hell over it when I speak out about Rocky Mount and anywhere because I have earned the right to have a voice whether you like it or not.

Now these boys at the mall like I don’t have to go to work in the morning. SMDH!

But do you know they talking about going to mall to eat and back to movies? Not!

And daughter in Durham asking me to put money in her account for gas and food.

Okay what a day!

Fitting ready to go to the house and shut it down. What? Got to put funeral on DVD and photos on CD.

Oh well!

And folks say I am trying to make a name for myself when every weekend I am giving of myself and folks have the nerve to ask what am I doing. Since you follow me on Facebook you ought to know.

Now Run and Tell That!