NAACP to hold annual awareness banquet – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Rocky Mount branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is set to hold the organization’s annual event aimed to keep the community aware of pressing social, political and civil issues, while also recognizing several local minority trailblazers who have made a positive difference in the community within the areas of civil rights and civic engagement.

Andre Knight, president of the Rocky Mount NAACP branch, said the annual Freedom Fund Banquet also will incorporate the local branch’s combine the traditional Image Awards. While the event generally has been held at the Imperial Centre for the Arts & Sciences, this year it has been moved to accommodate an anticipated larger crowd at Greater Joy Baptist Church on Nashville Road. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Greenville NC – Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II put it down at the Pitt County NAACP Banquet last night. Powerful!


In this picture Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II President NAACP NC State Conference of Branches/National Board Member/Pastor Greenleaf Baptist Church/President of Broken Places CDC. Click on picture to view more pictures.

I thought I would see Jeff Savage there taking pictures. Not! He has issues with the NAACP, President Barack Obama and certain folks. Hell I have a problem with certain black folks too but I still go around them to certain events just to see them come out as if they are all about what is good and right.

Been trying to figure where Jeff is coming from promoting Republicans. I think I have figured him out.

Damn he says Obamacare is pushed on people but it is of my opinion that he wants religion forced on others by a recent comment about  teacher must been a liberal Democrat because of a comment that was made. It is my opinion that Jeff is trying to appease certain folks maybe white folks that he wants to be accepted by (Republicans). Maybe the Republican Governor will give him a job. LMBAO!

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II put it down in Jeff’s town last night during the Pitt County NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet when he talked about being invited to Mitchell County in the mountains of NC where the people there are 85% Republicans and White. They wanted to join the civil rights movement because they said the NC General Assembly don’t care about them. This piece of his speech about how he was invited to and what they shared with him in Mitchell County was very powerful!

I am glad I showed up at the banquet last night to capture this history on video/pictures. I was the only one there who was set up videoing however someone else may have videoed from their seats. Capturing events like this just via pictures is not enough because the real message is in the video and it must be shared with those who did not attend and for those who did to serve as a reminder to them. Also these types of messages need to be recorded in history so the next generation can see the fight that those before them had to fight. In order to move forward one must know from whence their forefathers came.

The struggle continues!

Video coming soon so stay tuned!