Social Networking Forum Sexting Sponsored by Tarboro Police Department Thursday March 27, 2014

I along with my son attended the social networking forum. It was a powerful presentation by the different resources that were participants in bringing about awareness. The shock of the night for me was my son stood up and wanted to share something.

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Rocky Mount NC – Prayer Vigil, Forum, Prayer March Now What?

If we say we are fed up and enough is enough, then for those who are able financially, when are we going to step up to the plate and adopt a family, a child and etc.? We all know some children in the community who needs some love.

Want to make the world a better place? When churches, organizations, individuals and others stop talking and take the time out to hear what the children have to say then we can move forward. If after hearing what the children have to say and if churches, organizations, individuals and others do not attempt to adopt a family or child then we will continue to have the same issues while we pray and march.

If we think that just meeting to talk about there are resources out there such as mentors, after school programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other is enough, then we are ignant as hell. I don’t think none of the resources I named comes with a financial piece. Meeting the needs of some children who may not have food on the table, don’t ever get out of their zone that they are used to such as going places they have never been and/or the lack of love in the home can not be left out.

It is my opinion that until we identify the children/families in our communities that need help and approach them, then the community will continue to stay right where we are. Also by adopting a family, a child and etc. our actions will speak for itself.

When we get to the root cause, then we can put an action plan in place.

Just my ignant opinion.

Note: And I don’t mean actually legally adopting a family or children going through paperwork. I am just talking about helping a family or child out short term or long term and when you have exhausted your means maybe someone else could step up. Or just maybe more than one person can step up at the same time. Sort of like adopting a family or child during Christmas time.