Fighting Crime & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Is This Your Agenda? City Council candidate: Keep town as white ‘as possible’

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Chris Sifford shared a post on my page that a friend of his shared with him. I have never met Chris in person but I love that guy because he speak out on issues. Fighting Crime shared the post from my page and Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson has been trying to link that Black Agenda to Rocky Mount when these folk don’t even know Chris nor the author of the agenda. Hell I love it! I will not be Silent and/or Apologetic for being Black and standing up for my Black A . . .

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(CNN)A woman running for a city council in Michigan said she wants a “white community as much as possible.”

Jean Cramer’s racist answer came at a forum Thursday to a question about bringing more diversity to Marysville, which is 95% white.

Other candidates gasped at her words, as heard in a recording posted on the website of radio station WPHM.

Asked by the moderator if the community diversity needed to be addressed, perhaps by attracting foreign-born citizens, Cramer said: “My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”


Rocky Mount NC – The Rocky Mount Telegram, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV & The Community Council Do They Really Care About Unifying Rocky Mount Or Do They Just Want Black Folk To Sit Down And Shut Up?

The system is set up so that black folk are scared to speak out even when they are hurting. When you hurt me I am going to let you know. When you hurt other folk and I can see for myself what is going on, I hurt then too. I refuse to be silent on issues that affect folk as a whole.

I look at all of these media outlets and social media sites how they single out certain folk. But most of all I look at the comments and who are not afraid to speak out. Them white folk ain’t scared.

Look at what black folk being speaking out about on social media. Just damn scared until it hit home.

Right now there are 2 things going on on social media that is dear to me, I said to me because I know some of the folk or have been contacted by some of the folk.

In Sharpsburg there is discussion on 252 Hoodnews about black folk (women/young folk) cars being towed that don’t need to be towed when the Sharpsburg Police Department call a local wrecker to get the cars. If the folk don’t pay the money to get cars back they get to sell them. I have been told and it has been stated that when the folk ask to let their cars sit there and they come back to get it or to request to call their own wrecker, they have been denied.

Today in the paper and all those I named above are going after Councilman Andre Knight. Look at the comments who are saying what. Black folk are scared to comment.

Now I understand some black folk are scared to comment because they are scared of retaliation. Well just know that when your time comes, you may need some folk to help you while you were silent while it was happening to others.

This pisses me the hell off because I refuse to be silent. I can’t understand how folk sit back and allow injustice to take place and say nothing.

I will not sit down and shut up even if you come after me. I will stand until the end.

I ain’t mad with nobody, however I will not allow you to promote mess that ain’t right. Tell the whole story!

Black Folks And Folks That Can Think For Themselves Don’t Allow Fighting Crime & Cleaning Up Rocky Mount And WHIG-TV Mislead You

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount asked the following question on their facebook page: “How many of my fighting crime family members are going to the CITY COUNCIL MEETING TODAY at 4pm. Let’s be seen and heard!”

Last night I posted the following: City to consider $355,000 grant for Nutkao – Rocky Mount Telegram. During the Rocky Mount City Council monthly meeting held on the 2nd Monday, Lige Daughtridge President of the Community Council came to tell the Rocky Mount City Council that they didn’t need to build an event center and it was not on the agenda. So today the RM City Council will hold their monthly committee of the whole meeting at 2:00 PM and their monthly meeting held at 4:00 PM on the 4th Monday. So will WHIG-TV and Lige President of the Community Council show up to talk about the event center again? I wouldn’t doubt it because Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount has a petition asking Mayor Pro-tem Knight to step down and/or asking for signatures to get him removed. Well that is too ignant because Knight is not going to step down and the signatures can’t remove him so FCCRM is misleading folks, which is criminal in my opinion. The very group who is reporting crime is promoting criminal activity in my opinion because in my opinion they are a prime target for defamation of character when they have a petition saying that Knight do not live in Ward 1. Knight won a lawsuit against Edgecombe County because of Roosevelt Higgs and the Edgecombe County Board of Elections tried to remove him.

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