Fighting Crime & Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Is This Your Agenda? City Council candidate: Keep town as white ‘as possible’

The Political Agitator’s response: Damn Chris Sifford shared a post on my page that a friend of his shared with him. I have never met Chris in person but I love that guy because he speak out on issues. Fighting Crime shared the post from my page and Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson has been trying to link that Black Agenda to Rocky Mount when these folk don’t even know Chris nor the author of the agenda. Hell I love it! I will not be Silent and/or Apologetic for being Black and standing up for my Black A . . .

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(CNN)A woman running for a city council in Michigan said she wants a “white community as much as possible.”

Jean Cramer’s racist answer came at a forum Thursday to a question about bringing more diversity to Marysville, which is 95% white.

Other candidates gasped at her words, as heard in a recording posted on the website of radio station WPHM.

Asked by the moderator if the community diversity needed to be addressed, perhaps by attracting foreign-born citizens, Cramer said: “My suggestion, recommendation: Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible.”


Albert Preston Holmes Talking About Me Over There On Fighting Crime LMBAO!

My resources keep me informed! Fighting Crime blocked me a couple of years ago because I called them out. I can read their mess but can’t comment so I don’t go over there unless somebody send me something to check out. Wow! I made the cut they talking bout me over there. I am going to tell my daddy they talking about me.

Oh I am loving it, I am the man!

These racists are mad!

The following they talking about my article in the Rocky Mount Telegram: Letter to the Edior: Rocky Mount is making great progress Damn good article!


Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC – Confirmation I Told You They Didn’t Work With Law Enforcement, They Have Damn Scanner Just Like I Do!

The Political Agitator: I said Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook page  didn’t work with Law Enforcement so this is a confirmation. The blocked me from being able to comment on their page.

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC said:

I have gotten SEVERAL inboxes and questions around this – at this time I do not have any further information – If anyone can enlighten me please let me know –

Do you have any info on a fight at the Holiday Inn Express early this morning? I herd one of the people involved in the incident was a off-duty RMPO who was intoxicated and if not him the group he was with started the altercation. If you have any info the public would greatly appreciate it if you shared it, thanks and keep doing what you do

Somebody responded: I thought you worked close to RMPO why don’t you have this info???

Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Working on information

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting 

Fighting Crime

Damn I Have Been Blocked From Yet Another Facebook Friend’s Page Wilsonian Voices Hosted By Zette McArn Wilson NC

Folks when you try to discredit me you better have your s… together because I am ready! Think I ain’t just check out this post.

The Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC blocked me a couple of months ago from being able to comment on their page because I spoke truth to power. I responded to them because they were attacking, posting and allowing others to post misleading information about Rocky Mount Councilman Mayor Pro-tem/President NAACP Rocky Mount Branch, the Honorable Andre Knight. I responded to a person that commented on a post and said that ain’t right and I also posted that this page is not doing anything that I and someone else could not do. I said they listen to a scanner and report crime. I said hell I been listening to my scanner since the 80’s and I could do the same but that ain’t what I do. I said hell I am glad they do it because I don’t have to do it.

Recently I have been receiving information that the owner of the page is a (white) bailbondswoman and they are using to the page to get folks to help them find their customers. I believe it because although they blocked me from commenting on their page, I can still read it. Folks just check out the content. For the record I ain’t mad with them because I don’t have to post on their page to do what I do. What I hope they recognize and understand that my work still continues.

Yesterday I found out that my Facebook friend Zette McArn has blocked me from her page. Not only did she block me from that page but she blocked me from her other page, Wilsonian Voices. Why? Because she is supporting Attorney Mark Bibbs and I am supporting Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield for the NC House 24 race. Farmer-Butterfield is the incumbent. Damn I thought we were friends and that we could agree to disagree on politics but I see not so. Again hell I still ain’t mad with her.

This is when it began.

March 1st, 5:04pm

What in the world? Bibbs and Jean?


My response: So you supporting Bibbs?

Party POO does not allow for officers to do so.

And you’re asking because …? George fisher asked you to?

My response: Have not talked to George. It looked like he called him a drunk in his post.

He did.

My response: George forgets the lesson of people paying their dues and the lessons of forgiveness.

Jean’s record is a reflection of her work in Raleigh. Some agree. Some don’t.

My response: Oh a while back I thought he was going to support Bibbs.

No – he’s come at Mark fullblast

My response: Oh

He and I had an exchange a few weeks back about the matter.

My response: Didn’t know that..

I told him the bottomline are the folks in her district and it appears to be …HE IS NOT.

My response: Ok


You see where Asa’s Mom is running?

OR did u know aLREADY

My response: Asa told me don’t know his mom.

running against Susan Martin


My response: Don’t know her either

So are you a Farmer-Butterfield backer too?

My response: gonna deal with those in my district for now

wise decision

George should do the same…just sharing.

My response: Well I am not limited to my district nor is George. Plus he is a blogger.

March 3rd, 7:29am

No one said you were… An opinion shared. I TOO am not limited and DON’T MIND WHEN I HAVE TO.

Shalom. Come what may.

March 3rd, 8:35am

Responding to your wise decision and George should do the same. All is well!

so be it

April 5th, 8:08pm

wrong forum …thot he was in the Dem. Yeah I removed it…Deb won’t like it

April 6th, 12:09am

My response: Your messages to Deb ain’t you suppose to be responding to her on NC Democrats for a New Way? Wilsonian Voices So can you answer Deb’s question? Who did Baby Burr run against tthat year?


My response: I was trying to see who Deb was and I seen where you were responding to a question she asked on the other page.

Ohhhhh… did I flip my pages again??? Let me look

My response: Yep!

Dunno about your request to talk about NC HD 24 race. I don’t know what’s going on in Edgecombe County enough to share commentary. Besides, you and I sparred enough already within the last 24 – you gonna make my blood pressure rise and that ain’t good for me. Besides two against one ain’t never been fair!

And then around 2 weeks ago Zette got pissed because I posted something and she said I didn’t intimidate folks in Wilson. I said I don’t go around attempting to intimidate folks. I said I say what I mean and mean what I say and I have no control over how people receive it. I thought we had got past the bullmanure but I see not.

Now some of the most recent conversation around 2 days ago:

Ooops! THERE IT IS !!!


Are you ready to vote?

Beth Plus, don’t tell me what is bad about your opponent.

2 hrs · Like · 1


Wilsonian Voices Ahhhh, THAT’S A GREAT ONE Beth! It!

1 hr · Like · 1


Curmilus Butch Dancy II Beth and why not! LOL! Some may not know why the opponent is bad.
So does that apply to opponents of another party too? SMDH!

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George Fisher Hmm…"don’t tell me what is BAD about your opponent. Ready, is that right. So, I can save this post and come May 7th when we go after the Teapublican NC GOP–I can pull this out and say…Oops…Sorry folks, we’re not gonna tell you what’s wrong with the GOP…cause that would be wrong. Please.

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Top of Form

  • clip_image009

Wilsonian Voices George Fisher & Curmilus Dancy, your comments here reflect an eagerness to find fault with other’s opinions with the intent to ridicule and exert your self imposed ‘righteous indignation’. LET ME BE CLEAR, that is not the intent of this forum. Your comments come across as negative, insinuating & insulting.
Friends of this Community Forum are ENCOURAGED & WELCOMED to share their
opinions as well WITHOUT BEING demeaned and/ or BELITTLED by the two of you every time they post. I don’t want anyone deciding not to share their thoughts on Wilsonian Voices because they don’t want to be badgered by what the two of you have to say. That’s WRONG & RUDE.
There has NEVER BEEN a time when this forum has left such on your forums. I ask that you refrain from doing it on mine.
It would be appreciated if you kept that in mind for future reference.

57 mins · Edited · Like

  • clip_image006[1]

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Zette McArn I will not debate your opinion however what I will do is remind you that I say what I mean and mean what I say. I can’t help how one receive the message but if they have any doubt I am the one to ask and not you. I do a damn good job of speaking for myself.
Oh because we had a conversation about the NC House 24 District seat and you don’t want the incumbent and you don’t want me to talk about the race, you better get the hell over it.
So you can post what you want but I can’t post what I want when it comes to my take on POLITICS and any issue. I ain’t the one so don’t go there.
Self imposed ‘righteous indignation’? Call it what you want cause frankly I don’t give a damn because I know who I am and whose I am. I am The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it inspite of you saying I don’t intimidate folks in Wilson, don’t know why you said that recently but that is okay because I responded to that too.
Intent of your forum? Really?
Oh now that I don’t agree with you because you are supporting Attorney Mark Bibbs and I am stating the facts, you see me differently from when you asked me to video and to support you when they got rid of you in the AAC.
Just like I told your friend a couple of days ago, I will not be apologetic for speaking the truth although you call my comments negative, insinuating & insulting.
Oh so I am demeaning and belittling others for giving my opinion that you have a problem with? SMDH! I remember recently after a post on your page I just posted SMDH! but no you asked me what was I shaking my damn head about so obviously you wanted to know in case if you agreed with me? LMBAO!
Who have I badgerd? Wrong and rude? LMBAO!
So in other words you are saying don’t comment unless I agree with you? Well if you have a problem with my comments, remove me so others can only hear your side where you are posting little things and some even in codes. LMBAO!
Until you unfriend me, then I will continue to comment speaking truth to power.
Obviously you don’t remember, in denial or simply just don’t give a damn when it comes to one of my favorite quotes: "I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!"
Now Run and Tell That!
I am glad to know that you have a problem with me because again we had a conversation about the House 24 Seat.
You have a blessed day!
I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

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  • clip_image009[1]

Wilsonian Voices THIS IS AN EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of the aforementioned.

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  • clip_image006[2]

Write a comment…

Wilsonian Voices shared mytime2vote‘s photo.

There was much more conversation after this but I didn’t even save it because hell it ain’t even worth wasting my storage place on this ignant ass stuff. I think I have saved enough to show folks who the damn problem is. Again when you try to discredit me your ass better be ready!

But the last conversation on this page was with Robert James as he and I posted civil comments about how he had some concerns about Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and that he was supporting Bibbs. I challenged him on his concerns about Farmer-Butterfield and we moved on. But damn Zette blocked me.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC So Who Is Behind The Group?

The DCN received some information recently that the person behind the Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC is a female bail bondsman. Sources say that the page is targeting black folks to help them find the folks that have hired them to get them out of jail. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, what a brilliant idea.

I have been trying to figure out why the group was targeting the Rocky Mount City Council on a political note but that is probably because of a political movement such as the Nash County Sheriff race since there has been mention of atleast one candidate for Sheriff. But this is just my opinion.

Black folks you better recognize what groups you like and how you respond to them.

I will say it again, I ain’t mad with them, but I am not ignant to the games they are playing either. I know they are not partners with the local law enforcement and that the information is just public information and anyone can obtain it. And anyone can have a scanner in their home so they can hear when calls are being made to law enforcement in real time. All I am saying is know the source and know what time it is. Don’t be used!

Ignant Column: For Those Of You Who Read The Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook Page

Several months ago I responded to a comment on the Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC Facebook page and all I said was they are not connected to the local police departments and they ain’t doing anything that someone else can not do. Damn they blocked me so I can not comment. I chose to do politics and they choose to do crime and that is a good thing because I don’t have to do it and can read what they post but I will also follow up on what they post.

I just seen the following pop up posted by Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC, “You know we have been harping on the proposed event center – per the write up in the paper today the price went up about $5 million dollars. Sorry the story is locked so the citizens can’t read it. Ughhh what a conspiracy! Damn ain’t that nothing! Obviously Fighting Crime and Cleaning Up Rocky Mount NC do not subscribe to the Rocky Mount Telegram like I do because I can read the article online and I receive the print edition as well. So my point is don’t be mad with them because you can’t read the article online, subscribe to the paper.

Okay about the article, I wonder where that news came from about the 5 million dollars since the Committee of the Whole Meeting is not until tomorrow. Obviously someone leaked that information before the meeting tommorrow. Sure hope they find out and fire their asses. They could have let the presentation speak for itself.

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Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting


Fighting Crime And Cleaning Up Rocky Mount Facebook Page Has Blocked Me From Commenting


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NAACP NC State President/National Board Member & Rev. Andre Knight Mayor Pro-tem Rocky Mount City Council/President Rocky Mount NAACP during the NAACP State Convention held in Rocky Mount NC October 10 –13, 2013.

I love it when the RACIST WHITE FOLKS in Rocky Mount NC want to attempt to silence black folks. Hell I ain’t mad with Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page about the petition to attempt asking for Rev. Andre Knight Mayor Pro-tem Rocky Mount City Council/President NAACP to resign or be removed from the city council. I just don’t like to see folks mislead folks and to think that they can remove him is just too ignant and he damn sure ain’t going to resign for speaking truth to power.

It is sad FCIRM have taken this route pushing WHIG-TV Racist Morning Show agenda but good luck to them.

Some folks have contacted me over the past several months asking me about the Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page and gave them the link to get to the page.

When I first discovered the page I did some research on it to see what kind of affiliation it had with law enforcement. What I can tell you is anyone who has a scanner and want to get the pictures of the criminals offline can do the same thing FCIRM does. I like it because I may learn some things that I may not already know because I don’t don’t take the time to research some things and a page like this can be a great resource. This is what I hear about my page. Some folks told me they follow my blog because they can go there and see what is going on articles from both the local newspapers Tarboro Daily Southerner and Rocky Mount Telegram. I pay to read the Telegram and The Wilson Times They say otherwise they would read those papers. Well I know people don’t have time to research things so I spend countless hours doing such and sharing it with others.

I have been responding to some of the ignant posts on Fighting Crime In Rocky Mount Facebook Page and WHIG-TV and last night I see FCIRM has blocked me from being able to comment on their page after I responded to Melissa Williamson who posted about my blog on FCIRM saying that it was about black and white and I need to get over race. Oh hell no I ain’t the one she nor anyone tell me what the hell to talk about on my blog. So it is okay for white folks to have an opinion but not the black man. Oh hell no.

I also responded to a male who talked about FCIRM working well with law enforcement. I stated I have a scanner and I can do the same thing so does that make me working with law enforcement? You see this is a prime example of how RACIST WHITE FOLKS do not want the truth to be made known. You see I ain’t ignant to what is going on around me nor is Rev. Andre Knight because he will put the truth out there knowing that he will be attacked by RACIST WOLVES.

Folks I love it when folks stand up for what they believe in but I don’t give a damn who you are black, brown, white and other I will not allow you to mislead folks and attempt to discredit black folks.

Folks act as if the conversation about the Event Center was at the city council meeting on Monday night when Lige Daughtridge President The Community Council (the messenger) came to address the Rocky Mount City Council about an issue that was not going to be discussed on the agenda for the evening. Daughtridge had written a letter to the Rocky Mount Telegram with the group concerns a couple of days before the meeting. There has been other conversation especially on WHIG-TV  for almost a month so the conversation didn’t just begin on Monday evening.

I know the history of Rocky Mount so I know what the problem is. There have been a group of folks who have had a problem with Rev. Andre Knight every since he has been on the council because they challenged his residency and lost. They have a problem saying it is a conflict of interest because he is President of the NAACP but most of all he is outspoken and RACIST WHITE FOLKS can’t stand it.

Folks sign the petition but just know that it is a waste and irrelevant because Mayor Pro-tem Andre Knight was elected by the people in Ward 2 and unless they vote him out during the next election or he does not run they he will represent. However if he was to become a felon and/or move out of Ward 2 then he would have to come off the council. All I am saying is don’t mislead folks making them think that ya’ll are on to something because you ain’t.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and also called The Watch Dog of the East.

“I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!”

Now Run and Tell That!

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