Faye Futch Figlewski You Have Been An Undercover Racist Every Since I Have Known You

Wow! Nurse Faye want to come after my pathetic ass again well anytime my friend. Ready! I thought when we had our previous run in and you had Unfriended me that you would not come for me again. I also just heard that you hang out with someone else, knew of the others but got that tidbit last week. Tell her hello.

Your ass is pathetic and the mess you did sharing personal information you need to go somewhere and sit down and shut the hell up.

I have not questioned his work. Copy and paste where I have done such.

Hell no I am not going to bow down to you and no other Special Cs who think that White Privilege can be used when it comes to me. I am black and privileged and you know me and I know you.

Michael Wordsworth you are ab so damn lute ly right on. I told him to do that when it comes to me because he sent me a Friend Request to troll my page about what is going on in Rocky Mount. I am quite sure that since he don’t know me that someone gave him advice to follow me.

I have no problem with what he is doing but I be damn if he think he can pray for me, I rebuke that from him and anyone of his friends he included.

Nurse Faye tell all your friends I said hello.

Now Run & Tell That!

Read the following to see where Nurse Faye is coming from. “Wow! Roger Brantley Really? I Have Not Judged You, I Don’t Know You & You Don’t Know Me