Overwhelmed On Father’s Day With Surprises God Is Good!

I have been overwhelmed today with surprises.

Around 9:30 this morning I received an email response from the Superintendent of Schools. I didn’t see it until I got to church. I respect his response.

Around 9:15 this morning my daughter called to tell me Happy Father’s Day. She has been kind of sorta mad with me.

Now I left home around 10:30 this morning called my dad to tell him Happy Father’s Day. I haven’t posted Happy Father’s Day up here to my daddy because I did it by voice.

I went to my church at 11 videoed and took photos, church don’t pay me a dime. Minister Margaret Knight message did something for me because I met the criteria but she said I need to do more talking about all men. Video coming soon.

After church I took my dad some dinner.

I then went to Wilson to video Pastor Robert Wooten Pastor Anniversary. His brother Pastor John Melvin Wooten delivered a powerful message that was good to me. Video coming soon.

I went and ate got my son and wife something. Wife under the weather.

My son CJ Dancy III was gone to play ball and he had left me the following. It is funny because this morning while in church I said I need to do a post about me and my children because somebody need to hear this.

I have posted over the years about how my oldest daughter (30 years old) moma moved 4 hours away trying to keep me from spending time with her. Well I traveled those dangerous highways for several years until I got tired of games being played when I picked my daughter up and when returning her. My daughter and keep communicate indirectly because she is doing well and I follow her and her businesses, I said businesses on Facebook.

My other daughter (26) I had to show her some tough love. She has been kind of sorta mad with me but that was ok.

My only son will be 19 in August. I have tried not to show any favoritism among my children. You know that ain’t right because the boy suppose to be the favorite.

My wife has not worked since we got married in 1997. It has been tough but my biological daddy and my daddy above has made sure we have not wanted for anything. My wife tried to buy them everything until I had to limit her to the funds. I have caught hell since my children been born because she love them children and didn’t want me to discipline them. Not! And live in my house.

My dad took my baby boy to get his haircut all of his years until my daddy bought him a car. Oh he bought my daughter one too. I was a little jealous but my daddy taking my son to get his cut made his day so therefore I was happy 2 times 1 for the father and 1 for my son.

Since times are different I prolonged getting my son a car until one day I told my dad he don’t need his own car yet. He said didn’t I buy you one? I said but I been working all my life since she 5 on the farm. He said you act like you only damn one that has worked on the farm. I said to myself my daddy has spoken.

So my son and I was riding around to car lots and I was on my laptop while he was driving. I found his car in Raleigh.

I am so proud of my children neither has had driving tickets, I can’t say that.

I have shown my children some tough love because I love them. I wanted them to they needed to know that they couldn’t have everything they wanted because my daddy and me could afford it.

My daddy wanted them to have anything they wanted until I put my foot down. I had to fight him and my over my children. But now my daddy ask me is it okay he give them money. I didn’t have to give them any and they stayed loaded.

But I am just so overwhelmed from today’s series of events.

We don’t do holiday because we do for each other throughout the year. Back in the day I had make them stop giving me cards and etc. because as long as they are happy, I am happy.

To come home to this card with info. handwritten inside of it but what is the most priceless is where the slot for the money is where the handwritten note was inserted.

Those who know me well know I am a cry baby. Real men cry.