Family I Love My Family But If You Want To Be Independent Then Don’t Include Me When You Want To Do Something

I have tried all of my life to do what is best for my family. Yep I can get ignant some times but I act accordingly and the majority of the time I am responding to how one treat me.

All I wish for is for family mines and others to stay close because we can’t choose who our family are but we can choose how we treat each other.

My wife has not worked since we got married in 1997. I have never cheated on my wife and I have told her before I do that I will get a disvorce (like old folk say). LOL! We are good!

I have told my children that I will help them as long as they respect me and act like responsible adults.

My oldest daughter lives in Maryland and her mother and step-father brain washed her that I have never done anything for her. Any one that knows me and knows about my oldest daughter, they know how I took care of her. She stayed on my insurance til age 26. My daughter, her mother and her step-father all are preachers and I can’t believe they have not tried to get it right. I am good! I am not going into details about our relationship because those who know me and know my daughter’s name can put her name in the Search on my blog and read what I have written about that part.

Yes it bothers me that I don’t have a relationship with my daughter but I tried and she rejected so I put that in God hands years ago. I will do anything for her today. Matter of a fact I seen something she posted on Facebook a couple of years ago and I sent her some money and I also sent her some money from my daddy.

My next child my daughter we have our differences but we communicate. However she wants to be independent so hey I have no problem with that. I am glad she is gone back to grad school but she wouldn’t listen to me because she could have been finished with school after all of these years.

My baby boy he wants to be a little independent but I told him that when he get more independent while living in my house things will be different.

Moral of this story is for me and my house my wife and my children will either love me, hate me or they can move forward however they see fit. I have no control over grown folk. My oldest daughter will be 32 in April, my other daughter will be 27 in February and my son will be 21 in August. I love them all.

Setting The Record Straight About My Oldest Daughter And Where We Stand

I need to get this out there because my children at home is dealing with my oldest child mess.

It is a damn shame that my daughter Nashonda Lavette Dancy who changed her name to Sherrod to take on her mother Joyce Ann Thigpen Sherrod husband name Clinton Sherrod has all of these degrees and preaching but walking around as if I have done something to her and her mother to have them pissed with me. I done nothing but tried to take care of my child and every damn body that knows me and know her mother know the damn truth.

My children talk about the mess Shonda posts on Instagram about she has one sister I think it is a child that her stepdad raised. I heard about that from the child’s aunt and how all that went down but I ain’t gonna talk about that.

But I am going to keep it short because again everyone that know me and know Joyce Ann Thigpen Sherrod know how I did what I could and going all out of the way. Hell it is documented in the Clerk of Superior Court Office in Tarboro and I need to go get me copies because I lost mines in the flood. Hell yeah I documented everything and filed it in the courthouse when I had to take my daughter’s mother to court to be able to see my child because she was trying to keep me from her. She and her then husband moved to Maryland because they were trying to keep me from her but I went up there every holiday, every 2 weeks out of the summer driving to Maryland 4 damn hours one way even when only keeping my daughter over a 3 day weekend.

My son Curmilus Dancy III and Nashonda Lavette Dancy could go for twins. When one of her moma’s used to be best friends seen my son a couple of years she said wow he just like Shonda.

I am going to end here because I could go on and on and on. But what tickles me is my daughter, her mother and her stepdad are all preaching. One would think that they would be trying to get it right because I have never done anything to them but tell my story. My daughter had an issue with me telling my story on my blog and asked me to remove it and I said oh no. It is all trues.

The last time I went to Maryland to pick up my daughter was in December 2000 after the 1999 flood and my family and I was staying in a camper trailer behind my aunt’s house. I was already having a problem with when I get to Maryland sometimes they would not be home and the last time I got her I called and around and they were in Newport News which was only around 2.5 hours away verses I had driven all the damn way to Maryland 4 hours one way. They would later get in their vehicle and come to Tarboro later in the day and instead of just telling me they were coming oh no. And then sometimes when I would take my daughter back home her moma and stepdad would be in Tarboro and would not even let me know so they would let me drive all the damn way to Maryland and they would leave a couple of hours before me. A couple of times they would not even be home and then came down here one time and went to the Sheriff Office. I said my daughter is at the house with moma they know where I live all their ass got to do is to go get her they don’t need to see me.

You see the goal was to keep me from my daughter. I am good.

I seen on social media a couple of years ago where my daughter was sick and she said she was closing up her business because she couldn’t work. She had done a GoFundMe page and I sent $100.00 from me and I told my dad I sent $100.00 from him. She responded thank you. I asked the nurse at work what did it sound like was going on with her from the symptoms that she had posted because I never asked my daughter what was going on and even after I sent her the money she didn’t volunteer to tell me.

I acknowledge my daughter all the time letting folk know she has received a good education several degrees and got her own business doing multi things hair, fashion designing, nails and etc. and now running for school board in Maryland. 

I let all of that mess go years ago. I asked my daughter to have a relationship with my daddy and my children she didn’t have to talk to me. I got a relationship with many on her family members on my daughter’s mother side of the family. Hell one of my daughter’s aunt even dates my nephew. One of my daughter’s other aunts we have always been close. I have a relationship with my daughter’s uncles as well. Hell I video for the family sometimes when they have birthday dinners and/or funerals.

Now I don’t have a relationship with my daughter’s mother daddy side of the family like that however I done a hell of a lot for her grandmother on that side because she raised her mother. Hell I cooked or bought food almost every day and when I cooked next door at my cousin’s house I always took food over there. We cooked at my cousin’s house every week. He used to talk about he still had some dishes from their house up until he died recently.

I ain’t mad with nobody. But I be damn if I am going to allow folk to lie on me and attempt to make me a bad guy and I not speak up.

Click on the following link Nashonda Lavette Dancy (Sherrod) and you can see I ain’t just making this mess up goes back 31 years of history.

Click on this link to: A Message To The Brothers (Child Support) – I Did My Part And It Is Well With My Soul. Stay Encouraged!!

Hurricane Matthews: Today Is The 1st Day I Have Seen My Wife And Daughter Since October 7, 2016 One Day Before The Flood

Today I traveled to New Bern NC to pick up my wife. I had took her to New Bern On Friday October 7 because she has been spending time with her mother. I was unable to get there for 2 weeks because of the flooding in that area such as Kinston NC. And then because of here schedule and my schedule I couldn’t get there last weekend.

Today I finally got my dad registered with FEMA after having some issues with registration.

My wife and I are at the Wash House doing laundry, oh I am on the computer. LOL!

I had not told my wife that my dad was at the house because at first he was with his sister. I didn’t want her worrying about him being there and she had not been to the house to fix things. So as we were leaving Greenville late this evening I told her. And she went off on me because she said why I didn’t tell her so she could have came home last weekend but I told her she had some business to handle in New Bern and I was trying to handle my business here with my son and my dad. She come in rearranging things to make my dad comfortable.

Well I am going to work my wife before she goes back to New Bern in a couple of days and where it will be her mother and my daughter and me, my dad and my son on this end.

In times like these this is when family suppose to stick together.

On tomorrow I suppose to meet with some contractors to get estimates of what it is going to take to put the house back together. My dad has a doctor’s appointment and I hope FEMA call while I am out so maybe I can take care of numerous things on tomorrow.

I sure hope things get back to some type of normalcy soon however it is what it is. We have to do what we have to do especially taking care of our parents.

It is a blessing to have parents and to be able to do for them.