Reporting Special Cs Campaign So They Can Go To Facebook Jail!

Since Attorney Steve Stevenson and some other Special Cs are known to report Black folk posts on Facebook, well we need to start doing the same.

Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens need to be reported because that is a place for Special Cs to attack Black folk and then when Black folk respond they Block Us.

So folk who are on that page, damn report them.

Campaign begins now!

Now do the damn thing!

Facebook Jail For 3 Days Because I Responded To a Post About Rocky Mount Politics

I responded to the following post and I was put in Facebook Jail. See the whole post under the message from Facebook. I am not the author of the Special Cs for Bronson I shared it and responded to it.



Wow! This Post Got Me In Facebook Jail

The Special Cs get on Facebook day after day and bully folk and then when they post something in my inbox and I let them know that I ain’t going to allow that this is what happens. How does this go against the standards when I posted to let them know when they come in my inbox I am going to make their mess public.