Facebook Faces But Offline Faces Is What Makes The Differences I Look At Both

I read folk posts and I be like damn who they think they are fooling? Damn sure ain’t fooling me.

You up here talking all this b.s. just lying.

Got back to me that someone supposed to had got me straight about something that I got on them about trying to help them but they didn’t want to hear them trues.

The devil is liar.

I am sick of ignant black folk mess. Folk liking and commenting on mess just because it sound good. You better learn folk because just because they say some pretty words, go to church, your co-worker, your friend or whatever don’t be surprised when you learn the side they hide.

I know a lot of folk and know a hell of a lot more than what folk think I know.

Ya’ll better proceed with CAUTION! You may be disappointed when the offline mess hit the wind.

I research folk.