Local CPA embezzled over $31K from Veteran’s Museum By VAN HOLLAND, Editor

A local Certified Public Accountant was charged May 1 with 10 felonies after an independent audit revealed she had stolen in excess of $31,000.
According to court records obtained by the Tar River Times from the Edgecombe County Clerk of Court’s Office, CPA Gerrelene Walker, 71, of the 300 block of Cambridge Drive in Tarboro, was charged with nine counts of obtaining property by false pretenses and felony larceny by employee.
A representative from the Edgecombe County Veteran’s Museum filed a complaint with the Tarboro Police Department on Feb. 2 about unauthorized expenditures associated with the checking account of the non-profit organization.
The case was given to the police department’s investigation’s division after an independent audit of the Edgecombe County Veteran’s Museum’s financial records was requested. (Read more)


NEWS BUSTED! Myron McCutcheon Local Veteran Thrift Store of America doors close following owner’s exposure of multiple SCANDALS – News In Onslow

The Watch Dog response: This was interesting following it on Tarboro 27886 Facebook page where the story actually was reported before it being done in the Tar River Times.

The owner of both the Veteran Thrift Store of America, located at 709 New Bridge Street in Downtown Jacksonville and the Pink Ribbon Caffe, located at 411 N Main Street, in Downtown Tarboro, Myron McCutcheon, is under fire for fraud, embezzlement, drug allegations, unpaid employees, rejected 501(c) 3 and possible tax evasion.

McCutcheon told many in the Onslow and Edgecombe communities that he had been medically discharged from the United States Marine Corps, but citizens later found out that he is dishonest and he was actually dishonorably discharged as a (Private) following drug charges.

After “Veteran Thrift Store of America” closed, McCutcheon took his scam to Tarboro where he launched the “Pink Ribbon Caffe”, for which he says he came up with the idea of opening because he wanted to help cancer victims who were struggling with to pay their bills. Sources tell News In Onslow, that all proceeds are not going to anyone other than McCutcheon to fund his, alleged, drug and alcohol use.

In a recently published article by the Tar River Times, they mention that the employees of the Pink Ribbon Cafe “started catching onto McCutcheon’s antics, and the multiple lies that began to surface that McCutcheon had been caught in.”Supporters of McCutcheon were astonished when they found out that he lied about the Pink Ribbon Cafe being registered as a non-profit 501(C) 3. (Read more)

Princeville NC: Everette-Oates pleads not guilty to embezzlement charges – Rocky Mount Telegram

TARBORO – Outgoing Princeville Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates pleaded not guilty Tuesday to 17 counts of embezzlement by a public officer.

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Milton Fitch tentatively set a trial date for March 10. Everette-Oates was arrested in August on 17 counts of embezzlement by a public officer and released on a $7,500 unsecured bond. She is accused of using a town credit card to make questionable purchases totaling more than $5,600 between August 2010 and January 2012. (More)

Repost: Princeville NC – Response To Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates And Mayor Pro-tem Isabelle Purvis-Andrews About Embezzlement Charges

First of all I find it strange Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates called the TV station to say she was going to respond to the embezzlement charges especially since she has hired an attorney. But then to know Mayor Oates I would say she is strange.

Mayor Oates says she is innocent and not guilty of the charges placed on her. She said everything she has done for the imagetown was business related. She said that everything she did was in  the budget line item and approved by the former town manager Victor Marrow. Marrow resigned his post in 2012. Mayor Oates, Purvis-Andrews and Commissioner Calvin Sherrod replaced Marrow with Maggie Boyd as the interim town manager who had no experience. But she didn’t need any as long as she was a former commissioner and close to these 3.

Mayor Oates says the files were removed from the town hall by the Local Government Commission without the manager and the governing board knowledge. When LGC took over the books in 2012 Boyd was the manager. Mayor Oates says she is not responsible for any files and receipts being taken from the town without her knowledge. She said Marrow was responsible for the approval of her mess and that he had to sign off on everything. Oates says they are trying to talk about what happened in 2010 in 2012-2013 after all of the files were missing and she is not responsible for them being missing.

Oates say others departments uses credit cards and the previous administration but they target Mayor Oates. She says everything she has done during her 2 terms in office has been for the best interest of the citizens. She said although there has been many interruptions she still worked for the best interest of the citizens. She says she has never committed a crime. Oates give the mic to her Mayor Pro-tem.

Mayor Isabelle Purvis-Andrews said Mayor Oates had the habit of keeping a sandwich bag full of receipts and she turned them in to the manager or the finance officer. Files and documents had been removed, computers tampered with and bad behavior after they no longer wanted her to be Mayor.

Mayor Oates said during her term they have brought a health center, a Dollar General, SEMS the largest metal company in the world and that their goal was to bring economic development to Princeville. She apologized for all of the interruptions.

imageMayor Oates when addressing specific questions from the media she said the files were in the town hall before LGC came in. She said there was no problem with the budget the LGC is talking about improper receipts. She says the receipts were Victor Marrow responsibility at that time.

Viola Harris a local Edgecombe County Commissioner and a member of the LGC addressed the media and stated that the LGC does not go around the state trying frame towns. She said the LGC had to take over because of the financial situation and they are only present to assist the town until they get back on track.

As always Mayor Oates has her husband to do the opening prayer. Mayor Oates then wanted to read a statement concerning her charges and Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight told her she could not do that at the present time and Commissioner Ann Howell 2nd the motion. Mayor Oates got sho nuff ignant and said she was going to do it and beating her gavel saying she was in charge. The board attorney told the Mayor a motion was on the floor and she said she was not going to do the motion that they could. After several minutes of discussion it was decided that Mayor Oates could read her statement during the commissioner’s comments.

Mayor Oates tried to get the agenda approved for several meetings dating back to May, June, July and the motion failed. After a short heated discussion and the Mayor beating her gavel saying don’t override the Mayor while she is talking They went on with the current agenda.

During the police chief report Commissioner Calvin Sherrod had several questions. I found one of his questions about to the chief to be a valid one but the chief never answered  Sherrod. The question was why were 2 officers eating over in Tarboro and the town being left attended. The police chief got very defensive and said it would be nice for Sherrod to give him some credit about the good things he is doing and not always criticizing him. Again I repeat I feel that was a valid question.




Politics Crooks and Criminals – Have you ever wondered why some folks don’t want certain people to serve on boards and commissioners?

Have you ever wondered why some folks don’t want certain people to serve on board and commissioners? Closed sessions hide some good stuff however is it really fair? Dealing with public funds but when the funds are abused it is talked about in closed sessions and the publicly may get the real deal about what happened and then sometimes they never do.

You see this is why some folks don’t want good white folks and black folks to get on boards and commissions because they will possibly be found out. Many have done so much dirt over the years however they say they have served on boards and commissions because they had all folks best interest. Oh hell no, their own and their friends. I am so glad that I have spoke it over the years writing letters to the editors in both of the local newspapers but not limited to about what is going on in Edgecombe County but not limited to and now things are coming to the light.

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