Breaking News – NC House 23 Candidates Will All Be On WNCR TV For A Debate Tuesday April 29, 2014

Bronson Williams, Taro Knight, Shelly Willingham and Rusty Holderness will be on WNCR-TV Tuesday April 29, 2014 9:00 PM for a debate. Darla Slipke County, Political reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram will be the moderator.

I am trying to figure out where the questions will come from since there will not be an audience present to submit questions before the show begin.

Well I can’t wait to see this debate because I am very much concerned who will be elected.

Note: Bronson Williams announced this on WCPS Radio during an interview on this morning.


Farmer-Butterfield outlines top priorities – Wilson Times

The Political Agitator response: This is a good article and I support the content.

North Carolina teachers aren’t paid what they’re worth, state Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield says, and as a former educator herself, she ought to know.

The six-term Democratic lawmaker left her job as a sixth-grade teacher at Chapel Hill’s Glenwood Elementary School to work in state government in the early 1970s. She said teachers are often forced to choose between their passion for the career and higher-paying jobs outside public education.

"They need to be paid on a competitive level,” Farmer-Butterfield said. "It is important that good teachers do not flee to other states nearby or flee to other jobs. I was surprised that the pay was hard to live on. I thought that teachers deserved more respect and that their input should matter.”

North Carolina ranks 46th in teacher pay nationwide, and Farmer-Butterfield said high teacher turnover affects students, parents and entire communities. With seasoned educators leaving the classroom or moving out-of-state, more students could fall behind. (Source: Read more)

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Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield

An Open Letter to Bronson Williams Why You Say You Are Running

First of all I want to say I ain’t mad with you. This is what I do. I am The Political Agitator and my desire is to make sure the process is fair and that the truth be made known. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest! I have no control over how you will receive this. I am not like so many, that talk about others behind their back and will not say it to others publicly and/or print it.

I know you and I know the other black candidates quite well. I know the white candidate to a degree but not in depth. I know folks who do know him.

I told you some of the following the night before you filed. (See my first letter to you at the end of this article) I told you that I had a problem with you thinking you could come into the Democratic Party and start at the top. I said Councilman Lamont Wiggins is running for Judge and if he wins you could run for his seat. since you live in his district. I said so many others such as Rep. Angela Bryant, Congressman G.K. Butterfield and countless others started on the local level.

TV TIME – Will you give your opponents the same amount of time that you took on tonight? If not, that ain’t right! Yep they can be charged but the same price that you paid and has been paying every night that you have used the show for campaigning.

Experience – Your take on experience, I totally disagree. Are you talking about your Democratic opponents? You talk about experience not needed but you talk about all that is wrong with North Carolina but I am confused because you don’t have a Republican opponent so therefore you have to be talking about your Democratic opponents.

Do you know it sounds like you are saying that our Democrats already in office are not fighting for our teachers and other things that Democrats stand for that is good for all people, all races, all ages, all parties and whatever.

Lottery – My daughter received money from the lottery when she went to college so not only do the local schools get some benefit but those going to college does also. Nope was not set up to fail, they moved the money around to help balance the budget so they say if I am correct. Have you talked to schools about how much money they have received because obviously you have not. I have been in school board meetings.

Jobs – Opportunity for businesses to move into existing buildings. So are you saying you are going to create jobs? Not! Well not on that level. I am proud of you being an entrepreneur with your daycares and in radio when you used to have The Promise in Rocky Mount NC.

Light bills – So are you saying the Democrats already in office have not done all they could do to attempt to deal with the light bill issue. You say they need to give subsides to folks to go in and fix up houses. There is a thing called CDBG that comes into towns every so often if I am correct and houses have been remolded in cities and the homeowner didn’t pay a dime. N.E.E.D. Inc. used to have a program that did such also if the homeowners qualified. I used to be the vice chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. in the 90’s.

Experience – I have said you have not been active in politics and it is a difference between when you have not been attending the Democratic Party meetings and many other governmental and community meetings in the unless you came to video. Why do you feel that you can come into the Democratic Party and think the active folks in the party ought to choose you over folks who have been active for years. Oh no!

That mess about interviewing an elected official means nothing when running for an office.

Name recognition? It makes a difference when trying to get elected because if you don’t have strong political machine so how does that candidate think he is going to get votes when they don’t know him/her.

Criminal records – It depends on what kind of crime they committed. If they have a charge that is gun related and other serious crimes, then they can be a liability to an employer. There are programs out there that works with criminal offenders coming out of the criminal system. Our fine Clerk of Edgecombe County has a program for criminal offenders trying to get employment. So we have got to understand the some times life choices will follow us to our grave.

Elected Officials already in one office – You say don’t vote for those who want to move from one office to another. Now that is too ignant because just like on a job some folks want to move up to higher places or just want to do something different. Again I feel you are insulting some Democrats who are already in office. I mentioned Rep. Angela Bryant, Congressman G.K. Butterfield and countless others have moved from one office to another.

You say no politics with you, well that is a problem my friend because this is politics whether you want it to be or not.

You say you are running as a Democrat but you are representing Republicans, Libertarians, Unaffiliated and others. Wrong answer. You are representing them if they allow you to and if they believe in what you believe in which should be the Democratic platform.

You act as if you are running against a Republican because all of the issues, I repeat all of the issues you have spoke about the Republicans are responsible for all of that. What does that have to do with your Democratic opponents?

I strongly believe you are using your radio and now your tv show as an opportunity to get elected. I wonder would you be running if you didn’t have all of this media access.

This office does not pay enough for a person to live on this income alone so I didn’t get your point of some see it as a money maker.

Again I ask are you going to give your opponents the same amount of time on this show like you spent on tonight?

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and I am damn good at it. I have been actively engaged in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party since the late 80’s and I have a serious problem when folks think they can just walk off the street and then want the Democratic Party to support them over others who have been active over the years.

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Edgecombe County – Open Letter to Bronson Williams Candidate For District 3 House Seat And The Voters In The District – March 4, 2014


The Political Agitator Endorses The Following Candidates

Click on candidate to learn more about the candidate

I am voting for these candidates

Sheriff Edgecombe County – James L. Knight

Senate District 3 – Clark Jenkins

NC House District 23 – Taro Knight

US Senate – Kay Hagans

US Congress District 13 – Ron Sanyal

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice – Robin Hudson

Those I can not vote for

Sheriff Wilson County – Calvin Woodard

NC House 24 – Jean Farmer-Butterfield

Senate District 5 – Don Davis

Sheriff Nash County – Stanley Griffin

Commissioner – Mary Wells

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Voting For A Candidate I Look At These Things

US Rep. Butterfield’s military service challenged, verified – News & Observer

The Political Agitator response: Damn Dan Whittacre is at it again. Too ignant! And to think about this ignant ass was in Tarboro at the candidates forum on Tuesday is just sickening.

WASHINGTON — A Democratic primary challenger to U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield of Wilson this week accused him of lying about his military record and refused to drop the matter Thursday after official records confirmed the congressman’s service.

imageDan Whittacre of Henderson said he filed a request for Butterfield’s record with the National Personnel Records Center near St. Louis. The center wrote back in a letter Whittacre received last Saturday that the documents could not be found. (Source: Read more)

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Video/Photos: Candidates Forum Sponsored By Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission – See Who Showed Up And What They Had To Say

Voting For A Candidate I Look At These Things

I look at the make up of the district such as if it is a black majority district. I will vote for a black person especially at the beginning of the new district to put a black person in that seat. If that black person does not do a good job, I would hope that a better black person would run the next time. After 2 terms if it is a 2 year term and I don’t feel good about the black candidate then I may support a white candidate if I feel they will better represent me.

I look at the person on a personal note what I know about them.

I look at if I am a personal friend of a candidate and if that person and I can’t agree to disagree while that person is not seeking an office, then I would have a hard time supporting them to represent me.

I look at name recognition because if the person is not known and the other candidate is that could be a problem. If that unknown candidate put together a powerful political machine and will be able to get the majority of the communities made aware of who they are, then I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

I look at if a person has participated on the precinct level, participated on the county level and meetings around the county. It makes a difference because I know the active Democrats know something about them. Also if this candidate is actively engaged on these levels then they should know what the issues are.

I look at others whom I know who are actively engaged in politics and taking in consideration who they are voting for after consulting with them.

I look at how I think others will vote because I value my vote. I want to win. However if I want to just make a statement, then I may take a risk of going with someone whom I feel may should not be the right one. I do that is very rarely. I look at the odds and I will have to go with where my heart lead me.

I always post something on my blog about election time is coming up so if you are thinking about running for an office you need to contact The DCN however that is a candidates choice.

I look at the timing of the candidate that is seeking an office, if I feel the timing is right or if I feel they do not have a 51% chance of winning. For me it is all about timing, if I know the candidate, if I know someone that knows the candidate, if the candidate has been actively engaged in politics, if I hear anyone talking about the candidate and especially if I hear from the candidate and not in the last hour.

Now what candidates must understand is that I will tell them straight up where I stand so they will have no doubt. I will choose to work with them, against them or stay neutral if I feel the need to do so according to how I feel about a particular race. This is something that most folks will not do, but will have candidates thinking they have their support when actually they do otherwise.

I tell folks all the time that a candidate can’t be everywhere all the time but a candidate must have a strong political machine when running a campaign so therefore I look at what kind of campaigning is going on in the communities in which they are running. So therefore if I don’t know anything about a candidate and no one is talking about the candidate in my community, then why should I vote for that candidate?

Experience Does Not Matter To Some Folks When They Are Running For Office, I Wonder Why? You Know!

Really? I beg the difference because if a person has experience versus a person who does not makes no sense.

It amazes me how some folks don’t think experience matters when they are in the number.

Why would someone hire somebody to work with children over someone who has experience. Now if noone that applies has experience that is one thing.

Now can a person learn to do a job, hell yeah, but for me unless I just wanted to vote for a family member or friend with no experience is one thing but I am so glad I am politically inclined to know what politics is all about and not from someone else’s opinion but from my EXPERIENCE!

However I will not debate anyone on the issue but I will stand by my opinion.

I was at the Candidates Forum last night and it was some crazy folks who wanted to be elected. One guy even talked about going back to 1886. SMDH!

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