Rocky Mount NC – Response to Mayoral Race Featuring Kevin Jones

There has been a WSBS Movement that has been going on since 2003 but it has been sho nuff moving since December 2018. I found the following to be quite interesting.
Kevin Jones

“Although he declined to state who he is voting for to be the city’s next chief executive, he said Williams phoned him on Tuesday night, inquiring about an endorsement.

“I hadn’t even eaten dinner yet after getting home,” Jones said of the call.

Jones said after he told Williams he would not be giving an endorsement, Williams expressed hope in getting a vote from him.

Jones said he told Williams, “Well, I will be voting — and it’s up to you to try and earn my vote like you would have to do with thousands of other people.”

Jones said he had not received emails, cell phone voicemails or text messages from Roberson inquiring about an endorsement.

“I worked hard on the campaign trail, met some amazing people and had plenty of opportunities to compromise my integrity for a competitive advantage but chose not to.”

Had not even eaten yet, Really!

Jones said it’s up to you to try and earn my vote well damn he called you and asked you for your vote. Damn sound like you are mad.

Damn so this means he seen some things that he felt was just dirty and to not share that to me makes no sense unless one want to leave the door open for such an opportunity.

“My thinking was I would either win on election night or go to a runoff — and so the decision that I had made was that I would publicly refuse anybody’s endorsement that did not endorse me publicly before Oct. 8,” Jones said. “And the reason being is because I know how racially divided our city is and I know that after Oct. 8, should I have been in the runoff, I knew I would have been in there with Sandy.”

I knew it would be Sandy Claus and Bronson Williams in the Run-off without a doubt if Sandy couldn’t buy the election.

Jones made clear he believes there needs to be an end to divisions among racial, socio-economic and gender lines.

And he said, “God yes, there is a huge divide” between Edgecombe and Nash counties as shown in the results of Tuesday’s contest for mayor.

“And wait until you see what happens over the next 30 days,” he said. “It’s going to be so divided — and it’s sickening, it’s embarrassing to see the level of division that exists in our city along racial lines.”

And he said, “The county divide is a result from the racial divide.”

So Jones how do you end the racial and socio-economic and gender lines you speak of now?

What did the election results show as that you say is a huge divide between the counties?

So why would the next 30 days not continue to show the division when the damn Special Cs started their WSBS in December and has been in the papers attacking Black Leadership daily since that time. So I guess you feel you will be exempt if you won simply because you have tried to distance yourself from the current Black Leadership and has not addressed the issue.

But I am so glad that the division is not from within the Rocky Mount City Council. This council has worked together and been more transparent than any council before them. The Racial Divide is being driven by the Special Cs who are on Social Media daily and TV via: Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens Barry Rehm, Community Council Elijah Lige Daughtridge, Tales of An Educated Debutante Adrian Harrold Wood, WHIG-TV Sandra Smith & Owner Robbie Davis, Keith Harris former Fire Chief, Clint Coleman Williams, Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson, Randy Adcox and the list goes on.

I don’t know Kevin Jones however I will continue to follow him to see how he move forward.

Overall Kevin ran a good clean race however I still say his campaigning best fit him running for school board especially since his passion is about Educational Scholarships.

But just my ignant opinion and as always I approve this message



Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson Sincerely Apologize To Sandy Roberson For His Proven Ignant Mess

Sandy Roberson for Mayor

It is alarming that at this late hour in the campaign, there are some who want to characterize this campaign along racial lines. In 30 years of business with Medicare and Medicaid, I have never had a civil rights complaint filed against me or my company based on actions dealing with employees and the thousands of patients we have served over that course of time.

Furthermore, the people who know me, know my family — know my reputation. I have worked throughout my career and my personal life to support and advance people regardless of their station, their race, their age, their religion, and their sexual orientation. Allegations otherwise are propugated for political gain and are totally without merit.

It is sad that so many people want to color this race based on skin tones — that’s the politics of the status quo because they don’t have any real solutions to move our city in a new direction and provide the leadership that will deliver safe neighborhoods, new jobs and better student performance.

My campaign is about equality. It’s about moving in a new direction. It’s about lifting up every single neighborhood in our city — so we can be prosperous and successful. That’s why my campaign motto is: Working together for progress. It’s time to stop the silliness and focus on the real issues that will impact real people

Sandy Roberson

The Political Agitator response: This election has been about RACE since December 2018 it has been in full force leading up to now.

I repeat this RACE is about COLOR but it didn’t begin with you and will not end with you. The minutes of the meetings and the videos are documented facts to show that there has been a dedicated movement to attack Black Leadership so that it would create an atmosphere to remove Andre Knight and Richard Joyner from the council. Whether you have been actively publicly engaged in the process does not change the mere fact there has been a movement. The movement prompted Warren Daughtridge to yet start another group LoveRockyMount. He said the group was not political and I challenged him on it several times and he finally admitted to it during the 1st City Council meeting earlier this month in September.

The current city council has done a damn good job since the council became a 4-3 Black Majority in 2003 however the Caucasians on the council has not shown they were divided during 95% of the time when voting on city business. To make it plain there has been very, very few times the council has voted down racial lines which would be all the blacks voting together and all of the whites voting together. All of the Caucasians either voted together or it may have been times when 2 voted one way and 1 the other.

What solutions are you talking about because I have been attending the City Council meetings long before any of the current council members have been on the council?

You say your campaign is about equality? Could you explain equality as in what because that could vary.

I agree it is about moving in a new direction. What is the direction because this council has been going in a new direction since 2003?

How do you go about lifting up every single neighborhood in the city? That is a broad statement without providing how that can be done? What city has lifted up every neighborhood and how did they do it?

Since you talk about how successful and all tell me what Black community have you lifted up since you have been the business man you say you are.

Wow! You say so we can be prosperous and successful. Damn that sounds like those money hungry preachers that preach prosperity.

Wow! Your Motto tickles me because if you don’t get 100% of the votes then how do you call that togetherness?

I agree the Special Cs that created the division in the community because the council is not divided, need to stop their ignant mess. They created the mess but then when we call them out they play VICTIM. Obviously they represent you from your silent actions until now when you have no choice but to speak since you are a candidate.

What are the real issues that impact real people?

I have no problem with you running for mayor and I have told folk that all of the emphasis do not need to be put on the mayor’s race because the mayor has limited power and will just sign off on what the council does and may never get to vote.

The problem I have is the Black community is being targeted by certain Black folk who are pushing your and LoveRockyMount agenda.

It is about Voter Integrity on all sides and what I see is some mess that has been taking place that has been linked to your campaign and the mess I am talking about is what has been printed in the newspaper and from the folk I have talked to directly and/or indirectly.

I ain’t mad with anybody and if I was to get mad with anyone it would not be you, it would be the Black Folk who are pushing your agenda. You see they are responsible for allowing mess to take place in the Black Community. So what elections like this does is validate what I have been saying over the years, watch who the folk to see where they stand politically. After the election is over folk will be able to see as you stated real people but I want to take it one step further real Black Folk. This will let folk know the character of the Black Folk and the Caucasian folk when they go public with their political activity. One thing about it one can’t go in the polls with them but it is clear who they supported when they wear the shirts, work the polls and especially try to persuade Black folk to vote for you.

Carry on!

Steve Stevenson Sandy, I sincerely apologize for the remarks I made in a private message to an individual. The statement published by itself it totally out of context. It was in response to a black gentleman stating politicians being scared of confronting inept, and possibly corrupt managers and administrators because of their race. I know you and your management team have a proven track record and are beyond reproach in all compliance and employment practices. My statement was intended to communicate my opinion that you do not and will not give a pass to anyone, regardless of race, and are not intimidated by those who may use their race as a shield from accountability or responsibility. The snipet of that exchange is regrettable and considering the party who revealed it, poor judgement on my part to even engage in.


 The Political Agitator response: Wow! So Attorney Ralph Steve Stevenson is apologizing for his remark made in a private message to Johnny Cunningham. So whether you said it in private or publicly your ass is a racist and you have just validated it. Damn if your statement was taken out of context what the hell are you apologizing for? But what I learned a long time ago is you can’t control how someone receive what one say. Damn you being a jackleg attorney ought to know that much.

Wow! You say your response was to a Black gentleman the same damn Black gentleman that you teamed up with some Caucasian friends to attempt to silence him by taking out a restraining order on him. But you and they underestimated him because he showed up in court with not only some supporters but a real attorney. You tried to get Johnny’s attorney to go against Johnny by saying Johnny had come after you. SMDH!

Wow! As a jackleg Attorney you should have been able to articulate Sandy’s track record in a better fashion but you did it from the heart because that is what you have done over the years and the numerous recent inboxes to Johnny validate such along with my videos of the HRC meetings.

You say your statement was intended to communicate your opinion and that is what got your ignant ass in this mess. But you see you have been getting away with such over the years but now you have proven where your heart is.

Damn and then for you to end it by going from saying a Black gentlemen to saying consider the party who revealed it tickles the hell out of me. You continue to show how ignant your ass is.

You are correct it was poor judgement on your part to even engage in the exchange. But this is what you have done and continue to do even after Johnny Cunningham filed a formal complaint against you with the Human Relations Commission after the HRC had voted on the issue that a HRC member raised against you during our last meeting.

You got so damn much mouth but you didn’t show up for the meeting but then interviewed with the newspaper trying to make the meeting about me.

Well I have tried to tell folk about you but I don’t have to do that anymore because it is documented in your ignant conversation private and public. The inboxes don’t lie and my videos don’t either.

I ain’t mad with anybody.

Admit that you are a racist and that you want to seek help. Oh that is just my opinion. If you like being that way, then I love it!

Safe Black Folk Tickles The Hell Out Of Me Especially During Election Time

Safe Black Folk tickles the hell out of me especially during election time and other.

Today begin early voting but look at all of the drama that has been going on especially since December 2018. Who have been speaking out? Name the Pastors, Organizations, Fraternities, Sororities, Masons, the ones that call themselves community leaders and other.

But I hear all the time someone talking about me because I am vocal. Well folk been talking about me over the years and I have no problem with that because I can talk about them too. But some of the same ones that have talked about me have come to me when they had issues and/or they have benefitted from some of the things I have done.

What tickles the hell out of me is these are the same folk who talk about what the young folk are doing as it relates to crime and murder. Well hell if you ain’t doing anything but talking about the folk who are doing something, what do these young folk have to look forward to?

Well I am so glad that I don’t need masses to do what I do because my tract record shows that I have no problem with standing alone. But I know who ain’t scared to speak up.

On October 8 after the victory is won, watch how these same folk will come out in masses for the Victory Party.

Safe Black Folk tickles the hell out of me.

The Political Agitator Will Be Posting My Opinion Of Folk That Say They Are Going To File For Local Municipalities Upcoming Elections

I will, I repeat I will be posting my opinion about the folk who say they are going to file for local municipalities for the upcoming municipal elections in October.

What a real political engaged person understand is that everyone that seek office will be making decisions that will affect all folk even when one can’t vote for them. Once a candidate seek election and get elected, they will be voting on things that will affect folk beyond their ward, district or area from which they were elected.

All politics are local. I challenge folk to get involved as individuals and speak truth to power and stop waiting on others to be your voice. Speak up for yourself. Attend the Democratic Party meetings and hold them accountable for their actions. I hold all folk accountable black, brown, white and other. Last week the 1st Congressional District Convention was held in Edgecombe County and Senator Don Davis is the chair. I find it strange that we were not given any information about what is going on on the local, state and national level and then a couple of days later Sen. Davis voted against the Governor veto on a bill this past week.

I have been holding folk accountable since the late 80’s and I will continue to do so until the end.