Special Called Meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Education Monday June 26, 2017

The DCN response: We will find out during this meeting the status of the SouthWest Edgecombe Principal suspension. Rumor has it he will be not be returning as a principal in the Edgecombe County Public Schools. All I know is if he has done something that he need to be disciplined for then I support the decision because with the SouthWest Edgecombe Graduation mess that I am so embarrassed by I want to see all parties be disciplined if need be. However the rumor is the suspension has nothing to do with the evening of the graduation. We shall see.

Special Called Meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Education Edgecombe County Board Rooms 412 Pearl Street Tarboro, NC  27886
June 26, 2017 AGENDA

6:30 P.M. (OPEN SESSION) (1)  Call to Order of Special Meeting of the Board       
(1.1) Pledge of Allegiance
(2)   Recognitions  (2.1) Employee Recognition
(3) Approval of Agenda 
(4)A Consent Items (One Motion Approval) 
(4.1.A)   Approval of Fundraiser W.A. Pattillo Fundraiser with Krispy Kreme to Sell Donut Certificates for $9 each on July 7 – 20, 2017
(4)B Item for Action 
(4.1.B)   Approval of Budget Amendments for 2016-2017 
(4.2.B)   Approval of Continuation of Insurance Programs as Listed for 2017-2018
(4.3.B)   Approval Memorandum of Agreement between Edgecombe County Board of Education and Edgecombe County Health Department for 2017-2018
(4.4.B)   Approval of Exceptional Children Program Contracts for 2017-2018 
(4.5.B)   Approval of Contract Renewal between ECPS and NC Driving School, Inc. for 2017-2018 
(4.6.B)   Approval of 3-Year Contract between ECBOE and Saffelle, Inc. from July 1, 2017 –  June 30, 2020  
(4.7.B)   Approval of Repairs to the Gym Wall at W. A. Pattillo Middle School
(4.8.B)   Approval of 2017-2018 ECPS Traditional Schools Calendar Addendum
(5) Items for Information: 
(5.1) Field Trips:   W. A. Pattillo (9809) – American Tobacco Campus, Durham, NC; Grades 6-8; 06/26/2017;  Departure: 6:30 a.m. – Return: 3:00 p.m. SWEHS (9710) – Health Education Foundation, Rocky Mount, NC; Health Career Students; 06/27/2017; Departure: 8:00 a.m. – Return: 4:00 p.m. SWEHS (9711) – Wilson Medical Center, Wilson, NC; Health Career Students; 06/28/2017; Departure: 8:00 a.m. – Return: 4:00 p.m. SWEHS (9713) – Halifax Regional Medical Center, Roanoke Rapids, NC; Health Career Students; 06/29/2017; Departure: 7:00 a.m. – Return: 5:00 p.m.
Motion Required:  I make a motion under the North Carolina Open Meetings Law, Sections 143318.11 (a) (1), (a)(3), (a) (5) and (a) (6) to go into Closed Session to consider personnel matters, to consult with the attorney to preserve attorney-client privileged information, to prevent the disclosure of personnel records rendered confidential under G.S. 115C-319 through 321, and to instruct the Board’s agents concerning negotiations involving employment contracts.

(6)  Personnel Management 
(6.1) Listed Personnel (Resignations, New Hires – Permanent, Transfers, New Hires – Temporary, etc.) (6.2) Other Personnel

(7)   Approval of Closed Session Item(s) 
(7.1)    Personnel Management
(7.2) Other Personnel
(8)    Adjourn

Breaking News: Edgecombe County super tapped to lead Dare County Schools

The Watch Dog response: I felt that Dr. Farrelly would be leaving at some point in time. Some folk said they didn’t see it coming. I love how he handled his business broke up some clicks and was not afraid to put the safety of the children first when it came to bad weather. Folk superintendents come and they go so I ain’t mad with him. I just say that I strongly believe Edgecombe County is losing a good guy.

After a months-long process of narrowing down a field of 78 qualified candidates, the Board of Education has chosen a seasoned administrator from Edgecombe County to lead Dare County Schools.

John D. Farrelly will take over when Superintendent Sue Burgess retires July 1, board Chairwoman Bea Basnight said in announcing the choice Saturday.

Farrelly appeared with his family when the board emerged from a closed session during a special meeting at Manteo Elementary School.

Edgecombe County, with a popluation of about 56,000, is slightly larger than Dare County and includes Rocky Mount and Tarboro. It has 15 schools. Farrelly has served as superintendent there since 2012.

Before that, he was superintendent of Washington County, N.C. schools for three years and assisistant superintendent of Alleghany County, N.C. schools for eight years.

Candidates came from 30 states and Washington, D.C., and were screened by a consulting firm that included three former superintendents. The Board reviewed videos of 10 finalists and interviewed five. They were then narrowed to four for more interviewing. (Read more)

Joint Meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners & Edgecombe County Board of Education

Joint Meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners  & Edgecombe County Board of Education
Edgecombe County Administration Building Auditorium 201 Saint Andrew Street Tarboro, NC  27886
April 24, 2017 AGENDA
6:00 P.M.    Dinner
7:00 P.M. Joint Meeting (Open Session)
I. Welcome and Call to Order – Chairs Evelyn S. Wilson and Leonard Wiggins
II. State of the County – Eric Evans, County Manager
III. State of Schools – John Farrelly, Superintendent
IV. Open Discussion – All
V. Adjourn

Some Nash Rocky Mount schools open Monday – Rocky Mount Telegram

By Amelia Harper
Staff Writer

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools and Rocky Mount Preparatory School will re-open Monday after a week of closures, but Edgecombe County Schools may not re-open for awhile as one school is flooded and another is surrounded by floodwater. “Princeville Elementary School is flooded at this point and will have to be evaluated by FEMA before we can make any decisions as to when we can get back in,” said Susan Hoke, communications coordinator for Edgecombe County Public Schools.

“In the meantime, Superintendent (John) Farrelly is working on a plan for where to send Princeville Elementary students.” Hoke also said that W.A. Patillo Middle School is surrounded by floodwater. “As far as we know, the school is not flooded, but no one can get to it right now,” Hoke said. Hoke said that no school closures for Monday had been announced, but an announcement regarding school attendance would be issued this afternoon. The situation in Edgecombe County is further complicated by the fact that both Tarboro High School and Martin Millennium Academy still are being used as Red Cross emergency shelters for displaced residents.

The shelter at Martin Millennium Academy had been closed but was reopened Wednesday to help deal with overflow from other area shelters. The missing class time may not cause as many make-up days as it would have in the past. Vanessa Jeter, communications director for the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, said schools have increased flexibility under the state’s new calendar law and should be able to deal with the additional school closure time without resorting to many make-up days. That decision is left to each school system.

“The new calendar law requires schools to meet 185 days or 1,025 hours during the academic year. Under this law, a school system could actually meet about 170 days for six hours each day and still fulfill the state requirements,” Jeter said. Jeter also said the N.C. General Assembly could have the option of waiving some of the required attendance days when it meets for its long session in January. “It is really too early for school systems to need extra days off at this point,” Jeter said. “We will have to see how the winter goes.”

Though Edgecombe County Public Schools will be closed on Monday, the school board will meet on Monday night at 6:30 at the Central Office location on Pearl Street. This meeting was rescheduled from October 10, when it originally was slated. North East Carolina Prep and Edgecombe Community College have not announced closures for Monday as of press time, though floodwaters linger through much of the area. For updated information on school closures, go to rockymounttelegram.com.

Filing opens for school board seats – Rocky Mount Telegram

Filing to run for a seat on the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education opens at noon today.

The filing period will run through Aug. 5.

Six seats on the board will be up for grabs during the Nov. 8 General Election.

Seats in Districts 1, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 11 are up for election. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Local officials applaud school bill – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: So is it really about the following COMPROMISE? “Edgecombe County is to pay a prorated share of all capital spending based on student population and will pick up the payment from Rocky Mount in four years for all operating expenses.” So they want Rocky Mount City Council out of the equation? What will the next Compromise be?

A new state law preventing a split of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools is being met with varying degrees of acceptance by local leaders who worked on the issue for years.

Nash County officials are happy with the legislation passed unanimously Wednesday by the N.C. General Assembly, while Edgecombe County officials like the big picture, but are cold on some of the details.

The law closely resembles the final deal offered by Nash County officials to the Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners. Nash Commissioner Robbie Davis, who helped introduce the school funding discussion, said he is pleased with the bill. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Our View: School split stalemate goes to Raleigh – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: What I see here is just a COMPROMISE but for what? Will someone tell me why the need to do anything because the folk on Edgecombe County shops on the Nash side and they are reaping the economic benefits. But what tickles the hell out of me is the argument was that Robbie and Fred wanted Rocky Mount City to stop paying into the school system. I heard that the only reason the mess went to Raleigh was because Edgecombe agreed to 5 of the 7 items in the COMPROMISE. Again everybody I talk to says it was about COMPROMISE. Damn compromising children of Rocky Mount? So what will the next COMPROMISE be? Hell I ain’t mad just want to know the real significance of all this.

The failure of locally elected officials to negotiate a reasonable compromise over the Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools district lines comes as a disappointment to all of us who had hoped for a settlement to emerge from the Twin Counties. But we’re heartened, at least, to see legislators from both sides of the county line working on a bill to be submitted to the N.C. General Assembly.

Prior to this week, it seemed that any legislation would be drafted by N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, at the request of Nash County commissioners. The Nash County board has been the instigator in the plan to split the school system if Edgecombe County did not pay more for. (Rocky Mount Telegram)