Compare The Handwriting On Both Of These Letters Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Signature

Compare the handwriting letter in brown envelope when Higgs was chair in 2017 with letter white envelope and Lawrence K. Taylor is the chair.

So Higgs is calling women in the party bullying them. Couldn’t be my wife and/or daughter. Not even me because he has one more time to call my number.

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Edgecombe County Democratic Party Meeting Tuesday June 19, 2018 Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Continue To Operate From His Bully Pulpit

I received the following from a female Democrat on Saturday June 16, 2018. This is a conversation with Rev. Roosevelt Higgs

Man your friend just called me asking if I received my notice for the meeting. I said yes and then I asked if he sent them? He said no Lawrence did. Then he proceeded to say WE gonna set some things and people straight. Man I SNAPPED! I said just like I thought you were working behind the seen and made this man look like a fool from poor leadership! Then he went on to attack the DWEC! I told him we women have grown our membership and the chair and officers has done nothing. Then he said make sure me and you are there because he got something to tell you. I said Curmilius don’t have to and don’t want to talk to you so stop calling him. He don’t have to talk to you get it!

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has been a bully all the years I have been in the party however he don’t scare me. I know how to deal with him and that is to not stoop to his level and deal with him legally.

The problem I have had over the years is how he has called and tried to bully women Democrats and the men say nothing but not I. Linda Tharrington Goins, Viola Harris, Gladys Shelton, Dorothy Joyner and others know I have stood up for them. This is why I don’t play with him because I know how he has called some women Democrats over the years.

What the Democrats at the meeting need to understand that Higgs is on the same level as they are and this is not a Roosevelt Higgs meeting. Actually anytime he get up to speak he has to be recognized like all others and he is not the chair. Hell he ain’t even a precinct chair because he lives in Tarboro in the EL Roberson Center with his mother but uses an address that do not exist in Speed.

Ya’ll can allow this fool to let the meeting be about him if you want but I will not allow mess. We will see how the parliamentary allow mess to go on in this meeting.

As I have stated it is of my opinion that the party is not organized and there need to be an organizational meeting and not a meeting to replace the secretary and other officers.

But all of you who have not questioned the mess that has gone on since Lawrence K. Taylor has been the chair you are partly responsible for his actions. I have questioned his actions every meeting but when ya’ll just voted and moved on, he felt he was justified in doing what he did. Well look at where the county party is now, gone to hell.

Well I can’t wait to learn the outcome of the meeting on Tuesday.


When the good Democrats want to talk about removing the current chair Lawrence K. Taylor and removing Rev. Higgs then and only then will I be ready. Well you already know what Taylor has done. The Chair and the folk that live in precinct that Higgs claim he lives know that he is lying. Those who are close to him know that he don’t live in Speed as well and if you go down to the property you will see that it is no livable housing on the property.

But I have come to the conclusion after trying to educate Democrats on what they needed to do to get the party right, if ya’ll like this mess, I love it and I am going to sit back and see how long you gonna continue to like it.

Oh Higgs sent ya’ll a message in my voicemail and now by calling a female trying bully her and then sending a message.

I am so glad he has not attempted to bully my wife and/or my daughter because he would be dealt with.

So Tuesday night ya’ll better be ready for the bully, I am ready for him at all times. I don’t have to deal with him unless I run into him at a party meeting because when I run into him at the County Commissioners meeting he act like he got some damn sense speak and keep it moving.

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If You Scared, Say It And Get The Hell Out Of The Way!

If You Scared, Say It And Get The Hell Out Of The Way!

You don’t want to fix things you want someone else to do it while criticizing the fixer!

And then when the problem is fixed then you want to act like you were working along with the fixer but I don’t recall you saying anything publicly.

It is okay to work behind the scene but stay behind the scene don’t come out like you have done something when you have done ab so damn lute ly nothing at the time mess was happening. If you didn’t say anything then that means to them you have validated their mess. I have heard this so many times.

Dude running around talking about he got some support. One has to be ignant as hell to have supported anything this dude has done so far because I can’t name one thing he has done.

Dude you know who I am talking about since you are running around talking about me and talking about doing a code of conduct for the meetings. Hell dude I have never been out of conduct in meetings so you can bring anything you want. What you need to do is bring the money you have spent since being in office.

Oh I have no problem with calling names because that is what I do but I understand you get ignant when you see that I have posted your name. Ain’t because I am scared it is because I know you know who I am talking about.

I have been doing what I do since the late 80’s so don’t think I am going to stop now.

Bronson Williams For Mayor Of Rocky Mount NC?

It is funny how folk didn’t want to support Bronson Williams for the Ward 3 appointment to replace Lamont Wiggins but yet said he need to wait and run for mayor. Really?

Now as active as Bronson has been going to city council speaking out and challenging the council, they didn’t support him for the appointment so what do you think they are going to do when it comes to a city wide election? Work against him. The council had the opportunity to appoint someone to Ward 3 when they can’t vote in the Ward and didn’t listen to the residents.

Folk better pay attention to the distractions from not only white folk but black folk who say they are with you.

Folk keep on playing it safe and not challenging things to the end.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I am going to stand up for what is right and who I feel is right because I know folk on a personal note what they stand for, what they sit for, what they speak out on and what they are silent on.

I repeat I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest!

I am for justice no matter who it is for or against!

If you don’t want to hear these trues then don’t talk to me I don’t give a damn if you are black, brown, white and/or other. I will stand if I have to stand by myself. I am teamMe however I welcome folk who want to stand with me but otherwise I am good.

Now Run & Tell That!

Edgecombe County Democratic Party Secretary Resigns In A Letter To County Chair Lawrence K. Taylor, Democratic Women & Others

Thank you for your service you came in willing to learn and ready to work. However your job was made difficult. You tried.


To Chairman Lawrence, 

I herby tender my resignation as Secretary of the Executive Committee Board of Edgecombe County effective immediately. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our beautiful community, but I feel that I can be of more help in other ways. 

I look forward to lending a helping hand in the future, helping our Party grow and heal. 

Yours in Christ,

Yvette Hart-Brown

Anyone from Edgecombe County attend the 1st Congressional District Convention today? Maybe you had some information on it, I never received anything.

I asked this question on Facebook for myself and this is the response I got. Funny as hell to me.

Anyone from Edgecombe County attend the 1st Congressional District Convention today? Maybe you had some information on it, I never received anything.

Yvette Hart-Brown I received nothing to send!

Sarah Peveler I attended (volunteered at registration table), and the Chair and his mother attended. Edgecombe County’s delegate list had not been entered into the data base so no one except the Chair received information. The Chair brought the delegate list with him to give to the District Secretary as required. At that point, he and his mother along with me were registered as delegates. However, Edgecombe County’s voting allocation had been adjusted from 54 to zero as was announced by the Convention Chair.

Sarah Peveler The ERA Resolution was part of the Agenda thanks to Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown and others who met the Wednesday at 5 pm deadline. It passed resoundingly and will go now to the State Convention.Part

Curmilus Butch Dancy II So the ignant ass chair didn’t inform the Edgecombe County Executive Committee about he was going. You see if the meeting had been held that was cancelled the information about the District Convention could have been discussed.

So it appears he and his mother is running things.

Yes he had to take it today but it should have been sent in within the timeframe that the Plan of Organization says after the County Convention is held.

Damn I love the following you say, At that point, he and his mother along with me were registered as delegates. However, Edgecombe County’s voting allocation had been adjusted from 54 to zero as was announced by the Convention Chair. SMDH!

This ass for a chair Lawrence K. Taylor has really taken Edgecombe County Democratic Party to a whole new level. Funny as hell to me especially since the one he is listening to the former chair another ass Rev. Roosevelt Higgs was on the radio this week promoting the Nash Edgecombe Black Political Caucus that is a make up of he and Dr. Thomas L. Walker.

Sarah Peveler Curmilus Butch Dancy, the list the Chair gave the District Secretary was three pages long but I’m guessing it was received too late (halfway through the Convention registration).

Curmilus Butch Dancy II Again it should have been sent to the state like the Plan of Organization call for. 

Since I have been actively engaged in the party since the late 80’s I ain’t never hear of us not being Delegates to the Convention.

But if the Edgecombe County Executive Committee like what this ass for a chair is doing, then I love it. I was going to start a petition, I had written one about a month ago and someone was suppose to add something to it but he didn’t follow up. I know I could have gotten 3 names but I came to the conclusion the hell with it.

Video/Photos: Edgecombe County Democratic Party Convention Lawrence K. Taylor Chair In Action Some Been Asking For The Video Coverage I Have

This party should not have any further meetings without publicizing them so that all Democrats in the county can attend.


Remember the names who makes motions and 2nd them.

On Saturday March 24, 2018 10:00 AM Edgecombe County Democratic Convention was held but was it really? I had to leave early to go video my cousin’s funeral.

While the chair was so busy spending money on a banner he ought to have been making 2 signs that said Delegates section here and Non Delegates section here.

See these 2 criminals in action the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and Elder Lawrence K. Taylor. Damn fools said give them some money, suspend spending of money for 60 days until the monies in question are discussed. I wish I would give them some money.

On January 30, 2018 Lawrence K. Taylor had a meeting in Rocky Mount and that meeting a quorum was not present. However we received our precinct packages to have our annual precinct meetings. We are to mail our packages to the party but the packages were returned to sender because the Post Office Box was closed due to Taylor spending all the money.

The Convention did not have a quorum either because this meeting was about delegates and since the chair didn’t receive the precinct packages how do he know who the delegates were? He called out the precincts and we responded but that didn’t make it a quorum. I turned my package in on Saturday morning before the meeting and understand the secretary had only 4 more packages for a total of 5 out of 21 precincts.

See earlier post about the meetings,Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Lawrence K. Taylor Has Done It Again Another Meeting Null & Void Because Quorum Not Confirmed

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Sheriff Clee Atkinson spoke
Judge Michael Morgan spoke

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