Edgecombe County Democratic Party Talk That All County Officers Need To Go

I disagree with all of the county officers need to go. The County Officers are Lawrence K. Taylor Chair, Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair, Dr. Glenda L. Knight 2nd Vice, Attorney Jim Marrow 3rd Vice Chair, Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer.

I asked the County Chair Lawrence K. Taylor to resign in a letter to him first and he didn’t respond. I have asked him a couple of more time via social media and in a meeting. I had written a petition and gave it to someone whom suppose to had added to and sent it back to me but they never did. It would have been no problem with getting 2 other signatures along with mines to send the petition to the NC State Democratic Party. I have come to the conclusion that if the Executive Committee like it then I love it because I am going to challenge him during the meetings.

I have a problem with saying all county officers need to go because the secretary has been trying to do her job and she has been willing to do whatever she can to provide information that is requested of her. She inherited an office without receiving information from the previous secretary.

The treasurer has been doing a great job over the years and we have never had any problems with the treasurers report.

I say in the future to those who have an issue with the county officers actions or inactions please do not include Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer because they deserve to stay on and to be given the opportunity to do their jobs.


An Open Letter To Barbara Campbell Davis And The Likes

I found it funny as hell that after talking to you recently that you had the audacity to say I was the problem in the Democratic Party. Well first of all I don’t know you like that and you don’t know me. I have been actively engaged in Edgecombe County Politics since the late 80’s and I just learned of you last year. Obviously you have not been too long moved back in the area and/or been involved in Edgecombe County Politics that long. But that is okay. It was 2 other black women and I don’t know which one agreed with you so I don’t want to call the wrong person’s name but I think I know which one it was. But that don’t matter because they don’t know me and I don’t know them either because like you and her, we have not had conversations that would be one that we could say we know each other to some degree. Just being in the room with someone during a meeting doesn’t make someone know someone on a personal note.

You say I am the problem because I speak up at the meetings and I ought to let someone else say it. Really? Who in the hell is that someone else? You see some folk like to speak up before the meeting and after the meeting but not during the meeting. Folk vote on mess such as the agenda, treasurers’ report and other and mess don’t be right and because I challenge mess I am the problem.

You have a problem with way I say things well hell yeah I say it with boldness and I speak loud and clear because I know I am right because I know the Democratic Plan of Organization so I can do that. Most folk have never read the POO and even after I pull out the sections of the POO and post it, folk still not read it or may do read it but either they don’t understand it or just don’t give a damn about what it says. Because I speak with boldness and speak loud folk take it that I am a angry black man. Not! I speak loud so folk can hear me and speak with authority.

I came into the party fighting mess when the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Officers were a majority white. Some folk fought to get the majority because the make-upv of the population of the county had changed. I will never forget that someone said when I became a member of the county officers in the early 90’s that they needed me because I didn’t like white folk. I said oh no don’t go there. They said that because I used to write letters (2 – 3) weekly to the editor to both The Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram. However I used to write letters weekly to The Carolinian in Raleigh NC and sometimes to the Raleigh News & Observer. But the person said I didn’t like white folk because a former County Commissioner and I used to go at it because he used to write letters as well especially about black folk stealing at the Winn Dixie on the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount and I said they better look at who is running the place to see who were involved in the stealing because while black folk getting accused it left the door open for the whites in management and other to be able to steal without being watched.

I told black folk back when I first joined the party that we can make changes the right way and we don’t have to do illegal and ignant mess such as when Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had voted twice and some other mess. I said I am about what is right and will not get caught up in mess because I am going to act per the Plan of Organization something that many didn’t read and Higgs used it to his advantage to do whatever he wanted to do but I challenged him. And now we have another chair Lawrence K. Taylor that is following in Higgs footsteps so why do folk think I am going to be silent?

I am going to end here because I ain’t going back and talk about around 30 years of being active (working and being vocal) in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party.

I refuse to allow anyone to think that they will silence me in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I am going to continue to speak out against mess and challenge leadership when they ain’t right. I will not vote for mess that ain’t right and it is documented that I will vote alone because I know others in the room know that I am right about it however as long as I know I am right I don’t need any validation from others. I always allow my conscious to be my guide.

So for the Barbara Campbell Davis and the likes that have an issue with me being who I am and what I stand for, I am going to continue to be about what is right. I am going to speak it where it need to be spoke and not just behind closed doors where others like to do business but when it comes time to do business where it need to be done they get silent. Well my vote which is only one is heavy because I am voting on what was said behind closed doors. I tell folk all the time I get credit because I speak on what folk are scared to speak on publicly for whatever their reasons may be.

It is a damn shame when folk speak truth to power and others know you are but then they try to play it safe when we are at the table. You see folk need to understand when you ain’t at the table you may be on the menu. Well last week I was on the menu but I tell you when it was all said and done they said oh but you be right but it is just the way I say it and write it. Well hell if somebody else would say it I would not have to say and write anything. But when folk doing mess and nobody challenge them they think they can get away with their mess. Well they can until the time comes. Like I said the time is coming and you said when. I say it is coming.

The problem when it comes to me folk try to put me in clichés but what folk need to understand is that I can think for myself and no matter how close we are if I don’t agree with you that I ain’t the one that don’t let you know. You see this is what I mean by folk that don’t know me.

I had written a petition for remove the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair following the Plan of Organization but you and some other folk want to go through the State. Well I am going to sit back and watch because if ya’ll like the mess that is going on then I love it. But I am going to challenge the mess so until ya’ll get it right then you will be hearing from me during the meetings because I am going to exercise my right to speak as a Precinct Chair. And I don’t have no control over my vice chair coming to the meetings nor anyone else from my precinct. I do have a voice and a vote.

I ain’t mad with nobody and I am going to continue to be a voice for the voiceless because I know I speak for some folk. It ain’t about me so anyone who says otherwise they need to check themselves.



An Open Letter To Edgecombe County Democrats

Last year we the Edgecombe County Democratic Party elected new party officers who consist of 6 members the chair, 1st vice, 2nd vice 3rd vice, secretary and treasurer. I voted for Bronson Williams who was seeking the office of chair over Lawrence K. Taylor. However after Taylor won I talked to him and also wrote a letter supporting him.

After Lawrence had the 1st meeting and several others I refuse to allow folk to make me look ignant. I asked Taylor to resign on several occasions in writing and he has refused. I have asked him during a meeting/s. He even responded that he would resign the day that Willoughby Funeral has my body.

I delayed the writing of a petition to remove Taylor and was going to do it after the convention. I only need 3 names and atleast 4 or more folk told me they would sign so 1 plus 4 equal that’s right. However I was going to ask all the executive committee members to sign knowing that they all wouldn’t but to see how many would.

I wrote a petition a little over around a month ago and shared it with a couple of folk and asked them did I cover everything. One person said I needed to add something so I told them to look over it and add whatever. Some folk told me they wanted to deal with the issue of the party during the county convention so I went to the meeting ready. I even received several phone calls from Rev. Roosevelt Higgs for weeks and I would ignored them and let him leave me messages. On the morning of the county convention and I said let me see what he is up to since he is calling on this day. After talking to him he shared with me some conversation around Taylor saga and the convention. Higgs talked about Commissioner Viola Harris about the use of the college and I will not go into detail. He talked about the Democratic Women and named Sarah Peveler questioning voicing her concerns about the state of the party.

At the county convention I asked questioned the chair about the if the convention had a quorum, questioned the agenda and questioned the treasurers report along with another democrat. So after the convention Rev. Roosevelt Higgs called me and said man I didn’t know you were going to do that he thought the Democratic Women was going to do it. Well I support the Democratic Women and I guess he don’t realize that.

I have been pulling out sections in the Plan of Organization educating the executive committee on what we should be concerned with that has been related to conducting the business of the party. Folk don’t have to take my word for when I speak they can look at the section that I pulled out for them so you can read and comprehend it for yourself. If you can’t comprehend it then ask somebody.

Last week should be confirmation that I was correct on what I was saying. Sarah Peveler Democratic Women chair attended the meeting and Lawrence and his mother showed up with 3 pages of delegates at the District Convention in Durham. That was another insult to me and other Democrats. This was the 1st district convention I have missed that I know other than when I was redistricted out and was in the 2nd Congressional District for a short time. So last year I was redistricted back to the 1st congressional district.

During the district convention last year it was agreed upon to move it to Durham and I was excited about attending. I kept contemplating on going up to the morning of the convention. I chose not to go since I was not a delegate and if I had gone I was going to voice my concerns about the status of Edgecombe County so to not further embarrass me and Edgecombe County Democrats by trying to get our county in compliance I said I ain’t going. I hated not going because I know my good friend Andre Vann of Durham and his committee was going to welcome us to the campus of NC Central. So folk I try not to speak out about things sometimes but it was a good thing that we didn’t host it this year where it normally is.

It is funny to me that Edgecombe County during the convention last year we were recognized for all precincts being in compliance and was all loaded in Vote Builder. All counties that were in that status were to receive $100.00 from the State Party. But the reason why all precincts were in compliance is because Clee Atkinson campaigned the county seeking support to be appointed for Sheriff and the several precincts that were not in compliance were brought up to status. So it was not the Rev. Roosevelt Higgs that did that. Actually he was acting a damn fool and hindering the appointment process. Because Don Davis was called in he entered the information in Vote Builder since he was called in by Higgs to do the appointment of the Sheriff process.

Some question who the delegates to the State Convention are. I say plain and simple as it stands if the information that was supposed to had been sent from the County Convention in a timely fashion per the Plan of Organization has not been done why do they think that we have delegates to the State Convention.

It is clear that the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs had nothing to do all the precincts being in 100 compliance when he left the office last year and now this year I say we don’t have any precincts in compliance because the information has not been sent to the State Office. Now if the precincts that turned in their information which I understand were 5, they would be in compliance.

I think I have made my point about the status of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. Since I have been a member of the county party and been serving in that capacity since the late 80’s I can’t remember the county party ever being out of compliance such as the mess we got now. I have been fighting to make sure we followed the Plan of Organization all of the years because I know the plan and has served on a committee to make changes to the plan.

I was in a conversation recently with someone and they said to me that when it comes to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party. They said that I should not say anything sometimes let someone else say it. Who in the hell is that someone else? Why has that person not said anything? I said I refuse to allow mess to go on and not say anything. I said when no one says anything then I have to say something. I said I be done my homework before I get to the meeting so I know where some folk stand and that is with me on the issues that I have raised. But I recognize and understand they don’t say anything for fear of being singled out but you see I don’t have that problem single me the hell out because one thing about it you may not like what I say and how I say things but one damn thing I say is challenge me on the facts that I speak.

Oh I ain’t mad with them for singling me out because I know that I am right about what I say and I don’t need anyone to validate it publicly. They got to live with knowing and not speaking up. They will have to pay for going along with the lies and the not following of the Plan of Organization.

In my closing I am for truth no matter who it is for or against. I have no permanent friends no permanent enemies only permanent interest. As it relates to the Democratic Party of Edgecombe County I am on the side of truth and if the truth ain’t in you then don’t talk to me. If you scared say it and get out of my way.

Now I want to leave you with this promise. As long as I am a precinct chair and have a voice and a vote in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when we have Executive Committee Meetings the moment that mess is wrong I am going to speak up. I will not go along to get along. I don’t support mess that ain’t right and will vote against the majority every time and ask that the record show such. However my videos don’t lie.

So I will continue to attend the county meetings and will call out mess. Anyone that has a problem with that so be it.

Curmilus Dancy II
Precinct Chair



Edgecombe County Democratic Party So The Damn Chair Did Not Send The Convention Information To The State Headquarters

1st Congressional District Convention in Durham Saturday May 5 and ignant didn’t turn in information. So will Edgecombe County have any delegates top the Convention and will the Resolution from the Democratic Women that was submitted during the county convention be honored on Saturday? Well what I do know is that if the Democratic Women had not question the 1st Congressional District active chair the resolution would not be on the table but will it really be on the table remains to be seen? Hell is the Edgecombe County Democratic Party a party?

While his ignant ass was running around talking to folk about trying to remove me from the party he ought to have been listening to me trying to help him do what he suppose to be doing. Those around him who ought to had been helping him such as Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who know that the information suppose to had been turned in to the state in x amount of time. But hell it is in the Plan of Organization. Hell I broke it down the sections that pertain to what suppose to had been done but folk either didn’t read it or just didn’t give a damn.

I decided since I had seen an email that was sent out by Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair calling a meeting but to be retracted by the chair Lawrence K. Taylor that I was going to not do the petition to have his ass removed but to just let him and all of others who are going along with his mess to just hit rock bottom. Well I think they are there. Well I never received emails from either but I do believe that if the meeting had been called we would be in better shape as a party.

So who going to Durham on Saturday to the 1st Congressional District Convention? I had said I was going but then again I may change my mind because if I go then I will video and those who do not go will be able to see it my video so since they don’t want to listen to me what the hell do I need to travel to Durham and bring back the information while they are following the ignant ass chair and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

But then again I would not be doing it for these guys the party but the everyday folk the regular Democrats in the county who listens and want to be educated.

Oh just going to fellowship with all of the candidates within the 1st Congressional District is enough for me.

So damn glad I know how the party works, oh been actively engaged since the late 80’s.

If I Was The Chair of Edgecombe County Democratic Party & Why I Would Not Seek That Office

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would be promoting Democratic Candidates. I would be sponsoring functions and going to functions where they are especially when they receive appointments.

If I was the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party I would educate the executive committee and all Edgecombe County Democrats that I could reach via Social Media, Newspapers and Radio/TV.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I would not be able to support a specific candidate in the primary election. I will not be silenced by not being able to openly support a candidate.

I would not seek to be the chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party because I can’t stand to see grown ass folk not reading the Plan of Organization so they could be able to make an informed decision but no they rely on the chair and other ignants within the party office structure or just go along to get along. Them kind of folk are dangerous.

Yep I said it!


Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair And His Followers Are Not About Democratic Candidates And Must Be Supporting Trump Agenda

It is a damn shame that the Edgecombe County Democratic Party County Officers have no clue of what they are doing and act as if we do not have a Primary Election in May.

The following b.s. talks about where our hearts and minds should be when their hearts and minds need to be getting the hell out of the way so the party can move forward as it relates to the May Primary Getting Out The Vote but nothing is mentioned here.

The reason for a meeting that the chair is rescinding would be to get the damn party organized, to be organized for the District Convention and to get out the vote in the May Primary.

There has not been anything official coming from the county party as it relates to the upcoming District Convention who the delegates are and etc. But they are busy announcing meetings and rescinding meetings.

It tickles me the short list of Democrats that received the emails the same names that the meeting notices were sent to and then now letter rescinding the meeting.

I am tickled to death that these Democrats are listening to Lawrence K. Taylor and Rev. Roosevelt Higgs.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Lawrence Taylor <
Date: Thu, Apr 19, 2018, 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Executive Committee letter – Edgecombe DEMs
To: Mk Johnson <>, <gl214>, Pastor Yvette Hart <>, <joy.mgb>, <mmooring2>, <jowilliamsii>, <
violaharris39@yahoo.com>, Otis Jordan <>, Doris Morris <>, Barbara Davis <>, <sarahintarboro>, <profvandelli>, <sbr9111t>, <carolwhite12>, <jdbulluck>, <cwebb1475>, <dave.d310>, <vcwilliams>, Deborah Jordan <2jazzybabe51@gmail.com>, Martha Johnson

Good Afternoon Fellow Democratic,

The reason for this correspondence is to rescind the previous correspondence concerning an executive committee meeting to be held on April 23, 2018.

Our hearts and minds at this time should be preparing to attend our district convention to be held Saturday May 5, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. After which the officers will convene and then each of you will be notified concerning our next executive committee meeting. Lets continue to work to turn North Carolina blue in November. Thanks for your support of our party.

Lawrence Taylor

Edgecombe County Democratic Chair  

The above message from Lawrence K. Taylor Chair is in response to the following message that was sent out by Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair.

April 10, 2018

Dear Executive Committee Member,

We should all be excited about the Blue Wave that is building across North Carolina and the country. This is an opportunity for us to do our part in the mid-term ad fall elections. It can be done with EVERYONES help.

Edgecombe has always been one of the top counties for voter turnout and this year we want to do even better. All it takes is volunteers, strategy, and adequate funding.

In order for us to become more united and focused on our tasks ahead of us we will have a called meeting of the Executive Committee on April 23, 2018 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at the Administrative Building in Tarboro, NC. We will clear up any issues, concerns, as well as the Treasurer’s Report. We will also outline all upcoming Democratic Party activities such as the District Convention.

We will discuss candidates and offices in both election cycles this year. Each precinct officer or representative should come prepared to actively participate in the “Get Out to Vote” initiative.

We should all be proud to be Democrats and in order to maintain the ability to fully engage In the Blue Wave process we will need everyone to be thinking of fundraising activities and recruitment strategies.

This is our party and we want the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to continue to uphold and exhibit true Democratic values and morals.

Looking forward to seeing you at this very special meeting. Please feel free to contact, 1st Vice Chair Martha Johnson should you need to.


Lawrence Taylor, Chair

Martha Johnson, 1st Vice

Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee And Elder Lawrence K. Taylor I Am Requesting That You React To The Following By Friday April 6, 2018

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party status is in question because from what I understand the secretary of the party Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown only has 5 precinct packages out of 21 precincts so therefore if I am correct this means that all the other precincts are considered unorganized until their precinct packages have been turned in to the party.

The reason why the precinct packages have not been received is because the party chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor had announced in a meeting that he attended around a week before the county convention where a couple of precincts met and he told them that the Post Office box was closed. I was told the chair said it was closed because the party had no money to pay the box fee. Really? The chair could have called all the precincts to inform us that the box was closed but he allowed precinct chairs to send in the packages knowing that the packages would be returned to the sender from the Post Office. Damn shame!

During the January 30, 2018 meeting called by the chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor it was clear that the money was funny when the treasurer’s report was presented and I feel strongly that the box was closed then and he didn’t say a word about it. I wonder how long the box has been closed.

While the chair is asking for money he and the former chair Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who also had a problem with the money during the end of his tenure also have joined forces asking for money. I don’t understand how anyone would write a check to the party at the moment and not be concerned with how the money that was in the bank when the current chair Taylor took over has been spent.

The current status of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party is an embarrassment to me and should be an embarrassment to all Democrats in Edgecombe County.

While the chair is focusing on me because I have asked him to resign several times and the most recent on the day of the Edgecombe County Convention. If the chair was concerned about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party he would be trying to reach out to the executive committee to get all of the precinct packages so he can make sure all precincts are organized.

The 1st Congressional District Convention is May 5 and the executive committee need to make sure the party is in compliance with the delegates in place. It would be ignorant for the Edgecombe County Democratic Party to go to the convention and to get there and be challenged because our house is not in order. I will not be embarrassed.

My recommendation is that a meeting be called by a couple of members of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee with the entire executive committee pre the March Annual Precinct meetings. You need to understand that all meetings are to be advertised and open to all Democrats and not just the executive committee.

I have come to the conclusion that you the chair Elder Lawrence K. Taylor do not have the best interest of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party at heart. Therefore I am asking for the last time that you Elder Lawrence K. Taylor resign effective immediately. However if you choose not to resign, I know the proper way to go about the process for removing you and I will be taking that route if you do not resign by Friday April 6, 2018 by submitting your letter of resignation to the Edgecombe County Democratic Party secretary Pastor Yvette Hart-Brown.