Open Letter To County Manager Eric Evans & Edgecombe County Commissioners Monthly Meetings Audio Is Horrible

Today I attended the virtual meeting of the Edgecombe County Board of Elections via ZOOM. I was real impressed with the format that they used on ZOOM where you could tune in online. However you could call in too.

The quality of the sound of the meeting was awesome. I loved the opportunity to be able to listen in via ZOOM online versus calling in on my cell phone.

I am requesting that you use the same format that the Board of Elections used during their meeting because it would be so much better.

Nearly all of the County Commissioners meetings the quality of the sound has been horrible and we deserve better.

Mr. County Manager please make the necessary adjustments for the upcoming August Commissioner’s meeting please sir.

Thanking you in advance!

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 

Audio Edgecombe County Commissioners Virtual Meeting Monday May 4, 2020 Hear The Latest Actions Of The Commissioners & Get Coronavirus Update

imageClick On Photo To Hear Audio
The DCN News Blog Online TV participated in the meeting via telephone. I sent in my questions on Sunday and they were read during the Public Comments. See how the County Manager Eric Evans responded to each question. Interesting! I wonder if I had been at the meeting would he had responded and also if he would have given such a report on coronavirus in Edgecombe County. But listen to the meeting for yourself and get the latest actions of the commissioners.

See notes that Commissioner Viola Harris posted after we got off the call on Monday. Edgecombe County Commissioners May 2020 Virtual Meeting Notes From Commissioner Viola Harris

Edgecombe County Commissioners May 2020 Virtual Meeting Notes From Commissioner Viola Harris

Updates from my virtual County Commissioner meeting tonight data pertaining to COVID-19 Commissioner Viola Harris

1. Of the 115 positive cases in our county, 77% are African Americans

2. More women than men

3. Ages 29-49 largest group

4. Of the 5 deaths, 3 over 65, 2 under 65

5. Most cases within our cities

6. Emerging numbers in the Hispanic population

7. Social Distancing still crucial

8. High risk must be careful

9. In homes where more than one positive, distance from family members crucial but difficult for some households

The DCN News Blog Online TV was on the call and recorded audio to be shared on my YouTube page. Stay tuned.

Edgecombe County – Open Letter To County Manager Eric Evans & County Health Department Karen W. Lachapelle

I understand the Hipaa Law pertains to the privacy of a patient by not sharing a persons name and medical records.

I am requesting that you provide the numbers by zip code as it relates to the coronavirus per the following:

1. number tested positive

2. number of deaths

3. number of recovered

4. number of those tested awaiting on results

5. number of those in isolation

Because the Coronavirus can be a deadly virus I strongly feel that I along with others should be informed as to what is going on around us. I strongly feel that we as citizens and tax payers that this information should be provided.

I am requesting this information to be made known ASAP because I want to know as a community activist and local blogger. I have been contacted by my followers asking me do I have the requested information. It is evident that folk are concerned and want to know.

Thanking you in advance.

Curmilus Butch Dancy II 

Pinetops, NC

Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County Board Of Commissioners Meeting Monday April 6, 2020 7 PM

Click on the following link Press Release: Edgecombe County Commissioners April 6 2020 Meeting Closed To Public But Public Can Listen To The Meeting By Phone to see how you can tune in to the meeting from home and to submit your Public Comments.




APRIL 6, 2020 AT 7:00 P.M.








February 3, 2020 Special Meeting, March 2, 2020 Meeting.



A. Consideration of approval of budget amendments. (Attachment #1)

(Recommended action: Approve budget amendments as presented.)




Support For Safety During The Edgecombe County Commissioners’ Meeting Public Comments But Ignant Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Tried To Discredit The Sheriff Office

imageClick On The Ignant In The Photo To Watch Video
I can’t just make this stuff up. See that ignant ass so-called Rev. Roosevelt Higgs try to discredit the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office. Dude tried to make our Sheriff Clee Atkinson look bad by saying he should have known what kind of budget he was working with when he became Sheriff. Ignant went on to say that others are not coming to the meeting asking for money. Well damn that is the others problem and not the Sheriff Office problem. As Dr. Thomas L. Walker stated safety takes care of all things especially when you talk about jobs and etc. coming to town.

Well folk I stop by to tell you that this is a personal thing with the ignant Rev. Higgs because he has a personal issue with the Sheriff. He did not support Clee during the appointment when we appointed Clee to replace the former Sheriff. Ignant has a problem with the Sheriff because he thinks he can pick up the phone and call the Sheriff and get special favors when it comes to family issues and he has a problem because a couple of folk are no longer with the Sheriff Office. I know because I know of the incident/s with the family members and also with at least one former employee in particular that Ignant Higgs thought he could somehow use his power to change the outcome but to find out he has not power.

This ignant had just left from downstairs in the earlier Democratic Party meeting stirring up mess and then came up to the commissioners’ meeting to put on a show for WHIG-TV who came in with 2 cameras one video and one live streaming. It is funny how WHIG-TV and the Rocky Mount Telegram allow him to call them and tell them mess about why they should be at certain meetings. I know what he says, you’ll need to come to the meeting because it is going to be a lot of folk their going against the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair and then go upstairs to the Commissioners’ meeting because folk are going to be not supportive of the Sheriff Office seeking more funds for the staff. Well didn’t he look ignant because Bronson Williams spoke in favor of more funding for the Sheriff’s Office and so did Dr. Thomas L. Walker along with myself. So, this was 3 folk in favor vs this 1 ignant who has a personal vendetta against the Sheriff.

My videos are a great asset because you get to see the whole meeting vs the newspapers reporting which is geared towards how they want to spin the story especially when it comes to black folk.

See photos of the meeting here.

Send all donations to The DCN News Blog Online TV.

The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Clee Atkinson And Staff Prepare To Say Good Bye To Deputy David Manning Today While You Have Janice Thompson Tender Mercies Pet Organization On A Mission About Animal Control

Done Told Ya’ll You Need To Remember Names Because Some Folk Are Dangerous And Has No Damn Respect For The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office Clee Atkinson And Staff As They Prepare To Say Good Bye To Deputy David Manning Today.

The following was sent to me because I don’t go to that page and read the mess Janice Thompson post on her Tender Mercies Pet Organization Page. Today as the Edgecombe County Sheriff Office is about to say good bye to one of their fellow Officers Deputy David Manning this what Janice and gang are up to. A damn shame.

I have tried not respond to this ignant ass woman and her gang and I refuse to go over there and respond to this. I can’t wait until the 1st meeting of the Animal Control Committee.

Folk of Edgecombe County who are animal lovers please understand everything has its place animals and humans. When folk don’t use common sense then they are dangerous.

I will say that for the record I will do what is in the best interest of whatever the Edgecombe County Commissioners will request of the Animal Control Committee to do as we will represent them as committee members. What I ain’t fitting ready to allow is that Ignant Ass Janice Thompson and gang to bully me into doing anything other than what is right. Yes Janice Thompson ain’t nothing but a bully and need to get someone sit down and shut the hell up until committee meet.

I have been told by several in the community that Janice is really mad with the Sheriff Office because she has is connected to Sweepstakes in and out of the county but here in the county she has been operating under someone else name.

Folk I am just tired of ignant mess and I refuse to be silent.

Now I am going to go today and support the Manning/Moore/Heath Families, The Edgecombe County Sheriff Office and other Law Enforcement locally, statewide and nationally as we will come together and say good bye to Deputy David Manning.




Animal Control Committee Formed By Edgecombe County Commissioners Coming Soon

Remember these Public Comments. Make sure you follow the outcome of what takes place with the committee especially the folk who are on the committee and will be added to the committee. See how this all unfolds. See what the motives are and why.

I have not had the opportunity to visit the animal shelter yet but gonna shoot for a visit next week. I have heard some things but I like to do my homework.

I will challenge animal lovers, animal haters and others because I see myself as neutral. I don’t own pets the closest I have been to owning pets is raising pigs/hogs for years having atleast 100 or more at a time.

I am looking forward to doing what the County Commissioners will be asking of the committee and not what folk want alone especially folk who have just the animal side in mind and not the rules ie: local ordinances and state laws that the county are governed by.

Do you know who are responsible for the Edgecombe County Animal Shelter?

Do you know how old it is?

I hope to see an Edgecombe County Animal Shelter Website in the future if there is not one. I don’t know what is all going on at the moment because I have not heard anything from the commissioners so therefore I am going to just sit here and wait to work on the committee. However as I stated I will be visiting the Animal Shelter hopefully next week. But if I don’t I got time because I am quite sure the committee will probably go visit as a group in the future.

Part 2 Edgecombe County Commissioners Meeting Public Comments

Part 2 Edgecombe County Commissioners Meeting Public…


Edgecombe commissioners to hold public hearings – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners will meet Tuesday to hold four public hearings.

The first public hearing will be held on a proposed application submission of a Community Development Block Grant. (Source: Read more)

Edgecombe should speak up on split – Rocky Mount Telegram

About the only elected leaders in the Twin Counties who haven’t aired a full debate on a proposal to split Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools are Edgecombe County commissioners – the officials whose constituents would be the most directly affected by such a change.

That’s a great disservice to students, parents, teachers and administrators in Edgecombe County.

Splitting the Nash-Rocky Mount school system along county lines, as Nash County commissioners voted to suppport Monday, could trigger an influx of as many as 2,000 students into the Edgecombe County Public Schools system. (Source: Read more)