Will Somebody Help Me?

I received a response from a person comparing the NOI (Nation of Islam) Minister Farrakhan with the KKK saying both are hate groups. Can somebody help my ignant ass out because I can’t get wit that. Please not everybody at one time, but has the NOI and Minister Farrakhan killed any folks like the KKK has?

This person said that Dr. Benjamin Chavis has said he is no longer a member of the NOI. Well did he kill anybody? Just what did he do when he was a member of the NOI that was criminal? Hell I know and been in the midst of many white folks who do not like black folks and they goes to a white church. Now do that make them a member of a hate group?

This person said Dr. Chavis should be disqualified for life from being able to serve as the Executive Director of the NC Democratic Party.

This person in question is Jewish and in my opinion he is confused. But I don’t know him and he don’t know me so I guess I ought not go there.

Somebody please help me. Am I right about it? If I am just wave your hand and/or holler! Well!

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Raleigh NC: So Should Dr. Ben Chavis Be Disqualified For Life From Being Able To Serve In The Democratic Party?

Long status, anyone who doesn’t live in NC will likely be bored.

Over the weekend the Chair of the NCDP, Randolph S. Voller fired the party ED. I have yet to hear a bad word about the work Dempsey has done, so this was confusing. It came out yesterday that Randy intends to hire his friend Ben Chavis to run the party. All of this done without any contact with the Executive Council of the party, in clear violation of the Plan of Organization and the mediation agreement Randy signed after his last screw up.

But who is Ben Chavis? If you know the name you know him because of his membership in the Wilmington 10, and his jailing for fighting for Civil Rights. But his life took a turn for the weird that should disqualify him from ever running the NCDP.

In 1993 Chavis was named the ED of the National NAACP. Just over a year later he was fired for stealing money from the organization to pay a woman so as to avoid a sexual harassment claim. After he was fired he blamed "Right Wing Jewish Groups" for his firing. But his friends at the Nation of Islam (rightly classified by the SPLC as a hate group) put him in charge of the Million Man March and then later their largest temple in NYC. He was eventually accused of at least one affair bordering on sexual harassment while in that position. As late as at least 2006/7 Chavis was still a member of the Nation of Islam, a group that teaches hate and has almost no connection to actual Islam or Muslim theology. It is a charismatic, racist cult.

So, if you are a member of the Democratic Party in North Carolina and you think firing someone to hire a friend is wrong, and you think hiring an anti-Semite accused of sexual harassment is wrong make your voices heard.

My response:
So Will Cubbison how did you come to the conclusion "But who is Ben Chavis? If you know the name you know him because of his membership in the Wilmington 10, and his jailing for fighting for Civil Rights. But his life took a turn for the weird that should disqualify him from ever running the NCDP."

Why should he be disqualified for life? Who gave you and those who think like you that much power?

Will have you seen the following?

By Cash Michaels
An analysis

The fallout from the badly mishandled nomination of the Rev. Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. to the post of executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party this week, is still unknown.

But the behind-the-scenes movement among Democratic rank-and-file members to ensure that Dr. Chavis, a veteran civil rights leader and member of the Wilmington Ten, was stopped, is something that may give African-American voters pause come the critical 2014 mid-term elections.

As in 2010, when the Republicans dominated the congressional and state legislative races to claim a solid hold on both the US House and the NC General Assembly, NC Democrats have their work cut out for them in November convincing black voters that they deserve to return to power. With a lack of fundraising and little energy on their side, state Democrats are almost wholly dependent on outside nonpartisan movements like the NCNAACP’s “Moral Monday” and “Historic Thousands on Jones Street” demonstrations.

The Chavis episode, as it played out this week, will not help those efforts.

It all started when NCDP Executive Director Robert Dempsey, who had joined the state party last spring, was summarily fired last weekend by NCDP Chairman Randolph Voller. Sources say Voller had become disappointed in Dempsey, and felt it was time for a change.

An offer to Dr. Chavis to take the position, given that the civil rights leader had been planning to return to his home state after years away, was tendered by Voller, and after much thought, accepted by Chavis. Voller, the former mayor of Pittsboro, became acquainted with Chavis during the 2012 Black Press-led campaign to gain pardons of innocence for the Wilmington Ten.

Over the weekend Chavis tweeted that he was coming back to North Carolina to help the Democrats in 2014, without saying how, or in what capacity. It was not the first time Dr. Chavis has mentioned intentions of being involved in North Carolina politics, having contemplated, just a few years ago, a run for a state House seat from his native Granville County.

Voller retweeted Chavis’ message, and once word of Dempsey’s dismissal went public, the frenzy among local media and NC rank-and-file Democrats began. It didn’t take long for adversaries of Chairman Voller in the party, of which there are many since the liberal leader edged out moderate competition in 2013, to begin drumbeats of discontent about Dr. Chavis.

Local media began reporting negative stories about Chavis’ past membership in the Nation of Islam from 1995 – fueling immediate allegations of anti-Semitism; and rehashing old stories of sexual harassment allegations against Chavis in 1994 when he helmed the NAACP as executive director.

In virtually every false local media report on Monday and Tuesday, there was no mention that in court papers, Chavis has never admitted any guilt in the NAACP sexual harassment case, even though he tried to settle it quietly for fear that it would hurt the civil rights organization.

Nor was there any reporting that Chavis left the Nation of Islam in the late 2000’s, and has been an ordained Christian minister, and member of Oak Level United Church of Christ in Manson, NC for many years.

And there was certainly no reporting about what Dr. Chavis’ productive activities since 1994-95 have been, among which are:
– Serving as president of the Education Online Services Corporation, an online provider of higher education materials for HBCUs;
– President/CEO and cofounder of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Summit;
– Cofounder of the Diamond Empowerment Fund which supports scholarships in Africa;
– Syndicated columnist for the National Newspaper Publishers Association, read by 20 million readers.

Nothing was reported about his ministerial doctorates or other degrees from schools like Duke, UNC- Charlotte and Howard University, and the question was never even raised publicly if Dr. Chavis had the requisite experience to even function well in the position of NCDP executive director.

Instead, as Republican officials watched in glee, and the media focused primarily on any negative allegations they could dig up, Democrats took to social media to quickly stir up opposition among the moderate base.

Gary Pearce, who served as press secretary to Gov. Jim Hunt in 1978 when Hunt denied pardons to Chavis and the rest of the Wilmington Ten, took to his “Talking About Politics” online blog and, strongly referring to Dr. Chavis without ever using his name, chided Chairman Voller for wanting to appoint “…the most divisive, controversial figure he can find.”

Pearce, who is a loyalist of the so-called moderate “Hunt faction” of the Democratic Party which has reportedly vehemently opposed Voller’s administration, later did make direct reference to Chavis by name, writing, “And maybe Republicans will get so fixated on making Chavis and William Barber the faces of the Democratic Party that they’ll forget about education.”

By email, Democratic moderates were sending out patently negative narratives about Chavis.

“What are your gut feelings re: Dempsey’s dismissal w/o just cause and about Voller’s plan to announce tomorrow that he’s hiring Ben (formerly Chavis) Muhammad as Ex. Dir. despite Ben’s NAACP termination/lawsuit?” later asking, “WTH is going on in Raleigh.”

When the person who confirmed sending the email was asked why was Chavis’ former Muslim surname used since he hasn’t gone by it in many years, the person replied that they meant no disrespect. When pressed further, the person claimed to feel “threatened” being questioned about the needless reason to refer to Dr. Chavis in her emails by a name he no longer uses.

Emails were also sent out by members of the Democratic Women of NC.

They were not supportive.

“If you have not seen any of the articles, I suggest you Google Ben Chavis,” one DWNC member, who admittedly got her information from biased local media reports, wrote Tuesday evening prior to the NCDP Executive Council voting on Chavis’ nomination.

“I will be honest with you,” she continued, “ I am not inclined to support Ben Chavis for ED for two reasons: (a) lack of ED experience and (b) his history of sexual (sic) harrassment. That said, if a majority of you feel otherwise, that is the way I will vote.”

On the liberal “Blue NC” blogsite, reader comments after a story where Chairman Voller denied media reports that he and Chavis were old friends, and dismissed charges that past allegations and associations were primarily material to Chavis’ qualifications for the post, were negative.

“What really got under my skin were Chavis’ attitudes toward my fellow Jews,” posted Mike Radionchecnko under the title, “An Anti-Semite Running the NCDP.” “When he was fired by the NAACP, he claimed that a Jewish conspiracy brought him down [1]. Chavis’ speech at the University of Oklahoma was laced with anti-Semitic dog-whistles and innuendo [2]. He served as the right-hand-man to the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, who has a prolific record of anti-Semitic and homophobic rhetoric, but Chavis’ words speak for themselves.”

Two posts down, under the title “This Would Be Wrong for the Party,” someone identified as “chambers1” wrote, “If Chavis is no longer a member of NOI, this would be the first time that has ever been stated in the media. Frankly, I want to hear him say it. The NOI has done a lot of good work for the black community but nothing can excuse the fact that the NOI is a virulently anti-Semitic organization whose rhetoric about Jews is almost indecipherable from hate groups like the KKK and the Aryan Nation, etc. Having an Executive Director of the NCDP that was still a member of the NOI would be hugely problematic.”

On Facebook, other self-described Jewish Democrats actively compounded the anti-Semitic charges against Chavis, ignoring documented stories by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun from the mid-1990s of then NAACP Executive Director Ben Chavis joining with other black leaders denouncing fiery anti-Semitic remarks by Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Muhammad.

And when Chavis was forced to leave the NAACP in 1994, it is documented that it was under pressure from several Jewish donors to the civil rights organization who were concerned about charges of alleged financial mismanagement amid the sexual harassment scandal.

And even in a 1997 edition of The Jewish Week, the then Min. Benjamin Chavis Muhammad, under the leadership of NOI leader Min. Louis Farrakhan, told the paper that one of his missions was to improve relations with the Jewish community, given previous tensions between them and Farrakhan because of fiery remarks made by the Muslim leader.

For his part, Dr. Chavis, who arrived in Raleigh Tuesday in preparation for an announced press conference Wednesday, was certainly aware of internal opposition to his nomination, which had to be accepted by the NCDP Executive Council.

Facing difficult, challenging odds was part of Chavis’ trademark, and he had prayed about Voller’s offer, and accepted it, deciding to leave its fate in God’s hands.

But the level to which the opposition had risen, accompanied by a seemingly united front between the media and a committed Democratic opposition to Chairman Voller, soon became concerning to even Chavis, sources say.

Among the major local media in Raleigh, only one, WNCN-TV, conducted an interview with Dr. Chavis, giving him something no one else would even offer – a chance to answer his critics.

In that interview he denied guilt per the sexual harassment allegations, and made clear that he had left the Nation of Islam years earlier. He said he was eager to come back home to North Carolina to use his skills as a charismatic civil rights leader to help Democrats win in the fall of 2014.

But before that singular interview ever aired, it was too late.

Tuesday evening, during a reportedly raucous, contentious NCDP Executive Council teleconference to decide on Dr. Chavis’ hiring, the nomination was pulled by Chairman Voller, at the request of Chavis, because of the growing firestorm among moderates.

An interim E.D. was designated for the next 30 days.

Whether the Chavis nomination will ever be reintroduced is doubtful, given the high level of vitriol that remains in the party for its chairman.

The next day, triumphant members of a state party which had its own alleged sexual harassment scandal two years ago; handed the Republican Party control of state government for at least the next six years, and until recently, annually gathered for a dinner named after two white supremacist Democratic governors, slapped themselves on the back.

They admitted, as much, that Ben Chavis deserved at least due process to defend himself against allegations. But they vehemently opposed him, they say, to protect themselves from further Republican attacks.

They called what they did to Dr. Chavis, “political street smarts.”

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Damn! Now This Is On! But Folks Says RACE Does Not Matter But The Last Sentence Speaks Much Volume!

By Grace L. Galloway

Once upon a time around the turn of the 20th century, there lived a man who equated imperialism with masculinity and ambition while denouncing isolationism as lazy and cowardly. He argued that imperialists were not greedy but courageous instead. He claimed that "we do not admire the man of timid peace. We admire the man who embodies victorious effort." He was also rumored to have had several extra marital affairs while in the White House with a voracious sexual appetite. This man was President Teddy Roosevelt considered to be one of our finest Presidents – which I believe to be true. What this man did for America with his conservatism and love of nature is unparalleled.

Once upon a time during the depression, there lived a man who wrote more executive orders than any other president other than George Washington. He also had a voracious sexual appetite and had extra-marital affairs. But what he did for America with the New Deal, how he turned the Great Depression around, his ultimate concern for his fellow man made him too one of our great Presidents.

Once upon a time during WWII a bespectacled, seemingly unassuming man dropped the A-bomb not once but twice on Japan and while controversial and vilified for what his critics called callousness, ended the war thus saving millions of lives. It was said by some that he too had some extra-marital affairs. This man was Harry Truman – no doubt that he was one of our greatest. We remember him as "the Buck Stops here" Truman.

Once upon a time in the 1960s a tall, lanky Texan orchestrated the Gulf of Tonkin thus leading us into a bloody and costly war. A heinous act. He too had a voracious sexual appetite. But he also led us into the era of Civil Rights and the War on Poverty. This man was Lyndon B. Johnson and for all his mistakes we still honor him for his good works.

Once upon a time in the 1990s a young governor from Arkansas was accused of sexual intimidation, even murder. Yet he was elected President. Then he was found to have had sexual relations outside of his marriage while in the White House. Yet he gave us 8 years of peace and prosperity and the latter is what we remember him fondly for. Indeed he is still my most favorite Prez.

Then we have Dr. Ben Chavis – who did nothing as egregious as causing millions of deaths, but who was accused in the 1990s of some sexual misconduct. He is also well known for his Civil Rights activity, for engaging the youth in social events and democracy, for philantrophy….yet the only thing remembered about Dr. Chavis is that he is a sexual predator. Shades of Willie Horton.

Does anyone see the glaring difference between all of the above mentioned and Dr. Ben Chavis?? Does anyone see how a different yardstick is used to measure Dr. Chavis’ actions as the others? Does anyone see it? And does anyone see yet one more glaring difference? Yes. Dr. Ben Chavis is the only Black man in the group.

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Response: A damn public lynching but if you ask them they don’t think so. But the sad part is when black folks don’t say anything. I have not heard a damn thing from the African American Caucus of the NC Democratic Party so what good are they?

The fallout from the badly mishandled nomination of the Rev. Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. to the post of executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party this week, is still unknown.

But the behind-the-scenes movement among Democratic rank-and-file members to ensure that Dr. Chavis, a veteran civil rights leader and member of the Wilmington Ten, was stopped, is something that may give African-American voters pause come the critical 2014 mid-term elections. (Source: Read more)

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Raleigh NC – Commentary on “NC Democrats, Hypocrisy and Ben Chavis” as delivered on MAKE IT HAPPEN on Power 750 WAUG-AM by Cash Michaels

Response: I know Cash Michaels on a personal note. I have been following his reporting with Wilmington Journal and the Raleigh Carolinian Newspapers for years. He is one of the best news reporter in the country and is well know across the country. He is working on a film to be released soon. Was in his presence at the Moral March on Raleigh on last Saturday.

A tragedy took place this week, and it deserves insight, reflection and perspective.

Earlier this week it was announced that Randolph Voller, the chairman of what is clearly a divided NC Democratic Party which has been at war with itself since he took over the reins over a year ago, had fired the party’s executive director, Robert Dempsey.

No official reason was given, though subsequent reports suggest Voller wasn’t pleased with the job Dempsey was doing. It should be noted that none of our esteemed members of the major local media have bothered to look into the possible reasons, and never, apparently, asked any of their sources within the party about why Dempsey had to go.

So when word leaked about the firing, because little justification was given publicly, rand-and-file Democrats assumed it was unjustified.

Almost immediately, however, because of tweets from the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Chavis, and Chairman Voller over the weekend, by Monday it was determined that Dr. Chavis would be replacing Mr. Dempsey as party executive director. A press conference at NC Democratic Party (NCDP) headquarters was scheduled for Wednesday to make the official announcement.

That gave powerful forces in the moderate and conservative wings of the NCDP enough time to mount an effective counteroffensive, and devise a plot to smear Dr. Chavis with his past association with the Nation of Islam; with false allegations of his being anti-Semitic (meaning he hated Jews because of the NOI association); and also smearing Chavis with past allegations of sexual harassment from his days as executive director of the NAACP.

Yes, there were allegations, and yes, there was a court settlement. But no, nowhere in those court papers do you find an admission of guilt on the part of Chavis. And, in fact, he even says today that the allegations were false when they were made 20 years ago.

Chavis’ denial was never reported in any of the scandal-hungry local media when the controversy began.

By Tuesday, the controversy was full flame. Moderate/conservative Democrats were now using social media to further tar and feather Ben Chavis for allegations dating back 20 years. Local media were busy digging up, or being handed old articles and accusations to use to further build a case against Chavis being executive director. Jewish Democrats were declaring Chavis anti-Semitic and unfit – end of story. Emails from members of the Democratic Women of NC were referring to the negative articles about the man as justification for opposing Chavis. Party elders deliberately referred to Chavis as “Muhammad,” his former Muslim surname, as if to suggest he was still a member of the Nation of Islam, when in fact he had left the NOI almost ten years ago.

And Gary Pearce, who was once press secretary to Gov. Jim Hunt in the late 1970’s when Hunt refused to pardon Ben Chavis when he was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit during the Wilmington Ten case, got on his blog and called Rev. Chavis “…the most divisive, controversial figure” Chairman Voller could find to be executive director.

By the time Ben Chavis got off the plane in Raleigh Tuesday afternoon, he was facing a well-organized NC Democratic Party opposition that Chairman Voller had absolutely no control over, which was a huge mistake and gross miscalculation.

Virtually no one in the media, or as part of the NCDP, thought to look to see what Chavis had been doing for the past 20 years, or 10 years, or five year, or even within the past year, to balance the record.

Virtually no one in the media, or in the NCDP, thought to at least give Rev. Chavis the respect of due process…a chance to at least answer his critics and the many charges directly, before anyone voted on anything.

Virtually no one thought to do that, except anchor Pam Saulsby with WNCN-TV News. She caught up with Rev. Chavis soon after he arrived, and taped a sitdown interview with him, putting the tough questions to him, and giving him a chance to answer his critics. Of all of the so-called “journalists” this week, Pam Saulsby was the only true journalist to do her job – giving a controversial figure a fair opportunity to answer his critics…truly giving both sides of the story.

Chavis told Saulsby how he was no longer a member of the Nation of Islam, having left the group many years ago. He said that he was not guilty of sexual harassment allegations, and that sometimes, people target high profile leaders with those charges, knowing that that places then in untenable situations.

Saulsby gave Chavis some of the due process he deserved, but it was too late. By the time the interview aired, the Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party, in a raucous session, had already voted by teleconference to appoint an interim executive director for thirty days.

Chairman Voller, at the request of Ben Chavis, did not submit Chavis’ name given the uproar. Voller says he may still do so later, but that’s extremely doubtful.

NC Democratic Party members are now slapping themselves on the back fro keeping that “no good Chavis-Muhammad-sexual-harasser-fella from becoming executive director. After all, we don’t need a racist and sexual harasser running our party.”

Well, members of the NC Democratic Party, turn your radios up so I can give you some truth right about now. First of all, I am not pleased with the sloppy, ill-advised way Chairman Randolph Voller handled this whole affair. It was Mickey Mouse and unprofessional from the word go, and if given the opportunity, I’ll tell him that to his face, because in the interim, a good man and courageous leader was wounded and lynched this week… a man who has tremendous courage and dignity, and has a solid record of bring people, and especially young people of all stripes and backgrounds together, who could truly help what can only be described as a crippled NCDP so weak and directionless that long before Randolph Voller took over as chairman, it literally handed the Republicans control of this state for at least the next six years because its Democratic past Democratic speaker of the House and one of his lieutenants were convicted of corruption and sent to prison; and because its past chairman allegedly paid hush money to a former staffer who had been allegedly sexually harassed by the then party executive director.

All of this happened in just the past five years, and no Democrat enjoys having that nonsense thrown back in their face without a fair hearing, but those same Democrats were more than willing to convict a man for allegations dating back 20 years ago, without a fair hearing…without due process. Somehow, that doesn’t make sense.

Oh, and racism…Ben Chavis is (supposedly) an anti-Semite because of his past association with the Nation of Islam in the 1990’s? I might remind the NCDP that back in 2006, you were forced to apologize to the African-American community of this great state for the fact that in 1898, white supremacist leaders of your party decided Democrats could no longer tolerate black economic and political progress, and, employing the Ku Klux Klan, ravaged the mostly black city of Wilmington, NC in November 1898, shooting black people on the streets, chasing black businesspeople from their homes and properties at gunpoint, and taking over the city government by force, ushering in the era tat became known as Jim Crow.

Why is Cash Michaels bringing all that up? The 1898 massacre was a long time ago. Well so was Ben Chavis’ membership in the Nation of Islam, if there was anything wrong with it, as well as those sexual harassment charges. After all, I don’t recall NOI members…I repeat…NOI members…on orders from NOI leader Min. Louis Farrakhan, EVER going on a murderous rampage of white people.

But I do remember that it was only within the past one or two years that the NCDP finally, after many, many decades, changed the name of its annual big fundraising dinner named after two white supremacist Democratic governors – Zebulon B. Vance, a well-known slaveholder; and Charles Brantley Aycock, a man who, according to the News and Observer, was responsible in part for “…widespread violence, voter intimidation, voter fraud…and even the [overthrow] of Wilmington in 1898.”

And yet, isn’t it peculiar that despite the racist histories of both men, they not only have statues on the grounds of our State Capitol, but also had a major Democratic fundraising dinner named after them until recently, when someone in the Democratic Party woke up and said ‘Heck no’? Vance and Aycock even have their likenesses up in the US Capitol.

Fancy that!

And yet, a Rev. Ben Chavis can’t even get a fair hearing today…something you’d expect in the simplest of job interviews…about who he is TODAY, and what he has done TODAY, to bring people together TODAY!

The same way Rev. William Barber of the NCNAACP is bringing people together with his Moral Monday movement outside of the NCDP – and make no mistake, the NCDP is in such poor shape, it literally needs Rev. Barber, even though he can’t have anything to do with it – Ben Chavis has the skills to bring people together inside the NCDP. A man of over 50 years of civil rights experience, who led his first civil rights demonstration in his hometown of Oxford, NC at the age of 12.

At age 23, Ben was in Wilmington working with the black student boycott of the racist New Hanover County Public School System then.

In 1995 when he was with the Nation of Islam, Ben convened the historic Million Man March. When he left the NOI years later, Chavis partnered with music legend Russell Simmons to create the Hip Hop Action Network, working with young people in the music business.

He travels this nation, visiting college campuses, and speaking with students. Chavis has his own online educational company working with historically black colleges and universities. He’s also involved in diamond mining in Africa, and an energy company.

And yet, through all of that, Ben Chavis was willing to come back home to North Carolina, and help the NCDP take back the state from Republican control.

You see, and think about this…Democrats don’t necessarily win when blacks vote. Democrats win when blacks that don’t normally vote, do. That was the strategy employed by the Obama campaign in 2008 – to excite the base beyond normal capacity. In 2012, President Obama didn’t lose North Carolina because black voters failed him. Blacks came out in even stronger numbers than in 2008. Obama lost North Carolina by 100,000 votes because Democratic white voters failed to keep their end of the bargain.

So the NCDP would have a job on its hands during this fall’s midterms even if none of this Chavis controversy ever happened. Doing what they did to Rev. Chavis clearly doesn’t help, and without Barack Obama’s name on the ballot the only hope the NCDP has now is Rev. Barber’s Moral Monday movement, and that hasn’t proven it can deliver votes yet because it just started last spring.

So Democrats in this state need someone exciting and dynamic to excite the base beyond Moral Monday. Someone who could fine-tune the NC Democratic message.

Too bad they told Rev. Chavis to get lost, and tried to destroy his reputation in the process.

So who do you have now, NC Democrats? You hate your chairman, the big money bags have stopped giving cash to the party, your reputation has been in shambles for at least the past five years, you’ve lost control of the Governor’s Mansion an the General Assembly with no real hope of getting it back, you’re fighting each other more than you’re fighting Republicans, you’ve now lynch mobbed a man without due process… and you wonder why more and more people are disgusted with both you and the Republicans, and changing their political party registration to NO political party registration?

Well, I’m joining them!

My core value system is freedom, justice, equality and truth. Anything or anyone I’m associated with has to reflect some, if not most of those core values. And when I find out, without question, that those values are not reflected in my association, I cut ties, because I will not cast a blind eye to hypocrisy.

I was convinced this week that the way the NC Democratic Party mistreated Rev. Benjamin Chavis, is the way it would treat me if it found cause – false allegations with no due process, despite its own very checkered history of racism, sexual harassment and official corruption…much of it just in the past five years.

I am better than that, and so is Rev. Chavis. Yes, I may still vote for those Democratic candidates who I believe are worthy of my vote. And those I don’t, I won’t.

The question is, if the NC Democratic Party continues with this clown show and lynch mob party, then how many others are you going to send away from your ranks?

And if any of what I’ve just said you think was wrong or unfair…well, now you know how Ben Chavis feels.

Source: Cash Michaels Facebook Page

Rocky Mount NC: Open Letter to Gwen Wilkins Former 1st Vice Chair NC State Democratic Party

A couple of days ago I received a call asking me had I read your comment in the Rocky Mount Telegram as it relates to the “Chavis choice worried some Democrats.” I had not.

After reading the following I had a flashback to the last State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting that I attended as a proxy member with voting privileges when I witnessed Nina Szlosberg and her well organized crew (on the SEC) defeated you as you were the 1st Vice Chair. They (within the party elites) didn’t even want you to carry out the meeting because the chair had resigned his post. I felt they had no respect for you and I voiced my opinion about that situation. Damn Szlosberg resigned last year shortly after defeating you because she had an issue with the newly elected Chairman Randy Voller that was elected during the meeting that you were defeated. Remember I said along with some others that her campaign platform seemed as if she should had been seeking the seat that Voller was seeking. Well in my opinion it was all about removing you.

So now I am having a hard time trying to comprehend how you would state your opinion about how you felt about Dr. Chavis when you in my opinion were lynched. During that SEC meeting, some of the SEC members were very rude to you and you had to fight them while continuing to carry out the meeting. Another one of those meetings I videoed and post on my blog.

But back to your comments about Dr. Chavis, “Hiring Chavis “just wasn’t a good fit for the Democratic Party,” said Gwen Wilkins of Rocky Mount, a council member and Voller supporter. Wilkins said that while “Chavis may know politics and civil rights … he did not know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party.” I would like to know how did you come to that opinion?

Hell you were the 1st Vice Chair and they felt you wasn’t a good fit for whatever reason, however I feel the reason was they didn’t want to see a black woman in the position in which you would be the acting chair whenever the chair was not present or if he/she should step down and/or was removed for whatever reason.

I received a call on yesterday from someone from another county who wanted to know did I have your phone number. They went on to tell me what they wanted. They said they wondered would you be interested in the position of the State Executive Director. I said but are you familiar with how you lost your post as the 1st Vice Chair because of the SEC members? After I shared what happened, they said they remembered. I said so if they didn’t want you as the 1st Vice Chair, why would I waste my time worrying about them hiring you as the E.D. I said it would never happen. I said and some folks are probably mad as hell about your comment about Dr. Chavis. Hell some things are better kept yourself until you get in a position to be able to respond. I asked the person did they want to the number if I got it for them and they said no, I trust in what you just shared because it makes sense.

After sharing my conversation with some others at different times they said maybe your response is because you may be interested in the E.D. position. I said I had not thought about that and that they may be on to something.

I hope you don’t forget who make up the SEC and what is really going on with the State NCDP because I know you know. But maybe you have forgotten, don’t care or in denial. But whatever, you better recognize that when it comes to certain folks, it will not matter how much experience one may have, certain folks will never be good enough.

As it relates to Dr. Chavis my opinion of him serving as my E.D. I don’t need to waste my time on that matter since Chairman Voller didn’t submit his name. What I will say is that I do believe that since he has served as the National Director of the NAACP that he is qualified to hold an E.D. position in just about any organization. But that is just my ignant ass opinion. I do agree that he damn sure don’t know the inner workings of the state Democratic Party but I bet you he would find out shortly if he was given the opportunity to serve at any capacity on the state level. Hell he may have resigned himself after seeing what he would had to deal with.

I have been challenging folks on Social Media who have been attempting to discredit Dr. Chavis by publicly lynching him dating back to 1994 over something that they are basing their opinion on because they are not acting on facts.

I know Dr. Chavis on a personal note when II  first met him when he served as the National Executive Director of the NAACP when he came to Greenville NC for our NC NAACP State Convention in 1993. I remember so well because it was he and the NAACP that got Allen Iverson was locked and was to spend years in prison because of a fight in a bowling alley but the white boys didn’t get any time. Iverson was about to finish high school and was getting ready to go to the NBA so they were determined to keep him out.

My friend please don’t get caught up in the SEC issues by helping those folks to discredit folks even yourself because they don’t want to see certain folks in high positions.

Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Chavis choice worried some Democrats

RALEIGH — The planned hiring of a long-term executive director for the North Carolina Democratic Party has been delayed as both allies and critics of Chairman Randy Voller expressed concern about his early choice of former national NAACP leader Benjamin Chavis.

Voller canceled a Wednesday news conference in Raleigh to announce his pick to run the party’s day-to-day operations. Voller said in an interview the event at state party headquarters was delayed partly by weather. But Voller also appears to have pulled back on naming Chavis to the post that became vacant last weekend with Voller’s firing of executive director Robert Dempsey.

Voller didn’t seek the approval of Chavis as executive director from the party’s 51-member executive board during an unwieldy conference call Tuesday night. Instead, a divided board agreed to hire Voller ally Casey Mann as interim director and meet within 30 days on a permanent replacement. (Source: Read more)