Democratic Party Edgecombe & Nash Counties

With all that are going on politically I can’t wait to see who will be appointed and elected to positions within the Democratic Party locally.

In Edgecombe County we have a weak Democratic Party led by Rev. Roosevelt Higgs. The party has no meetings unless it has to such as the recent meeting for the appointment of Register of Deeds. So if the former Register of Deeds had not retired we would not have had a meeting. Thank you Robin Williams Braswell for your years of service and also for being the reason we had a Democratic Party meeting. It was you who made the party meet.

The party do not meet because Rev. Roosevelt Higgs intentionally do not want the party to meet. But I can’t blame him because the Democrats that voted him as the chair are to blame. But that speaks highly of them too.

In Nash County some Democrats over there were the main supporters of the Republican Sandy Roberson for mayor. Kevin Jones, Gwen Wilkins, Ron Green, Rev. Ray Green and Mary Wells to name a few were some of his top supporters. I am going to see what role these Democrats have within the party because if Democrats support these and the others within the party, then the party is a lie and the truth ain’t in them. How can the party support these Democrats who openly supported a Republican?

Well I am going to sit back and wait to see how the twin counties party move forward. Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Sad The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Does Not Inform The Democrats About Democratic Information


Photos credit: Deborah Jordan

Sad the Edgecombe County Democratic Party, the DW of Edgecombe County along with the Edgecombe County Board of Elections didn’t publicize this.

What good is having a Edgecombe County Democratic Party if they are not going to inform the Democrats of Democratic Party information.

Edgecombe County Board of Elections swearing in Tuesday March 5, 2019 12 Noon. Board consist of 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Any Candidate Running For An Office In Edgecombe County You Better Not Give The Democratic Party Any Money You Better Reach Out To Other Sources

Name one thing the Edgecombe County Democratic Party has done under the leadership of Rev. Roosevelt Higgs and now Lawrence K. Taylor?

The only thing Higgs did was to play around with the appointment of Clee Atkinson for Sheriff.

Lawrence K. Taylor has done ab so lute ly nothing but spent money that was in the bank account.

The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee love it because as long as the chair ain’t doing anything they don’t have to so you can’t hold them accountable for not doing anything when they have no directive from the leadership.

I have heard about a meeting but have not received it officially from Martha Johnson or any of the 6 officers or should I say 5 because the 3rd Vice Chair do not attend the meetings.

It is a damn shame that the Democratic Party Executive Committee continue to listen to Rev. Roosevelt Higgs who continue to mislead them about the workings of the party. Damn read the Plan of Organization for your self something that ya’ll have no clue about because you have not looked at the plan online and the party do not pass them out anymore.

The Executive Committee meeting held in January 2018 a quorum was not present nor the 2018 County Convention so anything that was voted on in both of the meetings are null and void. I don’t give a damn about Roosevelt’s motion that motion means ab so damn lute ly nothing because only 5 precinct packages were turned in and it was not clear who the delegates were from those 6 precincts.

I just love it how Higgs and Taylor continue to make ya’ll look some kinda ignant.

Democratic Party Plan of Organization



Except as provided specifically within the Plan of Organization, all public meetings of the North Carolina Democratic Party at the precinct, county, district and state levels shall be open to all registered Democrats inclusive of race, sex, color, creed, national origin, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, philosophical persuasion or physical disability. Meetings are defined as a meeting of all committees and bodies created herein in which a quorum is present.

A meeting may be held in closed executive session to discuss litigation, potential litigation, or other legal issues when legal counsel is present. However final actions resulting from such meeting shall be considered in open session.

Within a reasonable time of its request by any active Democrat in the state, a list of the names and addresses of the members of any county or congressional district executive committee, or of the state executive committee, of any committee or subcommittee of the county, congressional district, or state executive committee, or of the delegates to any county, congressional district, or state convention, shall be made available for inspection, examination, or duplication. Each committee constituted by the state party shall establish a means to maintain the official list of that committee’s membership and this list shall be published in a manner so that this information is available to all registered Democrats upon request. For the purposes of this section, a “reasonable time” is presumptively thirty (30) days or fewer.

When County Committee is Not in Session.

When the county executive committee is not in session, the officers of the county executive committee shall act in the place of the county executive committee on all matters unless this Plan of Organization states that action is to be taken by the entire county executive committee. The chair of the county executive committee is encouraged to include the presidents of chartered auxiliary organizations in such sessions.

1.00 PRECINCT ORGANIZATION – Only 5 Precinct Packages Received During County Convention


The unit of organization of the North Carolina Democratic Party shall be the voting precinct.

A Precinct is organized and remains organized provided that, at a minimum, an annual or organizing precinct meeting is held each year at which:

1. There is in attendance a quorum of registered Democrats who reside in the precinct;

2. The meeting was convened according to notice, access and other requirements of this Plan;

3. The required order of business for election of officers and delegates and for other business is completed at this meeting. And

4. The precinct chair certifies to the county chair in writing the names of those in attendance, the names of officers and delegates elected, and the names, address, occupation and employer of the contributors. Funds collected are turned in to the County Treasurer.


Members. There shall be a county executive committee in each county composed of:

1. The chair and vice chair of the several precinct committees in the county;

2. The elected officers of the county executive committee;

3. The presidents of the duly organized and chartered county chapters of state auxiliary organizations. The respective presidents of the state auxiliary organizations shall determine those duly organized auxiliary organizations within a county and certify the name of the county auxiliary organization president to the state chair. State Party Headquarters shall provide the county chair with the name of the presidents of duly organized county chapters of state auxiliary organizations within their county. Should a precinct chair or vice chair be elected as president of an auxiliary organization, some other member of said organization shall be certified as the representative of that organization on the county executive committee. In addition, the county Teen Dem advisor shall be a member of the county executive committee and equally share the vote of that organization with the county Teen Dem president unless the county executive committee authorizes an additional vote. 4. Any member of the state executive committee from that county, not a member of the county executive committee by virtue of holding some other office, shall be an exofficio, voting member of the county executive committee.

5. All Democratic state, county, and city elected officials (whether elected in a partisan or non-partisan election) and Democratic members of the North Carolina General Assembly residing in the county shall be ex-officio, voting members of the county executive committee. Said ex-officio members shall not be counted in determining the number for a quorum or whether a quorum is present at a meeting. Any elected or appointed judge shall not be a member of the committee.

6. The county chair shall determine what shall constitute a duly organized Democratic Men’s Club within a county and the president, or some other person designated by the Club shall be a member of the county executive committee.

7. Any elected or appointed officer of a district executive committee or the state executive committee residing in the county.

8. A county party Attorney, appointed by the county Chair and serving at the Chair’s pleasure.


When. The county chair shall issue a call for a meeting of the county executive committee periodically but not less than three (3) times each year.


First Vice Chair.

The duties of the county first vice chair shall be such as may be assigned by the county chair and shall include the following:

1. Preside at county executive committee meetings and county conventions in the absence of the chair;

2. Plan and organize county executive committee meetings and county conventions;

3. Notify precinct chairs as to the number of votes that each precinct is entitled to cast at the county executive committee and the county convention;

4. Serve as the coordinator for all precinct and party organizing efforts within the county, in consultation with the other officers and consistent with the strategic plan approved by the county executive committee;

5. Attend meetings of the district executive committee;

6. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the county executive committee;

7. Transmit all records pertaining to the office to successor within ten (10) days of vacating office.

5.00 COUNTY CONVENTIONS No Quorum, Chair Did Not Give Out Time and Location In A Timely Fashion


Annual Meeting. Annual county conventions shall be held on a date designated by the county chair that is within the eight (8) day period designated by the state chair pursuant to Section 4.08

(2). The county chair shall designate the time for the county convention. Weekday county conventions shall begin no earlier than 6:00 PM and no later than 7:30 PM. Weekend county conventions shall be held between the hours of 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM. In presidential election years, there shall be no eight (8) day period allowed and the county convention shall be held on the exact date designated by the state chair pursuant to Section 4.08 (2).

Place of Convention. The county chair shall, thirty (30) days prior to the date such convention is to be held, designate the exact time and place where the convention is to be held and the same shall be announced prior to the adjournment of the precinct meetings.

Presiding Officer. All county conventions shall be called to order by the county chair, who shall serve as convention chair, but in his or her absence, the vice chair of the county executive committee in order of succession, the secretary and the treasurer shall, in order of succession, preside over the convention, and in case none of the foregoing persons shall be present, then any delegate to the convention may preside and serve as convention chair until a permanent convention chair is elected by the convention.


The county executive committee shall have the power to make such other rules and regulations for the conduct of county conventions, not inconsistent with this Plan of Organization, as may be deemed necessary or expedient.

Quorum. At the county convention, a quorum shall exist at any time at which there is present on the floor at least one official delegate from fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the precincts Quorum.


Officers and members of the precinct committee may be removed in accordance with Section 10.00.


Any officer or committee member of the Democratic Party at any level, including the precinct, the county, the congressional district, the prosecutorial district, the state senatorial district, the state house of representatives district, the state executive committee, the state executive council or any committee, subcommittee, or council thereof, who directly or indirectly, gives support to, aids or helps any opposing political party or candidate of any opposing party, or either a write-in or unaffiliated candidate regardless of voter registration when there is a Democratic Nominee, or who refuses or fails to perform his or her duties, or who is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, may be removed from office.


Petitioners. Any active Democrat who petitions for the removal of an officer or committee member shall be called a Petitioner. Petitioners must be from the jurisdiction of the office or committee from which the officer or committee member against whom the Petition is filed; except that the state chair may be a Petitioner against any officer or committee member of the Democratic Party at any level.

Respondents. The person against whom a petition is filed shall be called a Respondent.

Petition. Except as provided in Paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Section, a petition setting forth full details of the allegations against the officer or committee member shall be submitted to the state chair, as provided below.

All Other Officers or Members as Respondent. The petition shall be submitted in writing to the state chair and shall be signed by three (3) Petitioners. Once a petition has been received by the state chair, the state chair shall provide the Respondent(s) with a copy of the petition and the opportunity to submit a written response to the allegations. The state chair, upon a majority vote of the elected officers of the state executive committee agreeing that the petition has sufficient merit to warrant a full hearing, shall call, pursuant to this Plan of Organization, a meeting of the Council of Review to hear the Petitioner(s), the Respondent(s), and other interested parties or witnesses. A two-thirds vote of those members of the Council of Review present and voting shall be necessary to remove an officer or member. The secretary of the Council of Review shall cause a detailed account of any removal and replacement hereunder to be filed with the state chair. The Council of Review shall otherwise follow its procedures as set forth in Section 9.08 herein.

Petitioner(s) and Respondent(s) shall have the right to appeal any decision by the Council of Review on their respective case to the State Executive Council.


Called Meetings.

Unless otherwise provided for in this Plan of Organization, the chair, or forty percent (40%) of the membership of any committee, subcommittee, or council authorized under this Plan of Organization, may call meetings in addition to those required by this Plan of Organization.


Unless otherwise provided for in this Plan of Organization, written notice, sent via email, must be given to members for all meetings of any committee, subcommittee or council authorized under this Plan of Organization, unless members request that all such notices be sent via U.S. Mail as follows: For county executive committees, prosecutorial executive committees, state senatorial executive committees, state house of representatives executive committees, congressional district executive committees, or the state executive committee when meeting to fill a vacancy in nomination to elected office or elected office, five (5) days email notice; For the State Executive Council as indicated in section 4.06 In the event of an emergency The State Party Chairman shall call a State Executive Council meeting within 48 hours, to be conducted either in person or by telephone, when an emergency arises regarding the North Carolina Democratic Party. Examples include, but are not limited to: a vacancy in the position of executive director, a pending financial situation, a legal matter, or any circumstance with an affiliate of the North Carolina Democratic Party that requires immediate attention.

11.03 QUORUM

Unless otherwise specifically provided for in this Plan of Organization, forty percent (40%) of the persons constituting the voting membership of a committee, subcommittee, or council shall constitute a quorum. At a county, district or state convention, a quorum shall exist at any time at which there is present on the floor at least one official delegate from fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the precincts or counties entitled to be present at the respective convention with duly elected delegates to said convention.

The following meeting notice is floating around and I understand Higgs and a couple of folk are telling other folk not to attend the meeting.


In Response To Should Donna Brazille Have Waited To Release Her Book

imageFor me it does not matter. Sometimes I think folk have to reach rock bottom to get it. For me when I see others hit rock bottom hell I don’t need to get there to know it is real.

You see there ought to be major Democratic Party meetings goings on to discuss the issue of the party’s agenda and see what went wrong and where they need to go.

This could be a good thing because I have had issues with the people of the party every since I have been actively engaged on the grounds. However I follow the Democratic Party Agenda because, That Is What I Like!”

You see ain’t nothing goings on on the local level here in Edgecombe County as it relates to the Democratic Party just silent as hell.

Edgecombe County Democrats Deserve More Didn’t Get Crucial Information From The Former Chair Nor Do We Get Anything From The New Chair

So where is the message from the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair about the big announcement about the Gerrymandering court order in NC.

Damn shame!

But the chair always talking about they have spoken with a certain Senator but hell they live in Rocky Mount and several State Representatives are over there. Hell he ought to be on somebody’s email list when this stuff goes down and ready to share with county Democrats.

The President of the NAACP sent out an email however I received it from several sources.

Special Master Ordered in North Carolina Racial Gerrymandering Case – Southern Coalition For Social Justice

In Response To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Letter Sent To Executive Committee

With all that is going on politically I sure would love to see the Edgecombe County Democratic Party being inclusive and involved in educating Democrats about the upcoming elections, redistricting and other.

I was not aware of a rally on September 16th and today is the 21st. Really?

It is good to know that the Precinct Organizational Period is in February of 2018 and that is around the time it usually is either February or March. I got that.

You say to secure a venure now. Really?

In order to be stronger together Edgecombe County Democrats need to be informed by the county party as to what is going on politically locally, statewide and nationally.



A Courtesy Call To The Chair Lawrence Taylor Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chair Before I Posted The Letter Of Resignation

I called the chair Lawrence Taylor as soon as I finished my letter of resignation, Open Letter To The Edgecombe County Democratic Party Chairman Lawrence Taylor Asking For You To Resign Your Post Effective Immediately to him. I talk about folk but I make sure I talk to the folk that I am talking about so they can hear or read it from me unlike some folk who don’t have the balls to come to me.

This is what I said to him, Mr. Chair are you intimidated by me because all I have done was try to help you and he said no and he didn’t know where that was coming from so what am I you saying? I said it appears you are not trying to learn what you need to know and is relying on Rev. Roosevelt Higgs to guide you. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about because he said I had got everything I had asked for. I didn’t respond to that but my response is not.

Mr. Chair said he was not intimidated by me and that he report to Don Davis and somebody sounded like it may have been a female and that he was going to say this so we would not have another conversation. I let him say all he had to say and then I said ok you know what I am talking about but don’t worry about it because we are going to leave it right there. I said he didn’t have to worry about me after today and that I was calling him to give him the heads up that he would be receiving something from me in writing and I hung up.

Mr. Chair again you have no clue because you do not report to Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair alone but you 1st report to me and the other executive committee members per the Plan of Organization.

I have repeatedly told you you can’t keep having these meetings and not publicizing them because all Democratic Party meetings are open. You can’t keep calling meetings with your county officers and not making it public.

Well since talking to you, that further make me stand by my request asking for your resignation because you continue to do what you think is right by you and not by the Plan of Organization.

I am Curmilus Dancy II Precinct 11-1.