Rocky Mount NC – Wi-Fi Internet Have You Noticed Not Working Bojangles At Crossing at 64?

Have you experienced the WI-FI not working Bojangles at Crossing at 64?

I have experienced this many times passing through how about you?

It is no secret that they suppose to offer it because they have it on the door as you walk in.

Rocky Mount NC – City greases rails for Crossing at 64 grants

So will Bojangles come to Edgecombe side of Rocky Mount? C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

The Rocky Mount City Council on Tuesday approved a deal to spur retail growth at a planned 85-acre mixed-use development.

The council approved an agreement with a developer designed to pave the way for government grant money to fund water and sewer mains to serve the Crossing at 64 development. (Rocky Mount Telegram)