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The Political Agitator response: When we deal with the root of the problem and then we can deal with the reactions. As long as folks don’t want to deal with the root nothing will change!

During his recent sold-out appearance in Charlotte, heralded civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson pushed the rhetorical button that should be labeled: “Send Conservatives Up Nearest Wall.”

He said the problems facing inner-city African-Americans – elevated poverty, crime and unemployment rates – represent the lingering aftershocks of centuries of slavery and generations of segregation.

He traced the Baltimore riots and nationwide tensions over police shootings of black men back to those twin evils of American history. He threw in a provocative afterthought: We agonized over cars and buildings that went up in flames in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, but we’ve largely ignored the human suffering unfolding there for generations. (Source: Read more)


When One Do Crime They Will Have To Suffer The Consequences Which May Lead From Injury To Death

Whenever one do crime they will have to suffer the consequences which may lead from injury to death. What I look for in situations that occurs is what kind of message the minister will give during the time of the eulogy while family and friends are at their attention. And from that day forward those who are present should have something to think about and on that day if they have some mess in them, that would be the time to lay it down. December 27, 2014 Curmilus Dancy II

Officials credit public’s assistance for drop in crime rates

Twin County law enforcement officials said residents share their pride in local crime reductions reported Wednesday in the State Bureau of Investigation’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report.

According to the report, Rocky Mount had a six percent decrease in index crimes, which includes murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault in the violent crime category and burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft in the property crime category. All of the categories saw a decrease except for rape and robbery, which had slight increases.

“We – Rocky Mount citizens and the police department – engaged in proactive initiatives to reduce crime in 2013,” Rocky Mount Police Chief James Moore said. “We haven’t won the war against crime, but we’ve won more battles than we’ve lost.” (Source: Read more)

Yejide Eshe’ Asked The Following On Her Facebook Page, Good Question!

The Political Agitator response: I totally agree it is not all about the  drug culture and gangs. But the only way to find out what is behind it all is to get to the whole story. Each shooting and killing, unless we know the whole story and not just what is printed in the paper and that is spoken by others who are just talking, it will always appear that all of these guys are or were on drugs and/or in a gang. Let’s try to get the whole story and let’s talk about it. But who does that? Everybody is afraid to talk about what is really going on. I remember when I was at work and I received a phone call about a local pastor’s son and 2 more young men getting killed in a car accident the first thing I said was I hope it was not drug or gang related. I said if they were just drinking, okay young guys be they in the church or whatever they are young and they go out and drink until they find themselves so that’s okay. I don’t know what happened but I know what I read in the paper and what I have heard from folks who are not just folks that are talking but folks who are church folks and folks who are working and are good peoples. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it: Patrick Henry

Yejide Eshe’

Question – Rocky Mount: Three shootings in two days; one dead. Nobody is going to convince me that it’s all about the drug culture and gangs. Why are our men killing each other, REALLY? It’s deeper than gangs and drugs.


Rocky Mount NC – Crime, Parents Which Is Better? You Have Options

So parents if you know your children are committing crimes know that 2 things may happen. You may loose them to the following so which is better?

1. Your child may kill someone and you will lose them.

2. Your child may get killed and you will lose them.

So again which is better?

For me neither is better!

You have 2 options.

1. You can talk to law enforcement about your child.

2. You can talk to the funeral home about your child.

If you choose to talk to the funeral home, then that is your choice and you will have to live with it.

If you are a real parent and you love your children, you will do what is best for your children. If you choose to do nothing, then you are just as damn guilty as your children because you have failed them not the white man, not law enforcement, not the elected officials and damn sure not me.

This sums it up so therefore there is no need for anymore candlelight vigils and meetings for political pimps, religious pimps and whomever to host to say all of these pretty words that ain’t gonna do a damn thing but give the news media something extra to report. They are going to report crime whether it be your child committed a crime or your child was a victim of crime. Hell that is enough attention that should trigger all of those whom may know something to tell it.

Parents how many more children do you have to see in the news committing crime and/or getting killed for you to get the message?

Why do you have to wait for it to hit home for you to be a believer?

Parents I stopped by to tell you that hell yeah it is real you ain’t dreaming, so you better wake the hell up and save your children because it ain’t nothing I can do. However I know somebody that can do something and that is law enforcement and that is the option I beg you to choose.

Now I have done all I can do and that is give you some advice that you may not want to hear. But guess what in case you have forgot? You have options!

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Professional Political Agitator and I am damn good at it!

Note: For those who have been asking what I think about crime in Rocky Mount, so there you have it straight up and not sugar coated.

Tarboro NC – Crime, Violence and Drop Outs Decrease for ECPS



For Immediate Release

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Crime, Violence and Drop Outs Decrease for ECPS


Tarboro, N. C. On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the State Department of Education released a Consolidated Data Report which contains information regarding crime and violence in public schools across the state of North Carolina.  In addition, the Department has issued School Crime and Violence tables to supplement the Report.


The data, which contains information for the previous academic year, reveals that corporal punishment, school crime and violence, and short and long-term suspensions have declined across the state.  However, the number of expulsions has increased statewide.


"If all students are to graduate career- and college-ready, they must be focused on learning and the classroom environment should support this,” said Dr. June Atkinson, State Superintendent. “I want to thank our administrators for ensuring that our schools are as safe as possible and encouraging positive student behavior.”


In North Carolina, the number of school crime and violence incidences decreased by 4.8 percent.  The rate of acts per 1,000 students also decreased by 5.6 percent to 7.20 acts per 1,000 students, as compared to 7.63 acts per 1,000 students in 2011-12.


Specific to Edgecombe County Public Schools (ECPS), the total number of acts of school crime and violence decreased by 8.6% from 2011-12 to 2012-13. Just as the state experienced a decrease in the rate of violence acts, the rate declined for ECPS by 3.3 percent. During 2012-13, 71.4% of the schools within the ECPS system reported five or less acts of crime and violence as compared to 60% during 2011-12.  This further demonstrates the downward trend for ECPS. “I am pleased to see an improvement in several indicators in the new NC DPI report”, states ECPS Superintendent of Schools John Farrelly. “The credit goes to our Principals and their school staffs who have made a concerted effort to continue to strengthen our disciplinary structures in all of our schools. Our first responsibility is to provide safe learning environments for all students and staff. This is one of our 5 ECPS core values.”

Across the state of North Carolina, there was a 9.4 percent decrease in short-term suspensions and an 11.6 percent decrease in long-term suspensions.  ECPS experienced a 3.5 percent decrease in short-term suspensions. 


Another key finding from the Report is that the annual high school dropout rate decreased by 18.6 percent decrease in North Carolina.  ECPS realized a slightly greater decrease than the state, 18.9 percent. “While our dropout rate is not where we want it to be, we made great progress last year,” added Farrelly.




Kristian A. Herring

Public Information Officer

(252) 641-2678

Rocky Mount NC – Since They Have Met, So Now What?

You say, "Since the shooting last week, local pastors, parents, elected officials and others in the community have spoken out about the need to work together to find proactive ways to curb violence. We need to make sure we match those cries with action." Quote: Rocky Mount Telegram

I understand that some of the meetings were private and then later others were invited. So what is the real deal? It took the shooting after the 15 year old teen got killed so why didn’t they come together during that time or before and call a meeting. It was a group of folks (grassroots) who held a march but theses folks named didn’t do a thing. But now! Oh since the cameras are rolling.

I have heard that some folks especially white folks wanted to know why they didn’t see certain folks at a meeting and I have been told they were not invited. But these folks continue to criticize some folks especially one person but do not even know what is going on because they get part of the story from certain media and Facebook pages.