Coach Leshaun Jenkins Voted Chair Of Edgecombe County Democratic Party To Replace Rev. Roosevelt Higgs Who Was Reprimanded By NC State Party

Congratulations Coach LeShaun Jenkins who defeated Martha Knight Johnson 1st Vice Chair and Acting Chair since Higgs was removed.

Tonight in a 3 hour ZOOM Virtual meeting the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee met to elect a new chair.

Martha Knight Johnson was nominated by Precinct Chair Ernest Taylor 12-1 Rocky Mount NC Higgs guy.

Leshaun Jenkins was nominated by Precinct Chair 1-1/Edgecombe County Commissioner Viola Harris Tarboro NC.

After Johnson and Jenkins did their nomination speeches the committee voted to appoint Jenkins 68.5 to Johnson 47.

I had posted recently that I would love to see someone young outside of the Executive Committee especially the County Officers, someone that had a Political Science Degree in school or out. Wow! And then someone had reached out to Coach Jenkins. I heard from him just last night and I was excited that he was willing to seek the appointment.

I am disappointed in all of the County Officers 1st Vice Johnson for wanting to move up to chair when she has not done anything. I was disappointed in Gladys Shelton 2nd Vice, Bronson Williams 3rd Vice, Tamisha Dickens Patterson Secretary and Stephanie Hunter Treasurer for voting to not allow certain precincts to vote and then they all voted for Johnson. I will look at them sideways until they resign their posts. They need to resign because since Johnson has not done anything that means they have not. I was trying to give Dickens Patterson the benefit of the doubt since she was new to the party. Many on Executive Committee tried to make contact with these County Officers to receive no response. They were not even responding to the NC State Democratic Party Officers. Martha was only responding to Senator Don Davis 1st Congressional District Chair who facilitated the ZOOM meeting and did all of the damn work. The County Officers including Martha refused to respond to us. Oh she responded to certain folk because she had an agenda just like she did during the convention when she nominated herself for a position and we knew she was trying to keep some Democrats from voting attempting to steal the Democratic Party County Chair seat. But for the most part and especially some folk who I have been wondering when they would do the right thing and begin to see what I have been talking about for years and I am looking at those Democrats different now because it appears they have seen the light.

Somebody said that Coach Jenkins had not been to any party events. Well hell I don’t remember Dickens Patterson coming to anything but they supported her to be the county chair during the 2019 Convention but I was not there. So what is the damn difference with Coach Jenkins coming fresh? The best thing that could have happened in this season as we move forward.

I remember when Dr. Glenda Knight came seeking an office and I tried to tell her not to listen to Higgs. She lost. I remember when Bronson Williams came when he ran against Shelly Willingham and I told him he had not been coming to any events but he did anyway.

But it makes a difference how to do things. When Clee Atkinson was seeking the Sheriff appointment boy did he work the system and had the support. When Vila Anderson was seeking the Register of Deeds appointment both of these Democrats had not been to county events but it is how you work the system and have the support. When you have someone helping you and you are willing to listen, you can make moves. I am proud to have been able to vote for these 2 and now to add to the list I am proud to be able to vote to appoint Jenkins to County Chair.

This has been a long time coming. I have been fighting trying to keep the party in check over the years and I was made to be the bad guy. All I have wanted was for the party to be united and that meant holding folk accountable for their actions and I ask that they hold me accountable. My videos don’t lie.

This week has been a good week. On Monday I was granted a 1 year no contact order against Higgs because of his numerous nasty harassing phone calls to me about Deborah Faye Dew Jordan, Sara Peveler, African American Caucus, Democratic Women and the Wayne Goodwin NC State Democratic Party Chair.

I am ready to work with the new chair and good Democrats that do not want to leave any Democrat behind. I want to see the Edgecombe County Democratic Party move forward in unity and with a vision. There has been no vision over the past several years and it has been killing me.The vision of working towards November 3 is my focus.

I am challenging all Edgecombe County Democrats to reach out to Coach Leshaun Jenkins and give him your support. Find out how you can get involved in the Edgecombe County Democratic Party so that we can focus on the main thing as we work towards November.

The fight should be with the other party and not our party.

When We Unite We Win!