Local resident chides city leaders over audit report

imageThe Political Agitator’s response: Well ain’t that a damn mess Clint Williams who now comes out from behind the sheet and publicly let everybody know he is not a resident of Rocky Mount. I have been familiar with this Ignant Racist Special C for years because he has come for Councilmen Andre Knight, Reuben Blackwell, myself and some other Black folk on WHIG-TV morning show. Ain’t it a mess Ignant and some more Ignant Racist Special Cs along with some Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk who also had a problem with me speaking out against the RACISM in Rocky Mount since I began in 1988 when I joined Black Workers for Justice. I have been a Life Fully Paid Member of the Rocky Mount NAACP whereby I joined the NAACP in 1992. I have worked in Rocky Mount since January 1987. I have served as Vice Chair of N.E.E.D. Inc. that is headquartered in Rocky Mount and serve Nash, Edgecombe & Wilson Counties until I was kicked off the Board by Commissioner Wayne Hines and former County Manager Joe Durham because the director had turned in his resignation and myself and some others were going to vote him out. He decided he wanted to stay on so Nash County Commissioners removed the treasurer William Hobbs and Edgecombe County Commissioners removed me. We were cleaning up N.E.E.D. back then. I was a member of a Rocky Mount Group co-founded by now Councilwoman Chris Miller. I have been a member of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party Executive Committee since the early 90’s and I represent all of Rocky Mount Edgecombe County. I have attended the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission meetings back in the early 90’s. I served on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission for nearly a year until I was removed several months ago. I have attended numerous community meetings in Rocky Mount. I have family and friends in Rocky Mount and some high profile family in business and elected officials that did some powerful things and still doing some but I didn’t make it known and still don’t so that Ignant Racist Special Cs and Ignant Safe Negro Black Folk can’t go after them because we are family and friends. I have repeated time and time again that I am for justice no matter who it is for or against and that is how I am when it comes to politics and at my place of employment. Now back to Ignant Ass Clint Williams so makes this Ignant Racist Special C more special than me? Because his is a Caucasian and I am a Black Man? Well ain’t this a mess that he and others can talk about me not being a resident of Rocky Mount but all I have ever wanted is for Edgecombe County to be a better place to live work and play. I challenged anyone who will look at my track record and prove me wrong. It is documented in the minutes of the meetings across the county but not limited to and also on video. What tickles me is when I look at Caucasian and Black folk who are Friends with Ignant Ass Clint Williams and/or others who see what he is doing trying to discredit Black Folk and say nothing. I was only going to serve on the Rocky Mount Human Relations Commission until someone else was able to take the seat. I had been trying to get someone to take the seat before I agreed to do it knowing that I was not going to stay on. I am pleased that in this season Cooper Blackwell was able to step up to the plate. I love seeing young folk that is conscientious about what is going on around us sit at the table. I am more than happy to see this young Black male take my seat. You see I ain’t going anywhere, I am going to be in the room although not at the table and that is where I love to be. Folk ask me when I am going to run for an office all the time and I tell them that we need some agitators. Athough I could use the extra income by running for a paid office but this ain’t my season and when my season come then I will claim it. Until my season folk I am going to continue to be Curmilus Butch Dancy II The Political Agitator a Professional. I know what I have done when it comes to Rocky Mount Politics and I don’t need anyone to validate it because my works speak for me everywhere I have gone.

Local resident chides city leaders over audit report By WILLIAM F. WEST Staff Writer
A Nashville area resident who is a Rocky Mount native and active in business and civic life in the city used the speaker’s podium during Monday’s City Council meeting to criticize the municipal leadership as arrogant.

“It literally has been joked about in business and recruitment meetings that this body is corrupt,” said Clint Williams, who manages a group called Rocky Mount Business Builders, which is comprised of more than 30 small businesses that help each other via a referral system.

“I’ve been told to my face, ‘Eh, it happens, it’s wrong, but there’s nothing we can do about it,’” Williams said, calling such a stance “willful intentional apathy.”

Williams was commenting in the context of the May 15 report of a probe of the City of Rocky Mount by State Auditor Beth Wood and her team. (Read More)


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These Racist Special Cs Are A Piece Of Work I Am Just Waiting On The Process To Work Itself Out


Open Letter To WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Owner & Clint Williams Reporter In Re: Dems Spar Over Sheriff Pick

On Wednesday March 1, 2017 I got several calls that I was on the front page of the Rocky Mount Telegram “Dems spar over sheriff pick” and that those ignants over at WHIG-TV Clint Williams, Sandra Smith and some others were talking about me. They say Sandra Smith Owner called in. I was going to look at the show that was rebroadcasted at 11:00 PM last night but I fell asleep.

Clint and Sandra don’t get it, just don’t care or just ignant as hell because they know we have had numerous conversations in the past and they can’t win. These ignants think they can pick and choose our leaders. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has called in to their show talking ignant almost daily over the years talking about the NAACP, Princeville, Rev. Andre Knight, myself and others who don’t fool with him but ya’ll like that because ya’ll think it validates your conversation about black leaders and organizations. Well ya’ll are just as ignant as Higgs and he nor ya’ll can discredit the black organizations, black leaders and myself.

I understand Clint you said that that Democrats can’t talk about the Republican Party because Higgs and I were Democrats. Really? How ignant!

I understand Sandra you said I didn’t want to follow protocol. Well Sandra what is the protocol? Are you a resident of Edgecombe County? Are you a Democrat? Hell yeah I said we don’t need to have another candidates forum especially being held by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission when Higgs chair of the party, the secretary and the 3rd vice chair is on the HRC and they need to be focused on calling a Democratic Party meeting so we can vote. But Higgs is playing with the process.

Sandra I understand you said the date for voting for the appointee is on March 23rd. I am a precinct chair and has a vote but I along with others have not heard or received anything from Higgs. But he talking about fairness and transparency. A flat out lie!

The last time I checked Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is just as black as me so that eliminate race. In the article written by Lindell John Kay Reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram that ya’ll were discussing it was written, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” Well the reporter intentionally left off and Ignant Safe Negroes.” I don’t spell the word as ignorant and spell it as IGNANT.

Since ya’ll are all into the Democratic Party Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment have ya’ll asked Higgs the county chair who has sent in packages seeking the appointment? Have you asked Higgs has he and/or the secretary given the candidates the information that they have requested? Have you asked Higgs where can you find information about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party online? Have you contacted the candidates to come on your show?

You see my friends do some damn real journalism. But you can’t because ya’ll operating on ignance!

Oh and by the way Sandra tell us about you having the TV station up for sale trying to take it from Herb’s wife and where did Herb die? But attend to the Democratic Party stuff first. LMBAO!

Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick