Do You Think That Going To Church Is Enough? Don’t Don’t The Word Say Go Out In The …

Curmilus Butch Dancy II

Do you think that going to church is enough?

But don’t the word say go out in the . . .

Now Dream about that part!

Elder Speight My bro Curmilus, awesome question…. That’s why I Teach ….. similar to THE US Army – Church is #SPIRITUAL#TRAINING #CAMP…. We go (first and Foremost to Reverence God – to Learn of the mission, understand the enemies tactics and initiate a strategy to over come the Enemy and Offer hope/help to those in bondage or MIA… we Also learn how to protect ourselves from the enemy…. (THEN WHAT) OBVIOUSLY, WE TAKE WHAT WE’VE LEARN ONTO THE BATTLE FIELD (Hedges and Highways)… and FIGHT the #Good #Fight of #Faith
Or why else do we sing I’M A SOLDIER ON THE BATTLEFIELD … THe CHURCH is the TRAINING GROUND .. the Streets are The BATTLEGROUND…

Elder Speight
The majority of Christ ministry was in the Streets…. and that’s were you’ll find me Everyday….

Richard Groves: Preachers and politics

The Watch Dog response: I feel churches should be able to be political. I strongly believe this was set up for the black church to not be vocal. But that is just my ignant opinion.

The parade of speakers at the Republican and Democratic national conventions was awesome — a former president, the current president and first lady, assorted politicians, sports figures and entertainers. And two of the most popular speakers, with their bases, at least, were — preachers?

The Rev. Mark Burns and the Rev. William Barber had delegates to their respective conventions on their feet chanting and shouting.

But no sooner had they completed their hour upon the stage than social media began lighting up with questions about (a) the legality of religious figures participating in partisan politics and (b) the propriety of doing so.

The Rev. Mark Burns, pastor of the Harvest Praise and Worship Center in Easley, S.C., and cofounder of NOW, a Christian television network, offered the benediction on the first evening of the RNC and spoke on the last evening. (As a surrogate, Burns spoke when Donald Trump visited Winston-Salem recently.) (Winston Salem Journal)

Member of a church? Regularly go to church? Then this post is for your consideration by Pastor Eric Evans

Curmilus Dancy II response: Please check out Pastor Eric Evans Facebook page shares a daily message.

I believe the greatest threat to any local church is not an attack from the outside, but divisions on the inside. Bickering, arguments, and grudges can totally diminish a church’s effectiveness in accomplishing the mission that God has given us. If you’ve been a part of a church for any amount of time, it’s likely you have witnessed it for yourself to some degree. It’s nothing new. Since the earliest stages of the Church, internal divisions have been a problem. In fact, the Apostle Paul recognized it and warned against it in his letter to the church in Corinth.

So, how do we guard against divisions? There are several things I could suggest, but today I’ll share just one. Here it is….We need to make sure that we form our church bonds around what matters. Think about the many reasons people will start a church or join a church. Some people come together around the leader. Some come together because of worship style. Some churches are held together because of family history. I’m sure you know some people who only join a church because that was momma’s church or great grand pappy helped to lay the corner stone. Now hear me, in and of themselves, there is certainly nothing wrong with those reasons for being a part of a church. But when they are the only reason, or the main reason, then that church is in jeopardy of divisions. I mean, what do you do when the leader leaves or heaven forbid, dies? Some people will leave, while others will stay just to gripe up a host of complaints about the new one that comes in. What if your worship style does not offer enough variety to speak to the multiple generations and diversity you hope to have in your church? One group will fuss if you try to sing new songs, and another will fuss if you don’t. What if your outreach actually reaches out, and people who have no connection to any of the families in your church start to show up. And what if they look nothing like you and act nothing like you? What then? The ones who hate change and expect the landscape of that church to always be like it was when they joined will find every opportunity to run down or push out the new folk.

I think we’d do well to look at the church in Corinth to which Paul was writing his letter. If we could climb into a time machine and go back to attend one of their church gatherings, we would be blown away. Some in fact might be offended, or at least terribly uncomfortable. You see, Corinth was at the center of trade in the Mediterranean Sea, and just about dead center in the Roman Empire. And because of that, it was marked by unusual diversity. In that church, you would find Jews and Gentiles, the civilized and barbaric; rich and poor; light skin and dark skin; middle easterners, Europeans, Asians, Africans and everyone in between. So how in the world could people so different come together to have a meeting, much less form a church? I’ll tell you why. Because every time they came together as a church, they abandoned the many, many things they disagreed on to focus on the one they did….Jesus Christ and spreading His good news.

But even the Corinthian Church faced the internal threat of discord, as I’m sure your church and my church may face at times as well. But it doesn’t have to. Let me remind you to keep Christ at the center and make sure that your church matters are the things that matter to God. I believe Paul’s epistles are God’s letter to His church today. And let us who are a part of a church take heed to God’s words through Paul when he said in 1 Corinthians 1:10 “Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose”.

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Church Traditions!

Some traditions are good and some can be bad!

Ok that that is working for the people, keep it in place. However that which is not working for the good of the people either modify it or get rid of it.

Well I know ya’ll church folk don’t want to talk about the church because you have done it this way because great-granddaddy/ma, granddaddy/ma, daddy/ma and others have done it that way all of these years, but you need to look at how you do things.

Do you have to stay in church all day to get the word?

Do you have to sing a bunch of songs?

Do you have to take up several offerings?

Do the preacher have to preach to you for 1 hour plus?

I am just asking.


Why do some churches have a Pastor’s Anniversary service?

Don’t the pastor get a salary?

If individuals want to give something, I think that is great but to say got to give pastor a certain amount of money, a vehicle and/or etc. is not good while some church members struggle to live but try to give.

Why do some churches have a First Lady Service?

If individuals want to give something, I think that is great but to say got to give First Lady a certain amount of money is not good while some church members struggle to live.

Why do some churches have a musician appreciation service?

Don’t the musician get a salary?

If individuals want to give something, I think that is great but to say got to give musician a certain amount of money is not good while some church members struggle to live.

If a church has a building that is modern and is not in need for a new building, church is paid for, why can’t the church bless the members individually in some kind of way?

I know some churches have their faults, as we all do even as individuals but when a church do some things to give back to the members, that is what I call a good thing.

I have been told a local church has been blessing their members individually with vehicles and homes. Now that is a good thing!

So my question is why should the church be just a place of giving and not a place of receiving as well?

Now I understand all churches ain’t there yet but that should be the goal of the church in my ignant opinion.