I-Team: Millbrook High School varsity cheerleaders accused of chanting racial slur – ABC 11

The Political Agitator response: If this had been my daughter she would not want to see or hear the word ever again because she would have a flashback every time she thinks about how I disciplined her.

RALEIGH (WTVD) —The Wake County School System tells ABC11 that several Millbrook High School cheerleaders have been disciplined following an outcry from concerned parents over an incident at a recent Friday night football game.

Some parents claim they overheard the cheerleaders loudly chanting the N-word, while taking a picture. They claim the girls were holding up “hand signs” that represent the racial slur as well.

Screenshots from Instagram were sent to ABC11 anonymously by concerned parents at Millbrook High. The pictures detail what they say they saw and heard at the football game last month at the school.

During a break from leading cheers, the cheerleaders were snapping pictures, in which they can be seen using their fingers to form the letter N. (Source: Read more)