Four charter schools cited for poor academic performance undergo review

Raleigh, N.C. — The state’s Charter Schools Advisory Board reviewed improvement plans Monday for four schools at risk of having their charters revoked due to poor academic performance.

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Board members said they were pleased with plans from three of the schools – Rocky Mount Preparatory School in Rocky Mount, North East Carolina Preparatory School in Tarboro, and Phoenix Academy in High Point – which all sent representatives to Monday’s meeting.

What do you think?

The schools are not in the clear yet. The advisory board plans to follow their progress and make a recommendation about their charter status this summer.


The fourth school, Oxford Preparatory School in Oxford, provided an improvement plan that doesn’t have much meat, according to some of the board members, and the school failed to send a representative to Monday’s meeting. (Source: Read more)

Exposing the charter school lie: Michelle Rhee, Louis C.K. and the year phony education reform revealed its true colors – Salon

The Political Agitator response: This is quite interesting.

Since it’s the time of the year when newspapers, websites and television talk shows scan their archives to pick the person, place or thing that sums up the year in entertainment, business, sports or every other venue, why not do that for education too?

In 2014 education news, lots of personalities came and went.

Michelle Rhee gave way to Campbell Brown as a torchbearer for “reform.” The comedian Louis C. K. had a turn at becoming an education wonk with his commentary on the Common Core standards. Numerous “Chiefs for Change” toppled from the ranks of chiefdom. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett went down in defeat due in part to his gutting of public schools, as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker remained resilient while spreading the cancerous voucher program from Milwaukee to the rest of the state. (Source: Read more)

The great charter school rip-off: Finally, the truth catches up to education “reform” phonies – Salon

Last week when former President Bill Clinton meandered onto the topic of charter schools, he mentioned something about an “original bargain” that charters were, according to the reporter for The Huffington Post, “supposed to do a better job of educating students.”

A writer at Salon called the remark “stunning” because it brought to light the fact that the overwhelming majority of charter schools do no better than traditional public schools. Yet, as the Huffington reporter reminded us, charter schools are rarely shuttered for low academic performance.

But what’s most remarkable about what Clinton said is how little his statement resembles the truth about how charters have become a reality in so many American communities. (Source: Read more)

Charter schools’ records should not be shielded – News & Observer

Republican state Reps. Charles Jeter of Huntersville and David Lewis of Dunn are still new to the business of having real power in the General Assembly. So it’s perhaps understandable why they’d support some legislative moves that are embarrassingly wrong.

The problem is, their party now is in power, and so mistakes can become law.

The latest bad idea coming from Jeter and Lewis, is preposterous, and represents nothing less than a slap in the face to the taxpayers of North Carolina.

Jeter’s clumsy idea is to block the public reporting of charter school salaries by name. He introduced the bill. Lewis defends it by saying allowing the release of the information creates a “hostile work environment.” (Source: Read more)

Process Started On New Charter School – Daily Southerner

Response: Another Charter School. I know Mr. Powell on a personal note and consider him a good friend. However I am not a supporter of Charter Schools. I have no problem with those whom do. I have some family members who attend the NECP but my child will continue to the Edgecombe County Public School System. It was good enough for me in spite of although I have had to challenge the system on others behalf over the years as an education advocate long before I had a child in the system.

TARBORO — A letter of intent filed by The Nola House Charter School, has been approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction’s Office of Charter Schools. While the exact location of the proposed public charter school is yet to be decided, it will likely be in the Edgecombe County portion of Rocky Mount Rocky, said a school spokesperson.

The school’s next step is submitting a full application in December to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, with a proposed start date of fall 2015.

If the charter is approved, the school would become the second start-up charter school in Edgecombe County in a three-year period. North East Carolina Prep School (NECP) opened in Tarboro in August 2012. (More)