Paramount Television Fires President Over Racist Rant About Black Women – NewsOne

Paramount Pictures Chief Executive Jim Gianopulos announced Thursday in a memo to staff that he fired the studio’s TV president Amy Powell, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Several people raised concerns about Powell’s lengthy rant, which prompted an internal investigation. At least four people heard the executive make offensive remarks about Black people, including stereotyping African-American women as angry and jabbering on about Black children being raised in single parent homes.

Powell was discussing a new program that will feature a predominantly African-American cast. Tracy Oliver, who wrote the Universal Pictures hit Girls Trip, is overseeing production of the upcoming program called The First Wives Club. (Read more)


The entire justice system here is run by black women. It’s not a diversity experiment. They do things differently.

South Fulton, Georgia (CNN)When LaDawn “LBJ” Jones walked into a meeting at work a couple of months ago, she was hit with a serious case of “black girl magic.”

Jones, the city solicitor in South Fulton, Georgia, was meeting for the first time with the city’s municipal court staff. As she entered the room, she realized she was looking at something she’d never before seen in her legal career.

Everyone in the room looked like her.

“I walked into a very small conference room, and I noticed that it was all black women,” Jones told CNN. “I kind of got that feeling of ‘this is nice — this is exciting.'”

South Fulton, an Atlanta suburb and one of Georgia’s newest cities, has the distinction of being perhaps the first city in the nation to have its criminal justice system led entirely by black women: (Read more)

Baltimore Maryland – Why They Have Got To Have A Title? Damn Just Call Them Black Males/Females, By Their Name And/Or Criminals

Why they got to have a title? Why they can’t be called a black male, a black female and or by their name? Because that is what one chooses to do?

Why is putting a title on them more important than the root cause and the reaction?

Hell the best title for me would be just to call them criminals but that would not be putting a face with the title.

Oh but that is like other folks embezzle and black folks steal.

Just my ignant opinion!