Let’s End The Baby Moma/Daddy/Children Drama

I don’t want to even talk about it, but just look at this past week in Greenville where the man killed his ex and 3 children. Some are focusing on Trump Drama, Republican Drama on the local, statewide and national levels while we have so much going on with families. Now I have been focused on it all since the late 80’s. So when folk talk about we need to focus on this and focus on that as if we can focus on it all, I get mad as hell. I focus on it all because I can multi-task because it all is dear to me even if I am not affected directly. When folk around me are not happy, then I am not happy.

Look at Family Relationships and see that with all of the mess going on in the world some families got ignant mess going on. Sad when we live in a society where it is tough enough to deal with folk outside of the family be it on the job and elsewhere but then can’t depend on family support. And then we wonder why our children do what they do. Children get caught up in mess that are created by adults because they have a problem with the baby daddy and/or the baby moma. Baby moma/daddy/children drama should never be. Hell that man and woman have had a child together and then come to the point where they can’t even speak to each other although they have another boy/girlfriend and our spouse.

Once you learn it ain’t all about you, the better off you will be.

What I found is that when it comes to folk who have mistreated me why do I think they are going to respect me when they don’t even communicate with their family. If you take some time and look at the whole picture you will see that these folk have some serious issues. Sad especially when I know how close they were when I used to spend much time with all of them. Not only did they turn on me and I didn’t do anything to them but they turned on their immediate family and they probably didn’t do anything to them either. So then the children grow up and never truly get to know their immediate family but is left to have to live with a created family. But these are church folk though.

Children you need if you know of the drama that exist in your life if any, you need to step out outside of the family and get it right. You see you are old enough now to know that you have a responsibility to make the trues known. And more especially if you call yourself a CHRISTIAN.

You see that is why you must not allow mess that you can’t control get to you. Only do your part and let the other go. It is hard but you have to do it. I did that years ago and as long as I know that I done my part, that is enough.

These Bishops, Rev. Drs., Evangelist, Deacons, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, Nieces and Nephews are going to bust hell wide open because they have create nothing but hell on this side and had the opportunity to get it right but chose not to.

If anybody out there that can honestly say that I have wronged them and have not gotten it right, please contact me asap because I can’t fix it if I don’t know it is broken. I have never lived a life where I wanted folk to be mad with me because I have always believed that we all need each other in spite of our differences and disagreements.