WRAL: McCrory blocks state board’s effort to hire outside lawyers in election dispute

Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory’s office has turned down the State Board of Elections’ request to hire lawyers from the Brooks Pierce law firm to defend the state against a federal lawsuit by the Civitas Institute.

McCrory, a Republican, appears to have narrowly lost his re-election bid to Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper. Normally, Cooper’s office would defend the state in such cases. However, given the interest by both McCrory and Cooper, the state board decided Sunday to seek outside help.

While Thomas Ziko, a long-time litigator in independent practice, did get approved, a trio of lawyers who work for Brooks Pierce – Charles Marshall, Craig Schauer and Jessica Thaller-Moran – was rejected. Marshall, Schauer and Thaller-Moran, have all either worked for Republican judges before coming to the firm or worked on behalf of GOP causes. (Read more)

News & Observer: McCrory will withdraw recount demand if Durham votes recounted

The Watch Dog response: I was not going to call in today to listen to the NC State Board of Elections meeting today at 12:30 PM but I think this meeting will be very interesting.

Gov. Pat McCrory is ready to withdraw his request for a statewide recount if a new hand count of Durham County votes produces the same results as Election Day, his campaign announced Saturday evening.

The governor is asking the N.C. State Board of Elections to hold an expedited hearing on an appeal of the Durham County election board’s denial of a request for a recount there. The state board on Saturday called for a Sunday afternoon meeting by phone to discuss this matter and a federal lawsuit challenging same-day registration ballots.

“If a Durham recount provides the same results as earlier posted, the McCrory Committee will be prepared to withdraw its statewide recount request in the Governors race,” the campaign’s news release says. (Read more)

North Carolina A.G. Faces Racial Tensions Over Police Trial Before Run for Governor – National Journal

The Political Agitator’s response: I am struggling with this verdict and then my Attorney General seeing no need to try the case again. This is just sad!

North Car­o­lina At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Roy Cooper is plan­ning on run­ning for gov­ernor next year. That makes the Demo­crat one of the first at­tor­neys gen­er­al in the post-Fer­guson era to run for high­er of­fice after tangling with an emo­tion­al tri­al in­volving an un­armed black man killed by a white po­lice of­ficer.

Cooper’s of­fice re­cently over­saw the case against Ran­dall “Wes” Ker­rick, a Char­lotte po­lice of­ficer who shot an un­armed black man, Jonath­an Fer­rell, 10 times in 2013 after Fer­rell was in a late-night car ac­ci­dent and ap­proached a nearby house. The case ended in a mis­tri­al after the 12-mem­ber jury couldn’t re­turn a un­an­im­ous ver­dict, and Cooper said last month that he didn’t plan to try Ker­rick again giv­en the lack of new evid­ence. (Source: Read more)

See What Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC NAACP State President Had To Say In Response To AG: No retrial of Charlotte officer in fatal shooting

The Political Agitator’s response: I must agree with the response from my State NAACP President during the Rocky Mount NAACP Image Awards. Maybe the AG has justification for his response other than he is running for Governor and trying to appease some folk. But what Dr. Barber said makes sense to me. See it for yourself and please comment. Watch the response: Video/Photos: Rocky Mount NAACP 3rd Annual Image Awards Featured Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II NC State President/National Board Member

Charlotte, N.C. — The North Carolina Attorney General’s Office will not retry a white Charlotte police officer whose voluntary manslaughter trial in the death of a black man ended with a hung jury last week, officials said Friday.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Robert Montgomery said in a letter to Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray that charges against Officer Randall Kerrick would be dismissed. The Attorney General’s Office handled the prosecution to avoid any conflict of interest for Mecklenburg County prosecutors. (Source: Read more)

Photos/Video: Attorney General Roy Cooper Addresses Rocky Mount Chamber 111th Annual Meeting Thursday January 22, 2015

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Raleigh NC – Lawyers Spent Gas-Tax Funds on Beer and Candy

This is just damn crazy. The article says it all. C. Dancy II -DCN Publisher

RALEIGH — Washington lawyers assisting Attorney General Roy Cooper in his suit against the Tennessee Valley Authority used North Carolina gas-tax revenue to purchase alcohol, candy, airline flight upgrades, and valet parking, an investigation by Carolina Journal reveals. (Carolina Journal)