Video released in arrest of ASU professor – AZ Daily

The Political Agitator Response: Damn I must have missed something because this makes no damn sense. I am still trying to figure out what are they talking about that she was waking in the middle of the street? So obviously she had not been drinking because I don’t see where she was drunk or doing anything illegal. So can somebody help my ignant ass out because these damn police officers appears to have some type of motive here that I just can’t comprehend. So what video did the ASU view because obviously not the one that I just watched. SMDH!

TEMPE, Ariz. — An Arizona State University professor who was arrested by campus police last month is claiming self-defense, and the incident is getting a whole lot more attention now that 3TV has obtained video of it.

“The reason I’m talking to you right now is because you are walking in the middle of the street,” Officer Stewart Ferrin said to ASU professor Dr. Ersula Ore after stopping her near campus. She was crossing College Avenue, just south of Fifth Street. (Source: Read more)