So What Role Does The African American Caucus Play?

So when there are more than one black candidate running for office what do the African American Caucus do? Or not do? Or what can they do?

This is why I have never been interested in joining the African American Caucus because I don’t understand the purpose the reasoning behind having one. I have been trying to understand but I just can’t.

I remember when the African American Caucus first began because I was at the table early on. I have attended numerous meetings but never joined because I was trying hard to see how it benefitted black folk.

So can someone help me because I am still trying to understand.



When served, NCDP chairperson’s Keever (Aycock) reaction was said to have been surprised “like a deer in the headlights” when she received the Grievance/Petition.

President, Jannet Barnes, of the African American Caucus Auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party and other NC Democratic Party members signed a Grievance and Petition to VOID ABINITIO the May 21, 2016….the 13 NC Congressional District Conventions, because they (Patsy Keever (Aycock) and the 13 District chairpersons) did, wrongfully and deliberately, if not illegally conduct conventions in unconstitutional congressional Districts.

The facts and the Federal Court Judges rulings and decisions say the NC congressional Districts were unconstitutional and violated the 14th amendment equal protection clause and also violated the Voting Rights Act. The facts also reveal the courts decisions are well known to most if not all NC political legislative members in the Democratic and Republican Parties Since February 17, 2016.

Yet, NCDP Chairperson Patsy Keever (Aycock) and her 13 NC Congressional District chairs deliberately disregarded/ignored the Federal courts ruling and decisions; that the 13 NC Congressional Districts had to be redrawn and filed with the court on a date certain; that no elections can be held in those districts until the 13 Congressional districts have been redrawn.

In light of the Federal Court Judges ruling and decisions that the NC congressional Districts were unconstitutional, they violated the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause and violated the Voting Rights Act, no Congressional District Conventions should have been held in those Districts.
The NCDP Chairperson and her County and District Chairs decided, without Authority, to convene 13 NC Congressional District Conventions in the old districts and wrongfully held elections for delegates and NCDP Council of Review Committee members among other business matters in the unconstitutional Districts.

What is repeatedly being said from the Various congressional District Conventions however, is that several conventions DID NOT HAVE the required credentials committees, did not have credential committee reports, and did not have occasion for the approval of credential committee reports.

According to John Brooks NCDP chair of the Council of Review Committee (“COR”)….The reason that this is so important for conventions, is that they are electing delegates to a national convention, and because these committees determine the accuracy of the multiplier number used in giving weight to the votes cast.  This multiplier number is the number of delegates to which each county at a convention is entitled.  This number is controlled by the number of valid delegates elected to the convention.  Some lists submitted do not have the maximum number of delegates listed and this reduces the multiplier number.  Some lists include the names of registered Republicans and independents and these names, after verification, are deleted from the lists, further reducing the multiplier number.  This year there was no determination of the legitimacy of the delegates on the lists submitted, and therefore there was no verification of the accuracy of the multiplier numbers used.  A normal credential committee report to a convention for inclusion in the minutes of the convention will list both the number of votes to which each county is originally entitled and the number to which each county is actually entitled after the verification process is completed.  In the absence of valid adopted credential committee reports, there can be no validating of any balloting.  Such balloting is VOID ABINITIO.

The AAC-NCDP Auxiliary (where the majority of African-American democratic voters reside within 52 of the 100 NC Counties) believe they have been stripped of their constitutional equal protection directly and/or indirectly, as well as disenfranchised because of the Voting Rights Act violation.

Note: Just posting this due to last couple of days busy with son graduation. Didn’t even realize the Democratic Party State Convention was on Saturday until yesterday.

Rocky Mount NC – Senator Angela Bryant Response To Complaint Filed Against Her By The African American Caucus Of The NC Democratic Party



From  Sen. Angela Bryant

Fliers were distributed by the Committee to Elect Sen. Angela Bryant, in error, without the required “paid for” legend and the statement that the sample ballot was not produced by Board of Elections.  As soon as this was brought to my attention, I contacted the Board of Elections and took the actions that they recommended.  As soon as possible, the error was corrected with stickers, and then new fliers were printed with all of the correct information required by the statutes.  At all times, the sample ballot being complained about was on the reverse side of information clearly identified with the Bryant Campaign, e.g. “Keep/Re-elect Sen. Angela Bryant”.  The handouts were solely paid for by the Elect Bryant Committee.  Newspaper ads clarifying this information were run in the counties affected as required by the State Board of Elections and they have not required any further action on my part at this time.

Sen. Angela Bryant






How Angela Addressed The Complaint