Edgecombe County – NC House 23 Race Shelly Willingham Wins Primary Election May 6, 2014 But Rusty Holderness Can Call For A Run-off

I commend Shelly Willingham for being consistent in his seeking to be elected to the NC General Assembly. He worked hard and he deserve the opportunity to go to Raleigh to serve the people.

Rusty Holderness on the other hand has a big choice to make by Thursday May 15 because the election is in his court. Because Willingham didn’t get 40% of the votes to declare him the winner, Holderness can choose to have a run-off or to let Willingham be the winner.

During the last week of the elections one of my resources said that it was the talk that Willingham was going to have a good chance of winning the race. Turns out my resource was right on!

I have to agree with Willingham that he will more than likely win if a run-off election was held in June.

I would have to support Willingham if there was an election to be held. So there you have it.

Edgecombe County – Sheriff James Knight vs That Other Guy That He Defeated On Tuesday May 6, 2014

I am still trying to figure out why that damn other guy ran against our fine Sheriff James L. Knight of Edgecombe County. This ignant guy talked about Sheriff has done a good job but that it was time for a change. That other guy said that the people said they wanted a change. Well 471 folks either don’t understand, in denial or just don’t care about having a fine man in office. However but the 5,000 plus let them know therwise. But from what I understand that ignant other guy still don’t get it. I heard he says he is going to work with that Republican candidate to try to unseat our fine Sheriff. Well maybe the other guy will get it in November when he see that even those good folks in the Republican Party knows that we have a fine Sheriff.

I was there when our fine Sheriff was appointed in 1996. I played a role in the appointment process as I was the 3rd Vice Chair of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party when there were some folks out there working to get the Knight appointed. In 1998 I was the Chair of the ECDP so again I was there. I have been pleased with our Sheriff since 1996 and I stand behind him because he has proven to be one of the best, most effective and progressive Sheriff in North Carolina but not limited to.

I am calling on all the good folks of Edgecombe County to “Let’s do it again!” in November. That is my campaign slogan for November.

Candidate filing period comes to a close – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: Going to be a quite interesting primary election. I will be following all the candidates that I can vote for real close.

Several local residents on Friday added their names to the list of candidates who are seeking election or re-election to a variety of offices that represent residents in the Twin Counties, capping off a three-week filing period.

Many of the offices that are up for election this year will have contested races, including four of the six seats in the N.C. General Assembly that represent the Twin Counties.

Joe Hester, a Democrat from Rocky Mount, filed Friday to challenge N.C. Rep. Jeff Collins, R-Nash, for the District 25 seat in the N.C. House.

Also on Friday, R.B. (Rusty) Holderness, a Democrat from Tarboro, filed to run for the District 23 seat in the N.C. House. Three other Democrats – Bronson Williams of Rocky Mount, Shelly Willingham of Rocky Mount and Taro Knight of Tarboro – also are vying for that position. The incumbent, N.C. Rep. Joe Tolson, D-Edgecombe, is not seeking re-election. (Source: Read more)