11 thoughts on ““If You Are Scared, Say It”

  1. I’m scared because I’m a middle and elementary school teacher of poor kids and their fathers abandoned them. Now I have some pretty angry kids, and some really sad moms. I’m a male, and I would never be nominated for father of the year, but if there’s a loving mother supported by an OK father, kids will thrive. I know many fathers can’t live with their kids, but they can be actively involved in all parts of their kids’ lives. Maybe it’s my responsibility as a teacher to get this message out how their behavior influences their kids’ behavior.

    Nothing legally would prevent me from contacting a father, unless their was a legal order preventing it. I’d have some peed off mothers, but maybe I could gently persuade fathers by modeling what’s really easy dad behaviors, when compared to moms’ responsibilities.


  2. The problems that are happening are occurring across America.These issues can not be soloved by men. People, read the writing of the forces of nature.God is not happy with the people of american.There is no love for God and fellow man.You have people that are angry because we have a black president of the United States of American. They can not respect a black man who has earned degrees from some of the best university in the United State of America.People are losing their jobs, as I have loss mine. there are people who are Governors,senators,people who have the power to make or break people lives these things they do in the name of evil. Jesus,said Peter do you love me? Peter said,yes my lord. Jesus said, again Peter do you love me? Peter again said,yes my lord. Jesus ask a third time, Peter do you love me? Peter said yes my lord. Jesus said,then feed my sheep.
    My heart cry out for the people of the U.S.A. and the world. God University Network in Shoo”t


  3. Ya know, I haven’t heard a peep out of the “Political Agitator” about ours schools since Dr. Witherspoon took over. When Dr. Stone was there, your dumb-ass was everywhere, making a damn fool of yourself! You claimed you were there to help the students. The students still need help! Pull your head out of Andre Knight’s ass and do something about our lousy school system. IF YOU ARE SCARED, SAY IT!


    • First of all ignant who is hiding behind a code name I have still been actively involved with school issues when parents contacted me with issues. I gave them advice on how to handle their situations. I also have worked with a group of folks dealing with school issues as well.

      When Dr. Steve Stone who left Edgecombe County in a financial mess was here I was a member of G.W. Carver Elementary and South Edgecombe Middle Schools PTO and School Improvement Teams. I attended the school board meetings monthly so I could be abreast of what was going on at the board meetings and would be able to talk about it at the meetings. Dr. Stone had some issues and yes I stayed on his a… because he had his favorites.

      Made a fool of myself? My record speaks for me and there were many changes made at both schools in which I was responsible for.

      Since my wife is capable of dealing with the school system I don’t get involved unless I just have to. However again I receive calls not only from parents in the Edgecombe County Public Schools System but neighboring schools as well wanting my advice on how to deal with some issues.

      Because my wife is capable of dealing with any issues we may have with the system, I have other things that I can be doing. I have other meetings and things that I can be doing

      Dr. Witherspoon has done a professional job since he has been here. I heard a couple of complaints from some staff however I feel that was because they didn’t like how he handled his business. I have attended meetings that have been of interest to me. I was at the laptop initiative meeting when Snow Hill Schools Superintendent came to Edgecombe Community College to do a presentation to Edgecombe County. I left work and attended the meeting and videoed it. So ignant I have videos of meetings that I attend that is proof of me being there.

      Nope have not had any problems with Dr. Witherspoon and when I have called him about some concerns he has handled them. Also I have worked with a group and Mr. Richard Parker was the contact person and he contacted Dr. Witherspoon and again Dr. W. handled things professionally.

      Me scared? Oh hell no, scared of what?

      Nope not stuck up nobody’s a… because I am my own man.

      Why in the hell don’t you do something about the school system? Typical of your kind sit back waiting on someone else. Do your damn part ignant. Obviously you are the one scared because it is you who are hiding behind a code name. LMBAO

      The following article “Schools budget in better shape now; Auditor credits Witherspoon with turnaround” states how professional Dr. Witherspoon is.


      • Wow, Dancy. I sure thought you were a little more intelligent than this post reveals. Work on your OWN grammar and spelling before bitching about the school system. Unless, of course, you’re being absurd to illustrate how little education YOU have received!

        You got the message or you would not have responded. I love it, you have been agitated. Ignant speak to the damn issue, dispute issues that I raise or else shut the hell up. Typical you can’t so you have to attack the messenger and not the message. LMBAO!! Get that!! And by the way don’t spend time trying to discredit me caus ya can’t. Ask all those before you whom have tried. LMBAO!! Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator


  4. I’am very scared because of all the killings of our youth in this country ! I saw on the news where that poor, young man got beat to death by his own people for no decent cause !!!! Now I ask, where are the fathers and fathers ? I believe strongly that a child must be corrected for their own education ! It’s time we as parents stand and change ! Where are the punishments ? Take away the cell phones, the huge, flat screen tv, the video games, the allowance, and not last, the car !!!! Come on parents, I challenge every state within this site, and elsewhere the mouth can bring ! Good day……….


    • Linda, I am a newcomer to this site, but after reading your statements, I just had to comment. I am in total agreement with you. I commend you for speaking the truth. I am a retired teacher and ever so often I am called to substitute teach. It is just deplorable how our students are conducting themselves. The word “respect” is a thing of the past. I, too, would like to challenge our parents to take a stand with your children, our future, be parents, not just “friends” to your children and tell them right from wrong.
      Instill in them respect for themsselves, you, and everyone else. If you don’t, things are going to continue downhill.


      • If you are scared; say you are: is not the kind of SCARED that Al Sharpton was referring to He meant ” can you stand-up to WHITE folk without violence and not be afraid because of their caucasian skin. Many of us can not. We are scared. .


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