Follow The Community Council And WHIG-TV To See How They Follow The Rocky Mount City Council

It tickles the hell out of me that all they talk about is the Rocky Mount City Council. Look at the name of this site The Community Council ain’t that nothing.

I don’t know who are the funniest them or that WHIG-TV Station. You got to look at their racist morning shows especially after a Rocky Mount City Council meeting.

Johnnie Cunningham is local black male is a favorite on both as he post on the The Community Council facebook page but call in to WHIG-TV quite regularly attempting to discredit Councilman Andre Knight and Reuben Blackwell but he can’t.

Rev. Roosevelt Higgs a local black male is a favorite on WHIG-TV regularly and has been trying to discredit Councilman Andre Knight for years even after causing Edgecombe County to pay Knight’s attorney fees when Higgs challenged his residency. This guy is something else because he has lived in the E. L. Roberson Center with his mom for since the flood of 1999 but has been used Speed for his residency. The sad part is the 4 black County Commissioners know this along with some other blacks but they have allowed him to keep messing stirred up even up to recently in March when he attempted to manipulate the appointment of the Edgecombe County Sheriff. This is just a damn shame how these black folk allow this dude to get away with mess attacking black leadership. He has even attacked some if not all of these elected officials but Rocky Mount City Council has been his pet peeve because he was WHIG-TV and some other whites flunky.

It is a damn shame how we allow certain black folk to attempt to discredit our leadership.


Davis-led group buys TV station – Rocky Mount Telegram

The Watch Dog response: I just love the comment Davis says, “to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg.” Really? I think that came from because Andre Knight said his family purchased the church downtown to save the legacy. So if Herb was such a friend, how do you not keep his wife included? If he was such a friend why didn’t he help Herb’s wife with her fight trying to save the family legacy? I wonder did Davis reach out to Herb’s wife before purchasing the station? What a friend he is. Oh just my ignant opinion, especially since I know the history behind the mess with Sandra and Herb’s wife fighting over the station. It was a letter sent to the media and was read on WNCR TV a couple of days ago from Herb’s wife talking about her fight going through the Nash County court trying to get control over the station but the Clerk of Court ruled in Sandra’s favor. Herb’s wife also talked about her husband died at Sandra’s house and that was a strange situation. It appears this story is just beginning.

A Nash County commissioner has become partial owner of a local television station.

Board Chairman Robbie Davis purchased 37.5 percent of WHIG in June, according to FCC filings.

Davis said he invested in WHIG to preserve the legacy of his friend Herb Greenberg, who created the station two decades ago.

“Herb was a close friend,” Davis said. “I also did this as an investment.”

WHIG has plans to move to the campus of N.C. Wesleyan College, said Judy Rollins, the college’s vice president of enrollment and marketing. (Rocky Mount Telegram)

Rocky Mount NC – The Rocky Mount Telegram, Fighting Crime, WHIG-TV & The Community Council Do They Really Care About Unifying Rocky Mount Or Do They Just Want Black Folk To Sit Down And Shut Up?

The system is set up so that black folk are scared to speak out even when they are hurting. When you hurt me I am going to let you know. When you hurt other folk and I can see for myself what is going on, I hurt then too. I refuse to be silent on issues that affect folk as a whole.

I look at all of these media outlets and social media sites how they single out certain folk. But most of all I look at the comments and who are not afraid to speak out. Them white folk ain’t scared.

Look at what black folk being speaking out about on social media. Just damn scared until it hit home.

Right now there are 2 things going on on social media that is dear to me, I said to me because I know some of the folk or have been contacted by some of the folk.

In Sharpsburg there is discussion on 252 Hoodnews about black folk (women/young folk) cars being towed that don’t need to be towed when the Sharpsburg Police Department call a local wrecker to get the cars. If the folk don’t pay the money to get cars back they get to sell them. I have been told and it has been stated that when the folk ask to let their cars sit there and they come back to get it or to request to call their own wrecker, they have been denied.

Today in the paper and all those I named above are going after Councilman Andre Knight. Look at the comments who are saying what. Black folk are scared to comment.

Now I understand some black folk are scared to comment because they are scared of retaliation. Well just know that when your time comes, you may need some folk to help you while you were silent while it was happening to others.

This pisses me the hell off because I refuse to be silent. I can’t understand how folk sit back and allow injustice to take place and say nothing.

I will not sit down and shut up even if you come after me. I will stand until the end.

I ain’t mad with nobody, however I will not allow you to promote mess that ain’t right. Tell the whole story!

Open Letter To WHIG-TV Sandra Smith Owner & Clint Williams Reporter In Re: Dems Spar Over Sheriff Pick

On Wednesday March 1, 2017 I got several calls that I was on the front page of the Rocky Mount Telegram “Dems spar over sheriff pick” and that those ignants over at WHIG-TV Clint Williams, Sandra Smith and some others were talking about me. They say Sandra Smith Owner called in. I was going to look at the show that was rebroadcasted at 11:00 PM last night but I fell asleep.

Clint and Sandra don’t get it, just don’t care or just ignant as hell because they know we have had numerous conversations in the past and they can’t win. These ignants think they can pick and choose our leaders. Rev. Roosevelt Higgs has called in to their show talking ignant almost daily over the years talking about the NAACP, Princeville, Rev. Andre Knight, myself and others who don’t fool with him but ya’ll like that because ya’ll think it validates your conversation about black leaders and organizations. Well ya’ll are just as ignant as Higgs and he nor ya’ll can discredit the black organizations, black leaders and myself.

I understand Clint you said that that Democrats can’t talk about the Republican Party because Higgs and I were Democrats. Really? How ignant!

I understand Sandra you said I didn’t want to follow protocol. Well Sandra what is the protocol? Are you a resident of Edgecombe County? Are you a Democrat? Hell yeah I said we don’t need to have another candidates forum especially being held by the Edgecombe County Human Relations Commission when Higgs chair of the party, the secretary and the 3rd vice chair is on the HRC and they need to be focused on calling a Democratic Party meeting so we can vote. But Higgs is playing with the process.

Sandra I understand you said the date for voting for the appointee is on March 23rd. I am a precinct chair and has a vote but I along with others have not heard or received anything from Higgs. But he talking about fairness and transparency. A flat out lie!

The last time I checked Rev. Roosevelt Higgs is just as black as me so that eliminate race. In the article written by Lindell John Kay Reporter for The Rocky Mount Telegram that ya’ll were discussing it was written, “Dancy posted that Higgs can’t intimidate him like he does “ignorant white folks;” and Higgs fired back, accusing Dancy of “acting like a little vagina.” Well the reporter intentionally left off and Ignant Safe Negroes.” I don’t spell the word as ignorant and spell it as IGNANT.

Since ya’ll are all into the Democratic Party Edgecombe County Sheriff Appointment have ya’ll asked Higgs the county chair who has sent in packages seeking the appointment? Have you asked Higgs has he and/or the secretary given the candidates the information that they have requested? Have you asked Higgs where can you find information about the Edgecombe County Democratic Party online? Have you contacted the candidates to come on your show?

You see my friends do some damn real journalism. But you can’t because ya’ll operating on ignance!

Oh and by the way Sandra tell us about you having the TV station up for sale trying to take it from Herb’s wife and where did Herb die? But attend to the Democratic Party stuff first. LMBAO!

Open Letter To Lindell John Kay Reporter Rocky Mount Telegram In Re: Dems spar over sheriff pick

Rocky Mount NC – What’s Going On With WHIG TV?

I videoed the Pinetops Christmas Parade on Saturday December 3 and it was interesting that WHIG–TV was not there. I mentioned it to someone today that attended the Rocky Mount Parade and they said they didn’t see them at the Rocky Mount Parade.

Sources say that the station is scheduled to be sold at the Nashville County Courthouse this week. Since stuff like this is public information I guess I will have to check with the Nashville Courthouse on tomorrow to see if it is any truth to that.

Have anyone heard anything about something going down with WHIG-TV?

Whig-TV Is The Source That It Shinning Negative About Rocky Mount NC Twice A Day!

WHIG-TV Morning Show is about as ignant as it gets.

Since I can not see the show live in the morning from 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM I sometimes look at it being rebroadcasted on the same night at 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM.

Today August 10, 2016 show broadcasted at live at Don Bulluck Chevrolet and also sponsored by Church on the Rise. How do these folk support such a mess? These 2 guys (white) are up here talking about the Edgecombe County Public Schools meeting held on Monday night and these guys have no clue about what they are talking about. And then Rev. Roosevelt Higgs (black) called in and told them if they played the meeting from a meeting in Rocky Mount on last Thursday that it would answer their question. Well since the WHIG-TV recorded the meeting why did he need to call them. I videoed the same meeting matter of a fact I was a co-sponsor of the meeting. The meeting referred to is the Save Our Schools Education Forum Rocky Mount NC.

Higgs is the same one that went after Rocky Mount City Councilman Andre Knight residency years ago and the county ended up getting sued over his ignance. WHIG-TV played a major role trying to get Knight removed. See NC Court Of Appeals Rules in Knight’s Favor.

These guys are trying to scare folk about Safelite leaving and damn fools talking about like Obama you looking for hope. When folk call in and say it is nothing that people could do to keep Safelite here. But they talking about the leaders need to come together and get talk about stopping the bleeding. How ignant!

Folk tune and see just how ignant The Morning Show is watch at either of the times mentioned above.

I wonder how much longer will the good folk of Rocky Mount allow this station to continue to run the city down?





Rocky Mount NC – Whig TV Very Unprofessional, Rude And Arrogant As Hell

All week I have been going to the Princeville events Monday Day 1 6:00 PM and Day 2 went to work and got off and attended the 10:00 AM event. I could not attend Wednesday Day 3 because I had to travel to Bertie County to video basketball game for high school. I attend Monday Day 4 6:00 PM. I could not attend Friday Day 4 because I had to travel to Farmville to video basketball game.

Saturday I videoed a co-workers dad’s funeral at 12 noon and then upon arriving at the Day 6 event the banquet, WHIG TV was there and set up. This unprofessional, rude and arrogant as hell white dude that I know on a personal note from his working with WHIG TV when I used to go down there a lot back in the day until I couldn’t put up with some racist over there. I really don’t believe Herb (resting in peace) was what that station has become but was surrounded by some folks whom took the station to a whole new level under the direction of Sandra whom is trying to take the station from Herb’s wife.

Back to the banquet. This dude was set up directly in front of the head table within hand reach with his back to them blocking the view of the head table of the folks whom paid their money to attend the banquet. He even had an extension cord ran from behind the head table under the table to his camera. First of all the station ought to had a couple of batteries so he would not have to run an extension cord where the head table had to walk over. Not that the camera is was using was not okay because it was one the same size as mines and they are great cameras but why didn’t Sandra send her son in law with the real tv camera to capture such an historical event. Hell they don’t care because all they want to do is to capture it, talk about Princeville negatively as they have done over the years but also have access to selling copies if someone should request a copy.

I asked the dude why was he set up in front of the head table blocking their view and the folks whom paid their monies? I said you have to move. Oh he got ignant and I got ignant too. I told him he had to move because he was blocking my view and I was getting paid to video the event. He said he was getting paid too. I said by the TV station but I am getting paid by the committee. But anyway the issue was it is very unprofessional, rude and arrogant as hell to come into a room full of black folks except a few others and think he could just disrespect this folks like that.

I will never be so ignant to go in a room full of white folks and a few others and set up in front of folks. If you see me set up in front of folks it will be only because there is not one inch of space for me to set up not blocking anyone and especially another camera person who is getting paid to video for the folks responsible hosting the event.

Not only was I videoing but I was taking photos too. So therefore this dude was all up in my way but keep in mind it won’t about me but about he being set up in front of the head table.

It was tight up in this banquet but where I came in set up I was not blocking anyone and it was enough room for him to set up in the same area. But you see the main thing for a camera man is to try to get as close to the podium so one can get a great view and sound. However one must keep in mind too that folks paid their money to attend the event so they want to be able to see what is going on and possibly want to take photos and/or record from where they are sitting.

I told this dude WHIG TV had not been to Princeville all week. Where were they this morning for the church event? Oh they don’t want to put out there what the black preachers are saying but they get on their tv station and talk about what black folks ain’t doing because of the black on black crime and murder. They will say what are black pastors and leaders saying but you see if you go to the black churches you would see and hear what they are saying.

Folks don’t allow the local TV stations WHIG TV and WNCR TV (was not present) to come in and disrespect you as you want to enjoy your event and make it comfortable for those whom paid to attend to not be disrespected also.

Ya’ll may not say anything, but I be damn if folks are going to come up in the house and disrespect me without me saying something to them.