Early Voting Begins Today Thursday October 23, 2014 And This Is Who I Am Voting For

November 4, 2014 General Election

I Curmilus Dancy II live in the 13th Congressional District and I am voting for the following candidates.

US Senate
Kay Hagan

US House 13th Congressional District
Brenda Cleary

US House 1st Congressional District
Congressman G.K. Butterfield
Note: I can’t vote for him but he will always be my Congressman, can’t help I was redistricted out of the 1st District

NC Senate District 3
Erica Smith-Ingram

NC House District 23
Shelly Willingham

District Attorney District 7
Robert Evans

Board of County Commissioners District 6
Donald C. Boswell

District Attorney District 7
Pell Cooper

County Clerk of Superior Court
Carol Allen White

County Sheriff
Sheriff James L. Knight

NC Supreme Court
Chief Justice
Mark Martin

NC Supreme Court
Associate Justice
Sam J. Ervin IV

NC Supreme Court
Associate Justice
Cheryl Beasley

NC Court of Appeals Judge
Keischa Lovelace for Court of Appeals

NC Court of Appeals Judge
Lucy Inman

NC Court of Appeals
Mark Davis

NC District Court Judge District 7
Pell Cooper

NC District Court Judge District 7
Lamont Wiggins

NC Constitutional Amendment
Note: I would want to have a jury trial and not leave it up to a Judge alone


The DCN endorses the following candidates

Nash County Candidates

Nash/Rocky Mount Public Schools District 9
Robert Bynum

Senate District 4
Angela Bryant

NC House District 7
Bobbie Richardson

Board of Commissioners District 6
Mary P. Wells

Stanley Griffin

Wilson County Candidates

Calvin Woodard

NC House
Bobi Gregory

US House 1st Congressional District
Congressman G.K. Butterfield

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My FB colleagues seem to get a little squeamish when I, rural NC Born Ken Humphrey speak of ‘resurfaced racism’…..Folks I live amongst my rural suthin’ colleages’…they will vote to bring the US down before they will support anything this black Democratic President proposes. I went to college, graduated in the former capital of the conferacy, Richmond, Va…..Racism is alive and well just outside of town – anywhere in Dixie. Ken Humphrey

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